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This week's contents:

Editorial: The week in brief
News: 'Urban '04', Ezra, SA Music Fair, 'Lord of the Dance', The FMC, Jo Day, Candice.
Charts: SA Rock Digest MP3 and Album Charts
New Releases: New SA MP3's and CD's, 'Going Somewhere Quickly', Robin Auld, Fuzigish, The Tripps, Miriam Makeba, Muse String Quartet, David Abbate, One World, Plush.
Classic SA Rock: USA For Africa; A Naartjie In The UK; Vinyl Junkies; South African Rock Lists
Sound Solutions: A reader's forum - letters, info, questions and answers
Live Music: Events round-up, SA Punk, Arno Carstens, RP Studios, Dorp, 'Under The Influence' Tour, Jack Hammer.
SA Music Links And Resources: Contact Details



After publishing three excellent collections of short stories by new SA writers, the 'Urban '04' edition has been scrapped, as Dave Chislett (the editor of the series) regretfully explains ... 'Idols' finalist Ezra Lingeveldt is playing some gigs around Cape Town to promote his debut album, 'Funk 'n Roll' ... The first permanent South African Music Fair launches at Mercury, 43 De Villiers Street Zonnebloem, on Thursday 6th May from 7pm.

The Irish dance spectacular, 'Lord of the Dance', has achieved record-breaking sales for its current South African run, so additional dates have been included to the Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town legs of the SA Tour ... A cross-section of speakers ranging from elected officials to activist punks will convene in Washington, DC, on May 2-3 to discuss crucial issues facing musicians and the music/technology industry ... Jo Day - SA's premier female-fronted rock band - has been rather busy the past few months - Aidan Harper updates us ... Candice has a new website.

Robin Auld heads the SA Music Quota Coalition (SAMQC) which is looking to get far more SA songs played on SA radio, this week Robin takes the hot seat in our 'Celeb:Select' section ... Fuzigish, South Africa's premier Ska punk band is dead stoked to announce the launch of their third album, 'Exploded & Distorted' ... The Tripps is a band that was formed by Nathan Waywell in early-2004 and their debut album is called '20/20 Vision' ... Miriam Makeba's latest album release, 'Reflections', is a retrospective look at a career spanning five decades ... We have a list of the newest releases at One World, the extensive online SA CD store that recently had a major face-lift.

"Beware: this is not a Classical album!" warns the info that accompanies 'My Dance', the much anticipated debut album of the all-girl Cape Town group Muse String Quartet ... David Abbate has released 'All The Best', a collection of his finest SA work ... LAD, the dedicated webmaster of, throws his regular spotlight on Plush, a new group from Cape Town.

Kurt Shoemaker reviews a number of classic SA songs ... John Samson looks at one of Trevor Rabin's solo albums called 'Wolf' ... And for all you serious SA LP collectors out there, you may notice that Vibes Vinyl currently has an LP copy of John Oakley-Smith's 'Matinees on Saturdays' for sale, see the Vibes Vinyl section in the 'Music Shopping' section below ... John Samson was also at Dorp's London gig last week at The Foundry and sent us a review.

Arno Carstens is taking some time out from his burgeoning career in TV commercials to perform at a series of concerts around South Africa during May ... Pieter van der Biezen had the crowd cheering at the top of their lungs after his performance at the RP Studios competition where he was declared the proud winner of that Gibson Epiphone guitar.

Half Price and the Stevie Wonderfuls recently completed their joint national tour, dubbed the "Under the Influence" tour (of punk rock that is...). This is what the Stevie Wonderfuls had to say about it ... And "Ilmemory" (a pseudonym) tells us all about the state of Punk in contemporary SA, or something like that! ... Jack Hammer "walks the dirt road with scuffed boots, new strings, a soul filled with songs", and has a new album called 'The Pilgrim' on the way - Carina saw Piet Botha and his band in concert and tells us all about it.

There's also the usual weekly mp3 and album charts, recommended SA gigs, letters to Sound Solutions, Digest Classifieds, old SA charts, and what's new on the shelves at Mabu Vinyl and CD and Vibes Vinyl.

And that is some of SA music, this week ...

If you would like to contact us, please send an email to



1. Freshlyground - Jika Jika
2. Rodriguez - Cold Fact
3. Rodriguez - After The Fact
4. Ipi Tombi - Original Cast Recording
5. Saron Gas - - Fragile
6. Moses Molelekwa - Finding One's Self
7. Chris de Burgh - Live In SA
8. The Thula Project - SA Lullabies
9. Blomkrag - Boerecountry
10. Cashless Society - African Raw Material Vol 1

Springbok Top 10 songs
15/20/25/30 Years Ago

Supplied by John Samson

35 YEARS AGO (02 May 1969)

1 [2] Sorry Suzanne - The Hollies
2 [1] Indian Giver - 1910 Fruitgum Company
3 [17] Where Do You Go To My Lovely - Peter Sarsedt
4 [11] Games People Play - Joe South
5 [3] Dizzy - Tommy Roe

30 YEARS AGO (03 May 1974)

1 [2] Seasons In The Sun - Terry Jacks
2 [1] Hello Girl - Dr. Marigolds
3 [5] Jolene - Dolly Parton
4 [3] Loving Arms - Dobie Gray
5 [6] Seasons In The Sun - Bobby Wright

25 YEARS AGO (04 May 1979)

1 [2] Chiquitita - Abba
2 [1] Hold The Line - Toto
3 [4] Tragedy - Bee Gees
4 [6] Heart Of Glass - Blondie
5 [12] Michael Row The Boat Ashore - Richard Jon Smith

20 YEARS AGO (04 May 1984)

1 [1] Red Red Wine - UB40
2 [3] Jump - Van Halen
3 [6] 99 Red Balloons - Nena
4 [4] Break My Stride - Matthew Wilder
5 [5] Islands In The Stream - Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton

* See 'Chart Chat' in 'Classic SA Rock' section below.


Top 50 New SA Music Titles

Available at One World

1. Arno Carstens - Another Universe
2. Oliver Mtukudzi - 'Tsivo'
3. Mzekezeke - 'Storotoro'
4. Kekana, Steve - 'Best Of'
5. Freshlyground - Jika Jika
6. Benguela - 'SUI'
7. Tait - 'Back Seat Driver'
8. Amanda Strydom - 'Verspreide Donderbuie/Scattered Thunder'
9. Skwatta Kamp - 'Mkhukhu Funkshen'
10. Various Artists - 'Who Left The Boks Out?'
11. Danny K - J23
12. Zen Arcade - 'Release'
13. Various Artists - 'Meloding'
14. Andre Swiegers - 'Turn On The Light'
15.Virginia Lee - 'Spanish Nights And You'
16. Jonathan Butler - 'The Ultimate Butler'
17. Eden - 'Point Of No Return'
18. Sliq Angel - 'Sliq Angel'
19. Andries Bezuidenhout - 'Insomniak Se Droomalmanak'
20. Grant Nuss - 'Diversity'
21. Senyaka feat DJ Bakstina - 'Pay Back'
22. Chris Tokalon - 'Soulbird Sound Journeys'
23. Michael Payne - 'DeCOMpress'
24. My Shade - 'Bedtime Musick'
25. Rodriguez - 'Coming From Reality'
26. Watershed - 'Wrapped In Stone'
27. Soil 7t7 - 'Soil 7t7'
28. No Friends Of Harry - 'Best Of'
29. Saron Gas – 'Fragile' (Revised Edition)
30. BOO! - 'TNTLC'
31. Piet Botha - 'Die Mamba'
32. Ghetto Muffin - 'Paralyzer'
33. Various Artists - African Ivories
34. Mike Ratu Makhalamele - The Very Best Of
35. Jabu Khanyile - Wankolota
36. Swazi Tlokwe Sehume - (In Concert) Mmino Wa Thaba - My First Love
37. Jannie Du Toit - ....So Ver
38. Various Artists - Praise & Worship In Africa
39. Radio Rats - 'Into The Night We Slide'
40. Tribe After Tribe - Power
41. Chiskop - Sunday
42. Soweto String Quartet - Our World
43. Don Laka - The Best Of Kwai-Jazz
44. Skwirmish - The EP
45. De-JaVu - Lilly Dance
46. Bushmen Of The Kalahari - !Ngubi Tietie
47. Tumi And The Volume - At The Bassline
48. Old Mol - 'Rock The Bed Springs'
49. Sacha - 'Sacha'



The 5 Sugar currently recommends...

1 The Dollyrockers - 'The Heat'
2004's first big SA rock album, featuring the rock leanings of band leader, guitarist and vocalist, Greg Donnelly. With 'Lovesong', and a sizzling new version of old favourite, 'Silverfish'.

2 Soulja - '21 Gunslut'
Debut album from the Cape Town hard rock band who inpressed all when they supported Sepultura. Tough rock with strong elements of melody on songs like 'Plan My Attack', and a touch of reggae-rock with new single, 'War/No More Trouble'. Soulja are on the March.

3 Various Artists - 'African Dope Sound System'
The third in the series of fantastic compilation albums from the African Dope label to follow 'African Dope Vol 1' and 'Cape Of Good Dope'. A selection of the finest and hippest new SA break beats, electronica, ragga, dub and more.

4 Fokofpolisiekar - 'As Jy Met Vuur Speel Sal Jy Brand'
Great name for a great new Afrikaans punk band from Bellville featuring the lads who were previously New World Inside. Currently building a following nationwide with this fresh blast of take-no-prisoners SA punk.

5 The Rudimentals - 'More Fire'
Dynamic debut album from Cape Town's finest ska-punk outfit. Includes the first single, 'Noh TV' and 'Gangsta'.


From Abstract Truth to Karen Zoid, from 'Astra' to 'Zen Boulders', from 'Ag Pleez Deddy' to 'ZX Dan'... visit the online archive for the history (and future) of South African Rock at:

The SA Rock Encyclopedia is an archive of South African pop and rock music - past, present and future - and includes sections on classic albums, rock legends, rock lists, charts, trivia, family trees, a hall of fame, weblinks and more...



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Alle rasionele idees, gedagtes, bydraes, briewe en konsert-/CD-resensies is altyd welkom!



'Cold Fact', the classic album from the 70s, as well as 'After The Fact', the second Rodriguez album, have been re-issued and both are now available at Sugar Music.

All Rodriguez Info at:



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Dave Chislett, the editor of the three previous 'Urban' collections of new SA writers and their short stories, has announced, with "deep regret", that a fourth instalment in the 'Urban' series will not be published in 2004.

Chislett explains that "despite excellent reaction from both the press and the public, very good sales for a project of this nature, and excellent brand exposure and sustainable mileage for our recent sponsor, Nescafe, they have declined to continue the association. After six months of attempting to open negotiations, I have been forced to concede that Nescafe's priorities have changed, and they are no longer interested. In addition, several other sponsors have been approached who also have declined to become involved".

Chislett continues: "Since our publisher, New Africa Books, cannot afford to carry the financial burden of this project alone; I have been forced to terminate the project. What this means is that virtually the only outlet for new, unpublished authors in South Africa is finished. However, 40-odd writers have benefited from its existence and hopefully, some people's perceptions of what is coming out of South Africa in the way of modern writing, have been changed. I hope that this marks the beginnings of something even newer and more exciting, as at the same time I am extremely sorry to see this project end".

So are we!!

Any sponsors out there looking to add their names to a very worthwhile SA literary project?



Rolling right into the heart of the South African music scene comes 'Funk 'n Roll', the debut album from Cape Town's Ezra Lingeveldt - now simply known as Ezra and, unquestionably, one of the most versatile and multi-talented artists to have emerged over the past few years.

And while Hanover Park-raised Ezra first came to fame on the basis of his voice (Idols 2002), his album provides a platform for a dazzling array of talents that includes songwriting, playing (everything from the acoustic guitar, to drums and the piano) and producing.

Catch Ezra live at Quay 4 on Wednesday 5th May at around 22h00.


The South African Music Fair

How many times have you heard a band on the radio and said "ooh I wonder where I can get that CD from?"

Finally! The opportunity has arrived for merchandisers, recorded bands & solo performers to be seen at a fair dedicated to South African music. There will also be a small selection of Alternative South African authors on sale.

The first permanent South African Music Fair launches at Mercury, 43 De Villiers Street, Zonnebloem, on Thursday 6th May from 7pm. From then on The South African Music Fair will take place on the 1st Thursday of each month.

The SA Music Fair is a rare opportunity for performers and merchandisers to sell their products to waiting public at slightly discounted prices. Stalls will be available for hire at a nominal fee of R10. A resident DJ will play music that is available for sale on the night, and stalls can pass on their products to the DJ for exposure.

Visitors can be guaranteed the best prices on everything ranging from indie CD releases through to rare Band T-shirts and posters. Maybe you'll even pick up a vinyl or two! And there'll definitely be a few stories to trade over a drink.

Entrance is free.

This fair is open to independent and major artists and labels. Space is provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

To participate in the fair or for more info direct enquiries to:
Kevin at:
tel: (021) 465 2106

2004 Urge Events Media for Mercury Live and Lounge



The Irish dance spectacular, 'Lord of the Dance', has achieved record-breaking sales for its current South African run. So, if you missed out on seeing this ever-popular show, the South African Tour has been extended due to the huge demand for tickets. Additional dates have been added to the Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town legs of the SA Tour.

The new run will kick off in Johannesburg at the Civic Theatre on the 11th June and run until the 27th, from June 29th until July 4th the company moves to Bloemfontein's Sand du Plessis Theatre, from the 6th until 11th July they perform at the Feather Market Centre, Port Elizabeth and finally move to Cape Town for the final leg of the tour from July 13th to 18th at the International Convention Centre.

The Lord of the Dance holds the record in South Africa as the biggest grossing box office show of all time, raking in over R60 million and performing to over 200 000 people.

The South African Tour of Lord of the Dance has supported the UNITE AGAINST HUNGER organisation, a crisis food relief programme driven by Food & Health Care Giants, Tiger Brands, providing immediate hunger relief to more than 80 000 South Africans per month.

M-Net and Big Concerts proudly bring Lord of the Dance to you in association with 702 Talk Radio, KFM 94.5, Algoa FM and OFM

New Tour itinerary:

The Civic Theatre, Johannesburg
June 11th to 27th

Sand du Plessis Theatre, Bloemfontein
June 29th to July 4th

Feather Market Centre, Port Elizabeth
July 6th to 11th

International Convention Centre, Cape Town
July 13th to 18th

Booking at Computicket
Ticket prices- R125 to R250
Exclusive of Computicket service charges



WASHINGTON, April 22 /PRNewswire/ -- A cross-section of speakers ranging from elected officials to activist punks will convene in Washington, DC, on May 2-3 to discuss crucial issues facing musicians and the music/technology industry. More than 70 panellists and 700 participants will gather for the fourth annual Future of Music Policy Summit, being held at George Washington University's Lisner Auditorium.

The Future of Music Coalition (FMC) is a not-for-profit, grassroots collaboration between leading independent musicians and experts from the worlds of technology, public policy and intellectual property law. The FMC seeks to educate the media and policymakers about music/technology issues, while also bringing together key stakeholders in an effort to come up with creative solutions to the challenges in this space.

The FMC also aims to identify and promote innovative business models that will help independent musicians benefit from new technologies, and work to organise underrepresented musicians from the independent music community to speak out on issues that impact the value of their labour.

During the summit, experts and audience members will explore such issues as the explosive growth of online music stores, the impact of increased media consolidation on citizens and musicians, the impact that activist musicians can have on political discourse and changes in the music industry as distribution and sales continue to go digital.

"The conference is like a crash course in the history of music's convergence with technology and a Cliff's Notes on the up-to-the-minute industry issues, both at the same time," said Jenny Toomey, executive director of the Future of Music Coalition. "We hope this event will provide musicians, technologists, industry representatives, policymakers and the music-loving public with an opportunity to understand the effects that new technologies are having on musicians and the music industry."

One of the summit's unique aspects is its determination to involve artists as active participants in policy debate. Thanks to contributions from foundations, corporations and individuals, more than 300 musicians from 30 states will attend the summit at no charge.

Confirmed keynote speakers include Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN), FCC Commissioner Michael Copps and Real Networks CEO Rob Glaser. Among the confirmed panellists are: Suzanne Vega, Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz (Talking Heads/Tom Tom Club), Cary Sherman (President, RIAA), John Flansburgh (They Might be Giants), Alexis McGill (political director, Hip Hop Summit Action Network), Tom Hazlett (Manhattan Institute), Chris Amenita (senior vice president, ASCAP), Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN), Mike Muniz (organizer, AFM), Professor William Terry Fisher (Harvard Law School), Lee Carosi (majority counsel, Senate Commerce Committee), Adam Eisgrau (P2P United) and Gary Shapiro (Consumer Electronics Association).

Also speaking at the summit are: Koleman Strumpf, a University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill economist whose research questions the impact of file sharing on record sales; Holmes Wilson of, a website that has critiqued the iTunes model and criticized the major label industry; Tim Quirk, a former band member and now executive music editor of Real Networks' Rhapsody music service; Danny Goldberg of Artemis Records; Mike Dreese, co- founder of the multi-store independent record chain Newbury Comics; and Seth Hurwitz from IMP/9:30 Club.

More information about the summit, including the schedule, a complete list of current panellists, and musician scholarships is available online at

Press credentialing:

Registration for the event is $149 for a two-day pass or $99 for a one-day pass. Students can attend at the discounted rate of $99 for a two-day pass or $66 for a one-day pass.

Source: Future of Music Coalition

CONTACT: Megan Wendell of Canary Promotion, +1-215-242-6393,, or Michael Bracy, +1-202-331-2958,, both for the Future of Music Coalition

Web site:


Aidan Harper updates us on news from one of SA's hottest rock bands of the moment:

Jo Day - SA's premier female-fronted rock band - has been rather busy the past few months! First, there was the frantic search for a replacement over the past festive season when original guitarist Darren Drawbridge left the B.A.N.D. (Bad-Ass Nocturnal Dudes). This saga ended happily when Charl Broderick (ex 'Concussion Girl') joined. Charl's an awesome muso, and has been kicking some mega butt with Jo Day ever since!

Add in a hectic touring schedule, including many gigs for charities such as CANSA, POWA, and even sponsoring fellow rockers RhutZ's tour with international band Soulfly!

Then there's the inevitable mishaps that go with touring: Jo broke her wrist onstage in Bloemfontein, and then - barely a month later - performed at three events in one day whilst suffering from bronchitis (two in Gauteng, one in Mpumalanga!). Not to mention getting lost in the mountains and arriving just in time to go onstage at their first ever Splashy Fen appearance, where they were amongst the headliners.

Fortunately NASREC proved easier to find when they performed at the 5fm Easter Rock Fest that same weekend!

Wouldn't think Jo Day would have much time to begin writing their fourth album in less than three years, would you? Heh-heh... think again!

For those Capetonians who missed the Rock The Bay Festival and the Mercury Live gig last year, you missed a gig and a half. Now I know why Marq Vas was raving over Jo Day on his slot on Barney's show! Not only did the power of their songs blow me away, but the performance was that of a major international rock act... extremely dynamic!

I was raging so much that I lost yet another Zippo lighter! If you haven't seen them already, I would highly recommend any local band/rock music enthusiast to go and see what stage presence is all about (Martin, the bass guitarist, is one of few musos I have seen that can jump a complete 360 while playing!) -

Find out more about Jo Day at:

Aidan Harper





Go on, you know you want to, have a little peek...

Candice Hillebrand's new website is at




1. [2] (1) Gravity - James Stewart (Street Level)
2. [3] (2) Diengele - Kalahari Surfers ('Muti Media'/African Dope)
3. [4] (3) Vier by Vier en Visvang - Blomkrag ('Boere Country'/Indie)
4. [1] (1) FCK - Teba ('Silvertab Harambe Dope Sessions'/African Dope)
5. [6] (5) Something In My Eye (Live) - Boulevard Blues Band ('Tassenberg All*Stars 4'/Trippy Grape)
6. [7] (6) Long Riders Of Nam - Brian Finch ('Never Look Back'/Indie)
7. [11] (7) Snakes And Ladders - Evolver ('Evolver' EP/Indie)
8. [12] (8) Don't Walk Away - Larry Amos ('Going Up'/Indie)
9. [5] (1) Gimme Da Weed - Chronic Clan ('African Dope Sound System'/African Dope)
10. [10] (1) Gangsta - The Rudimentals ('More Fire'/Indie)
11. [9] (9) Gone Away - Sam Paddock (Indie)
12. [8] (8) Living As Numbers - Zero Tolerance ('A Perfect Life?'/Indie)
13. [15] (13) Charlie Kaufman - Fallen ('Last Chance For The Forgotten'/Indie)
14. [18] (14) Drowsy Maggie - DNA Strings ('DNA Strings'/Afrimusik)
15. [20] (15) Break Down - Believable Addiction (Indie)
16. [21] (16) Jou Ma - Thys Nywerheid (Indie)
17. [22] (17) Love Is The Hunter - MacAngel ('Summer In Berlin'/Sonique)
18. [23] (18) Revolution - Swim Club (Indie)
19. [26] (19) What It Takes To Breathe - Bored (Indie)
20. [17] (4) Die Ding Ruk Mal - Kallitz (Mothermix)
21. [30] (21) No Matter - Wendy New (Dissolve In The Sun/Indie)
22. [29] (22) I'm A Doctor - The Innovators ('Silvertab Harambe Dope Sessions'/African Dope)
23. [30] (23) Cola Wars - Willem Kitshoff ('Silvertab Harambe Dope Sessions'/African Dope)
24. [-] (24) FFF - Tonight We Die (Demo/Indie)
25. [14] (2) Saad van 'n Psigopaat - Abel Kraamsaal ('Woorde Op 'n Wynboks'/Indie)
26. [28] (26) Driehoek - Van Zyl, Van Der Spuy & Vennote ('Hadeda'/Rhythm)
27. [-] (27) Things Were Meant To Be - chiaroscuro ('A Definition'/Indie)
28. [13] (5) Parallel - Saturnine ('Silence Is Deafening'/Wicked Rock)
29. [16] (9) Musical Chairs - Serving Suggestion ('Try Whistling This'/Indie)
30. [-] (30) Multiple Oblivion - Jo Day ('The Truth'/Indie)

Download South African MP3s at



This week [last week] (highest position) Title - Artist (Label)

1. [2] (1) Moving - 340ml (Indie)
2. [6] (2) Never Look Back - Brian Finch (Indie)
3. [3] (1) Boerecountry - Blomkrag (Indie)
4. [5] (4) A Definition - Chiaroscuro (Indie)
5. [8] (5) Big Red (Songs From 'Going Nowhere Slowly') - Various (Ripchord)
6. [1] (1) True North - Spoonfeedas (Sesalos)
7. [4] (2) Africa She Too Can Cry - Hawk (RetroFresh)
8. [10] (8) Dissolve In The Sun - Wendy New (Indie)
9. [11] (9) Blomdoorns - Derek Gripper (Open Record)
10. [7] (1) Muti Media - Kalahari Surfers (African Dope)
11. [9] (1) The Heat - Dollyrockers (Indie)
12. [14] (12) Angel Tongue - Nianell (Fresh)
13. [13] (5) I-Ternal Fire - Lions Of Zion (Indie)
14. [12] (1) More Fire - The Rudimentals (Indie)
15. [16] (15) Site Under Construction - Off The Edge (Indie)
16. [18] (16) All That Is Should Be - Plush (Indie)
17. [21] (17) Born Guilty & Other Stories - Colin Shamley (3rd Ear Music)
18. [15] (2) Sui - Benguela (Open Record)
19. [22] (19) Beyond The Walls - Rus Nerwich (Indie)
20. [20] (1) African Dope Sound System - Various (African Dope)
21. [19] (1) Steady On - Moodphase 5ive (African Dope)
22. [17] (1) As Jy Met Vuur Speel Sal Jy Brand - Fokofpolisiekar (Rhythm/Bowline)
23. [25] (1) Jika Jika - freshlyground (Freeground)
25. [24] (1) Humanarium - Bed On Bricks (Indie)
24. [-] (24) Summer In Berlin - MacAngel (Sonique)
26. [23] (3) 21 Gunslut - Soulja (Indie)
27. [-] (27) Live - Fly Paper Jet (Indie)
28. [26] (1) 'n Jaar In Die Son - Koos Kombuis & Valiant Swart (Rhythm/Bowline)
29. [-] (29) Memories In A Menthol - Adam Tas (Bowline)
30. [27] (16) High Society presents: 14 Steps towards Self Actualisation - Daniel Friedman (Independent)


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New Releases


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The SABC3 Sunday evening TV programme 'Going Nowhere Slowly' has been a wonderful showcase for South African artists and their music. This week we highlight some of the songs and artists who appear on the new double CD set 'Big Red - Songs From The TV series Going Nowhere Slowly'. Smell the dust!

'Whole Again' - Andrew Janisch

'Lovesong' - Dollyrockers

'Andrea' - Wayne Pauli

'Change Your Face' - David Foster

'Crystal Clear' - Seven Day Story


All the mp3s listed above are available to download at - the biggest South African mp3 website in the world.


Use the onboard search engine, powered by Google, to search for mp3s on


All the full-length mp3s are available for free download at by kind permission of the artists and/or their labels.



Every week we ask a well-known SA music personality to give us a list of their top 10 South African songs. Often their lists spill over the 10 mark, which is fine...

Robin Auld heads the SA Music Quota Coalition (SAMQC) which is looking to get far more SA songs played on SA radio. He's also one of SA's favourite folk-pop performers with a string of albums and radio hits to his name. Over to Robin:


Here are some of my favourite SA tunes, but I'm afraid I need twenty..... not in any particular order of preference:

1. 'Scatterlings of Africa' - Johnny Clegg
2. 'Marie Ferrari' - Bernoldus Niemand
3. 'Shadows' - eVoid
4. 'Take me into your heart' - Baxtop
5. 'One Time' - Mathew van der Want
6. 'Distant Lover' - Louis Mhlanga
7. '3-Force Blues' - James Philips
8. 'Sea Level' - Urban Creep
9. 'Pockets of my jeans' - Koos Kombuis
10. 'Duisend Myl Blues' - Valiant Swart
11. 'Weeping' - Bright Blue
12. 'Nada' - Tananas
13. 'Saving the scenes' - Van der Want/ Letcher
14. 'Genie' - Springbok N*de Girls
15. 'I call your name' - Johnny Clegg
16. 'Snor City' - Bernoldus Niemand
17. 'Zen Surfing in the 3rd World' - Robin Auld
18. 'Johnny calls the chemist' - Falling Mirror
19. 'Hard Hat Jive' - Tananas
20. 'Supergirl' - Springbok N*de Girls




Fuzigish, South Africa's premier Ska punk band is dead stoked to announce the launch of their third album, 'Exploded & Distorted', on the 5th of June 2004. It has been two years since they released 'Southern Ska Stomper' to universal critical acclaim, and man have they been busy!

In 2003 they toured Australia and South Africa with Australian punk sensations Frenzal Rhomb, and then toured throughout Europe and the UK with bands like The Selector, Skalladin, The Shandon and Skirtbox.

To date, they have sold over 5 000 copies of their CD's and are looking to grow. Now releasing material on their own 'Red Ambulance' label, and distributing through Iris, Fuzigish are the epitome of independent rock bands in South Africa: not scared to do things their own way.

The band has tightened and focused their sound somewhat, but it is still based in strong Ska and punk roots, with quirky content that can only be South African. Their blackly humorous style and willingness to embrace change sees them fast becoming one of the biggest bands in the all-ages market, while maintaining their credibility.

'Exploded and Distorted' promises to raise the ante, not to mention the pace. It is seven years since the four keen dudes picked up guitars back in 1997, with as many line-up changes and upheavals along the way. Yet Fuzigish keep on rockin' and providing a living example to younger bands of exactly how it's done.

For more information, contact:
Dave Chislett - 083 245 6412



The Tripps is a band that was formed by Nathan Waywell in early-2004 at Darkstar Productions in Newtown, Johannesburg. The band's debut album is called '20/20 Vision' and features, according to Waywell,: "a veritable potjiekos of styles taken from music heard over the (SA) airwaves while growing up in South African cities".

Nathan Waywell is better known as the bassist from SA band Amersham. More recently, Waywell appeared alongside ex-Amershamer, Adam Lomas, on the exceptional 'Communate' album project by the group Starskii.

For The Tripps project, Waywell collaborated with Marc Bentel (Little Sister - keyboards and guitars), Kevin Leicher (Plum - drums, percussion), Melody Kaye (Evenflow - vocals), Marq Vas (Metalmorphosis - vocals), Africa (keyboards), Sasha Sonnbichler (guitars and backing vocals), and Ron Smerczak (as Lord Vader).

The seven songs on '20/20 Vision' are united under the banner of 'The Future Of Space Travel' with each song telling a story of how and why we will settle on Mars and spread life through the Galaxies. One of the songs, 'War', is to be produced as a short animated film and the group's live performances will be accompanied by a play with actors becoming the characters from the songs!

Nathan Waywell is off to the UK for some solo performances over the next few months before returning for rehearsals with the group and an SA tour.



Miriam Makeba's latest album release, 'Reflections', is a retrospective look at a career spanning five decades. On 'Reflections', Mama Africa, as she's affectionately known the world over,captures moments in time that saw her being banished from apartheid South Africa and rising to world stardom. The album revisits old classics like 'Pata Pata', 'Click Song' and 'Iyaguduza'.

These evergreen songs have been re-recorded and have taken on a brand new feel through the production of local artist Ringo Madlingozi, without having tampered with the original formula. Makeba's consistency is maintained throughout the album and shines through when she flirts with the Brazilian Bossa Nova on 'Mas Que Nada' by Jorge Menezes. 'Una Symphonia D'Amour' sees the South African musical ambassador pay tribute to Francophone Guinea where she was exiled during the apartheid era.

Makeba's repertoire is given a contemporary dimension through her soulful interpretation of 'Quit It?', a song that speaks out against drug abuse, by her daughter Bongi Makeba and Caiphus Semenya. Over and above the three nominations 'Reflections' has received at this year's SAMA'S in the categories for Best Female Artist, Best Jazz Vocal Performance, and Best Adult Contemporary Album ishe has been nominated in a new category for Best DVD for a live performance in Stockholm, Sweden in 1966.

Makeba would best be honoured were she to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the SAMA's for her contribution to South African Music. As for 'Reflections' it should be seen as an embodiment of work of a long career by an artist who has stood the test of time.

By Frank Ferro.



"Beware: this is not a Classical album!" warns the info that accompanies 'My Dance', the much anticipated debut album of the all-girl Cape Town group, Muse String Quartet.

'My Dance' is a real cocktail of influences: Although there are elements of Western Classical music, the real flavour lies in the added twist of Latin American, Kwaito, and Dance music. It's tricky to categorise and unique in its sound and style. The objective was to take four traditionally Classical instruments and fling them into the 21st Century South Africa.

The members of the group are Larah Eksteen (violin), Olivia van Gass (violin), Magdalene Minaar (viola), and Carol Schultz (cello - played standing up!). Two djembe players - Ponky Ngqulana and Zwayi Mvimbi - regularly join the MSQ for their bigger functions. All the members have received formal training in performance from assorted SA universities.

'My Dance' was produced by Charl-Johan Lingenfelder and recorded in Cape Town. The opening track, 'Death and the Maiden', is based on a theme from the famous Schubert String Quartet. Lingenfelder lulls the listener into a false sense of security with a gorgeous string quartet opening. That's where the Classical component ends. 6000 people went wild when they heard this song at Kirstenbosch (February 2004) - Lingenfelder brings in Xhosa voice and Kwaito rhythm, which combine with the quartet into an unforgettable track.

There are a number of reasons why this group stands out in the music industry. The appeal crosses age and colour barriers. Muse SQ has been enjoyed by everyone from middle-aged Afrikaans audiences to government officials, clubbing enthusiasts in their twenties and young professionals of all cultures. They have been fortunate to become the ultra glamorous first choice for many of the big functions on the SA event calendar.

The group has already appeared at the Fancourt Spring Ball 2003, SABC 2 Woman of the Year 2003, the opening of the Cape Town International Convention Centre, President's Cup, Brett Kebble Art Awards, New Year's Eve at Kirstenbosch, J and B Met etc.

Catch MSQ at these upcoming performances:

6 May - Woolworths Media day "the art of summer", The Lightbox
8 May - Goddess Party, Purgatory:
9 May (7 PM) Canal Walk Mother's Day concert:
13 May - CTICC: Opening of the SAPOA conference



David Abbate has quietly built into one of South Africa's finest adult contemporary singer-songwriters. Without any fuss and bother, his very catchy melodies and soulful voice have permeated SA's adult-contemporary airwaves for the last decade. David now lives and works in Los Angeles, and is resident at the famous Polo Lounge, where his audience (and pals!) consists of the world's most glittering stars. David's new recordings are also now being written and produced in LA.

'All The Best' is a collection of his finest SA work - with 3 great additions - 2 recorded in LA - and one a surprise! The 'surprise' was a recording of Patric van Blerk's 'Charlie' (co-written by another LA resident, Rabbitt's Trevor Rabin). David Abbate recorded this as an anniversary 'gift' to Patric...

He also re-recorded some older songs in LA, especially for the 'All The Best' package - these songs have never before been heard, listen out for the song 'While You Sleep'!



One World, the comprehensive online SA CD store, has been redesigned and improved. Check out the store's new look and quick and easy operation. These are some of the new titles added to the store's extensive catalogue over the past month:


Steve Hofmeyr - 'Toeka - Die Nag Van Die Legendes' LIVE (DVD)
Steve Hofmeyr performs songs off his smash hit album, 'Toeka' at Carnival City in 2003 with special guests Bobby Angel, Carike Keuzenkamp, and Sunnette Bridges



Chilvers & Jasiukowicz - 'Music Artists Of SA' (CD-ROM)
The second in a series of reference guides by these two authors. The first, a book called 'History of Contemporary Music of South Africa' covered the artists in SA music from 1955 to 1992. This second volume is on CD-ROM and covers the period from 1990 to 2004 with interesting background details on various SA music artists.




Various Artists - 'North Sea Jazz Festival 2000 - 2004'
This new double CD features many of the famous names that have performed over the past five years at the most prestigious SA jazz festival, the NSJF in Cape Town. With names like Moses Molelekwa, Bheki Mseleku, Tananas, Winston Mankunku and many more.

Hugh Masekela - 'The Collection'

A worthy compilation of some of this living SA music legend's best tracks including 'Jo'Burg High', 'Lite Jive' and 'Colonial Man' to name a few.

Rus Nerwich - 'Beyond The Walls'
A deep and emotional exploration of songs emanating from the ghettos and concentration camps of Eastern Europe; a mosaic of musical feeling - of bitter sadness and of sweet joy. This collection of songs, sensitively re-interpreted in the jazz idiom, and superbly performed by new Capetonian sax-star Russ Nerwich, serves to communicate triumph and joy over tragedy.

Mlungisi Gegana - 'One Step Forward'
A remarkable debut from this Eastern Cape upright bassist who is in a class of his own - the album also features Louis Mhlanga, Vusi Khumalo and Andile Yenana

Sakhile - 'Togetherness'

One World's 'Album of the Month' for April from the jazz outfit that brought us hits like 'Mantobi', 'Isililo' and many more with Shaluza Max featuring on some of the tracks

Mahube - 'Qhubeka'

Another impressive collaborative effort by some of Southern Africa's finest musicians like Oliver Mtukudzi and Steve Dyer.

Louis Mhalanga - 'Tinganekwane ....' '

A worthy follow-up to the acclaimed 'Shamwari' album by one of South Africa's finest jazz guitarists.



The Tripps - '20/20 Vision Volume 1'
The Tripps is a collaborative concept album featuring Nathan Waywell (the bassist from SA band Amersham), with Marc Bentel (Little Sister - keyboards and guitars), Kevin Leicher (Plum - drums, percussion), Melody Kaye (Evenflow - vocals), Marq Vas (Metalmorphosis - vocals), Africa (keyboards), Sasha Sonnbichler (guitars and backing vocals), and Ron Smerczak (as Lord Vader).

David Abbate - 'All The Best'
David Abbate has quietly built into one of South Africa's finest adult contemporary singer-songwriters. Without any fuss and bother, his very catchy melodies and soulful voice have permeated SA's adult-contemporary airwaves for the last decade. "All the Best" is a collection of his finest SA work

Colin Shamley - 'Born Guilty & Other Stories'
A double CD set focusing on one of South Africa's finest folkies from years gone by. Featuring Shamley's only album release 'Born Guilty' with bonus tracks as well as plenty of previously unreleased live material from this enigmatic performer.

Various Artists - 'Going Nowhere Slowly' (2CD)
A double CD collection of some of the songs featured on the soundtrack of this popular and very hip SA travel program, and a strong expose of the depth and quality of SA's contemporary pop-rock artists.

Ezra - 'Funk 'n Roll'
The debut album from Ezra Lingeveldt, one of the finalists in the first SA 'Pop Idols' competition.

Tree63 - 'The Answer To The Question'
One of South Africa's most successful rock bands, both in SA and overseas, return with another album of top quality new material.

Anke - 'By Heart'
Anke Piertrangeli was the popular winner of the second South African series of 'Pop Idols' and this is her debut album, featuring her big hit, 'Silver Lining', a great cover of 'Independent Love Song', plus some original material

Off The Edge - 'Site Under Construction'
One of South Africa's more mature rock bands release the latest in their series of original rock albums.

Hawk - 'Africa She Too Can Cry'
Eagerly-awaited reissue of the second album by SA '70's rock legends, Hawk, on the RetroFresh label

The Dollyrockers - 'The Heat'
This big-selling third album from one of South Africa's most experienced and hard-working alternative rock bands shows off their winning sound and top quality songs

Mean Mr Mustard - 'Best Of'
A collection of the best songs from this popular Johannesburg pop band; includes their cover of the song 'Build Me Up Buttercup'.

Justin Bergh - 'Out Of My Hands'
Second album from one of South Africa's most promising rockers featuring the hit 'Out Of My Hands' and 'Misunderstood' co-written with James Stewart.

Nianell - 'Angel Tongue'
The equally-classy follow-up to Namibian vocalist Nianell's smash debut, 'Who Painted The Moon', which yielded five radio hits both in SA and overseas.



Fuzigish & Frenzal Rhomb - 'The Unwanted Traveller'
A special release that features songs from the joint SA tour undertaken by top Australian punk act Frenzal Rhomb and South African ska punkers Fuzigish. This album contains rare "unreleased tracks by both bands, as well as re-mastered and re-recorded versions of 'Scratching' and 'Little Bird'.



Mzwake Mbuli - 'Mbulism'
A new album from the great and controversial SA poet who was recently released from prison. More wisdom for the people from Mzwake with his thoughts on relevant issues like rape, abortion and 10 years of democracy in SA.

Mbongeni Ngema - 'Libuyile (Songs Of Freedom)'
A new and worthy collection of SA freedom songs from the famed SA playwright.

Thandiswa - 'Zabalaza'
This debut solo album from the Bongo Maffin vocalist with some beautiful music and serious ethnic beats and also featuring Madosini on one of the tracks.

Xolisa - 'Times'
A new album from a young lady who is certainly on the move, produced by Shaluza Max, whose influence can clearly be heard on this lovely collection.

Solly - 'Best Of Solly Featuring The Original Voices'
Packed with all the hits that made Solly Moholo a star.

Vusi Ximba - 'Best Of'
Another worthy 'best of' album with all of Vusi's finest hits.

Sydney - 'Mama's Baby'
An old school classic that will serve as an enjoyable trip down memory lane for many of Sydney's SA fans.



Avante - 'Kusile'
Another inspirational release, their 5th, from the very popular Durban-based gospel outfit.

Lord Comforters - 'Thwal'isiphambano'
More blissful music on this new release from the group that brought us the hits 'Ubukhulu Bakho' and 'Ngeny 'mini'

Lusanda Spiritual Group - 'Bathi Bayamazi'
A beautiful gospel album from a group with the voices of angels.

Various Artists - 'Tales Of Gospel SA - Choral & Contemporary'
A great collection of tracks from a cross section of the genre featuring some of the biggest names in SA gospel. Essential for SA Gospel fans!

Ntando - 'Kwantu'
A mixture of gospel and pop performed in the best possible way.

Joyous Celebration - 'Joyous Celebration 8 - To Be Free'
The eighth in this very successful series of gospel from this evergreen group of SA gospel musicians and vocalists

Lundi - 'Ngiyabonga'
Lundi - 'Box Set' (3CD)
Lundi may have encountered some serious critics in the press recently, but his music speaks for itself on these two collections - check out the '3 albums in 1' box set for extra value.

Platform 1 - 'Asesabi Lutho'
A long-awaited release from the great group that brought us the hit album 'Isencane' in the early 80's

Revelations - 'House Hymns 2'
The distinctive sound of SA house music fused with gospel - a winning concept that is sure to be as successful as their first release.

Maria Le Maria - 'Moruti Ka Ntlo Ya Dimilione'
A project that was made possible by Chicco Twala, and the good news is that their second release sounds as good as their first!

Joseph Dumako - 'Kuzobamnandi'
An SA gospel album that is worth checking out due to the unique keyboard playing on the album.

Rebecca & Tsepo - 'The Queen Of Gospel And The Village Pope'
With two of South Africa's music legends on one album, a must have!

Deborah - 'Ngikuxolele'
This third album from the gospel diva is a sure hit thanks to its tranquil nature and soothing sounds.

ANC - 'Uyamemeza uJesu Uthi ANC'
A gospel concept by Chicco, dedicated (controversially) to supporting the ANC.



Tribute To Tebza (Mafikizolo) - 'Tebza Wa Rock'
A tribute album to the singer from Mafikizolo who died tragically in a recent road rage incident. The album features some of the true heavyweights in the SA industry including Bongo Maffin, Malaika, Alaska, Mafikizolo, Brown Dash, Mzekezeke, Lebo Mathosa, Trompies, Zola, and Brothers Of Peace

Various Artists - 'Yizo Yizo 3'
The third soundtrack compilation release from the massively popular TV series - features Mandoza, Brenda and Cashless Society.

Mandoza - 'Mandoza'
Third album from the kwaito star who brought us 'Nkalakatha' - reported to be his favourite album to date because he claims he has reached maturity!

Mashamplani - 'Back 2 Square 1'
The popular Mashamplani of old is back with a great new album



Mzilikazi - 'Afrika'
A former journalist with a moving album that speaks of Africa

Shabalala Rhythm
Traditional iscathamiya beats

International (SA Interest)

Various Artists - 'Moyo - Sophisticated African Music'
An impressive compilation of African music from the likes of Angelique Kidjo, Ishmael Lo and Khadja Nin. Representing SA are Shaluza Max, Gloria Bosman and Amaryoni.



MacAngel - 'Summer In Berlin'
An album produced in Berlin by one of South Africa's top dance artists.



Kaydo - 'B4 Trinity (The Story Unfolds)'
A corker of a hip hop album and a must for every fan of SA's unique hip hop sound.



Nic Stevens - 'Jonk Bly'
Nic Stevens is a talented and versatile musician, gifted songwriter, arranger as well as a vibrant artist who will in future leave an indelible mark on the Afrikaans Music environment. The rhythm of the songs ensures a successful dance CD, whilst the easiness of the melodies and lyrics will afford good listening pleasure.

Adam Tas - 'My Memories In 'n Menthol'
Adam Tas has a deep voice, and his debut album consists of 12 tracks from his creative pen. The album is new, original and promises to captivate audiences - from theatre-visitors to the more mainstream listeners. Seldom we come across a musical poet that is able to cry, laugh and love in Afrikaans, as well as Adam Tas.

Kobus - '100% Skuldgevoelvry'
The follow-up to the duo's very successful debut, featuring more alternative Afrikaans rock.

Leon Schuster - '2 in 1 Special Edition'
This special edition contains the 'Treffers Deur Die Jare' CD, and the soundtrack to his latest blockbuster film 'Oh Schucks I'm Gatvol'.

Hugo - 'Deur Die Straights'
With Hugo's debut album, the listener is taken through a variety of music with seven original tracks and six covers of well-known artists in the Afrikaans music industry such as Koos Kombuis, Johannes Kerkorrel, Koos Dup and David Kramer. Hugo's dark raunchy voice offers exceptional listening pleasure for both young and old in the Afrikaans music audience.

Skrapnel - 'Skeurwevoet'
The fifteen original songs on Skrapnel's debut are guaranteed to have you tapping your feet, grooving to the beat and perhaps pondering a thing or two.

Jak De Priester - Sally Williams Nougat
A fresh and enjoyable collection of songs from a new face and voice on the Afrikaans music scene.



Muse String Quartet - 'My Dance'
This much-anticipated debut album from the all-girl Cape Town group Muse String is a real cocktail of influences: Although there are elements of Western Classical music, the real flavour lies in the added twist of Latin American, Kwaito, and Dance music.

Order any of these titles at:



LAD, the dedicated webmaster of, throws his regular spotlight on one of the many SA bands currently affiliated to his SA music site.


Plush is a two-piece band from Cape Town. They're very interesting in that the band only consists of Rory Eliot on lead vocals and rhythm guitar and Chas Smit on lead guitar and backing vocals, yet they deliver a captivating performance.

The band has been together professionally since 2000 when they played in Johannesburg. The highlight of their Jozi stint was winning the 2002 National Battle of the Bands Competition (Now known as the RP Studios Emerging Sounds Competition) In 2003 the band moved to Cape Town where they continued to work on new material, always focusing on the release of their first album.

This album, 'All that is should be', was launched to an electrified audience at the Independent Armchair Theatre on the 9th of March 2004. Their CD is packed with really fantastic material and has a warm laid-back feel to it. The CD, although good, does not fully capture the Plush experience. You will just have to get out to see them live to know what I mean.

Cleverly thought-out lyrics, melodic tunes and soothing guitar work makes this band stand out from the rest of the group and proves that hard work, not hard playing makes a band more successful.

Some up-coming Plush gigs include: Baraza, Camps Bay, 21 April (20h00); Stones, Long Street, 22 April (21h00); Independent Armchair Theatre, Observatory, 24 April (20h30) (Where the band will be filming material for their DVD); Dorp Street Theatre, 28 April (20h00)

Plush will be touring South Africa in May and will be heading overseas in June 2004, so watch their website for more gig information.

If you're an SA band/artist and would like to appear in this slot please mail
Remember to point your mobile phones to

Mobile logos and ringtones are now available at, so pop on over to the site and download your favourite band's logo/ringtone right now!

Tony De Buys
Mobile: 082 898 0648
Fax: 086 610 4157

Watch out for more announcements of interesting things happening at!

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More reviews can be found at:
Open Record Open Record
Amuzine Reviews



Kurt Shoemaker (Texas), John Samson (London), Tertius Louw, and Brian Currin browse through the best of SA rock - its history, its people, and its music, past, and present.

USA FOR AFRICA - Texas-based Kurt Shoemaker gives his unique views on SA music.


Y'all have been letting me hang out at your ring of rock for a few years now and I have to tell you I've had a ball making friends and hearing some of the world's most exciting rock. And like all y'all, I have current favorites and listen to a variety of rock. Sometimes I listen to themes (girls' names are always fun), or just listen to a purposely varied mix. These are some recent listens.

The set has a sweet opening with McCully Workshop's 1998 re-recording of 'Guinevere'. Lately I've also been spinning Tully's new rock project's new work, 'Bluescream'. Talented guy, talented friends, rich rock.

'Tribal Fence'--A powerful song given a workout by a powerful singer, Margaret Singana. I'm reduced to saying "Wow" in a breathless voice.

'Fooling Around' inspires visions of cruising Texas highways at 75 miles per hour (the speed limit is 70, but cops don't mess with you until you're over five MPH over... usually). What band inspires vistas of driving Texas? Sure enough: Off the Edge, a favorite band for traveling. I drive, I listen, I think, and my mind soars while the wheels hum.

'Samurai' by Dr. Jive and the Blue Notes is a moody, Japanese-inflected, but definitely rock number. Very strange sounding, with an otherworldly atmosphere. But, you know, sometimes I enjoy very strange sounding otherworldly atmospheres. {this band featured the Ridgway brothers, Clive, Tony & Greg - see the Off The Edge Family tree for more info - Ed.}

'Rock Steady' by Harari (Harari's 'Greatest Hits Volume 2') is pure rock with no trace of funk or African-ness. By the sound of the lead guitar, Harari could have opened for Toto and made Toto nervous.

'Wild Warrior' by Arapaho comes alive anew every time I hear it - a classic hard rock sound and an exhilarating three-minute war pony ride. The album 'Wicked Wonder' ain't bad, either - which in Laconic Texan or Opposite Talk that means really good.

'Fairytales and Wishes' by Mr. Jones {named after the Counting Crows song - ed.} - big fuzz guitar here. Slamming rock with decent lyrics about leaving a love behind.

'Then It Turns Around' turns around with a rapid beat not fast enough to be manic, but has a dizzying urgency nonetheless. The sparkling Falling Mirror. {From the, as yet, unreleased 'Hammerhead Hotel' album. - ed.}

'Sex'. Sorta erotic, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. They're "...talkin' about sex." In a fun way. I guess that's why they titled it that. Pressure Cookies. Cool band name, too. Nice cookies.

'Goeienag Generaal'. Piet Botha and Jack Hammer's work are among my desert island CDs. I'm a Mamba man and I never fail to be riveted when these guitars start. Yeah, sleep tight, General, I know you're right behind us... about twenty kilometers thataway.

'Who Killed Kurt Cobain' has been on my mind these past few weeks - I gave my son a copy of 'Nevermind' and he's been playin' the fire out of it. The song is in fine company on Koos's 'Madiba Bay'. A demanding song asking big questions impossible to answer.

'Immigrant Song', as twisted by Not My Dog (Nice Not My Dog, good Not My Dog, play rock Not My Dog), is like, is not like, the original.

Live Spinnekop with 'Binneland In' closes my set. In Afrikaans, but I caught the word "dagga" in the lyrics.... Driving bass. Spinnekop stretches out on this one. I enjoy it when a good band stretches out live on a song.

Throw in songs like 'Conquistador' by Circus (makes me forget some other group's version...), Beanstalk asking the musical question, 'What'ya Gonna Do When the Reggae Breaks Your Heart?', Hotline's 'So Cold', Toxic Shame's leather balls 'I Saw, I Conquered, I Came', and 'Crazy Over You' by Zen Arcade, and you see I have not been lacking good solid rock.

A ring of rocks around the fire of our music.

And there's plenty more where these came from.


Kurt Shoemaker, Blanco, Texas


A NAARTJIE IN THE UK - London-based John Samson gives his own twist on SA music:


Is it just me, or is it odd that a guy from Rabbitt recorded an album called 'Wolf'? Perhaps SA's biggest rock export wanted to signal the death of his carrot munching pretty pop rock days and the birth of his carnivorous hard rock life. It could also be that someone came up with a picture of a snarling wolf for the cover and that's how the album got its title.

Whatever the reason, there certainly is a case for the former argument as 'Wolf' has much more rock bite that Rabbitt did. Released in 1981, 'Wolf' pre-dated Van Halen's '1984' by 3 years, but has that same commercial heavy rock feel to it that Van Halen had so much success with.

Although Trev could easily have handled the guitar/keyboard combination that underpins this album, he does draft in help from fellow South African rock export Manfred Mann for the keyboard, and legendary Cream member Jack Bruce on bass. But it must be said that it is Rabin's strong vocals and blistering rock guitar that steal the show.

Connoisseurs of rock guitar solo's need look no further than 'Heard You Cry Wolf' where nearly half the song is given over to Trivia's axe and it doesn't disappoint. And whether it's the full-on head rush rock of 'Lost In Love', the Status Quo-like bouncing rock of 'Take Me To A Party', or the power rock ballad that is 'Pain', the guitar work is of that high standard that we have come to expect from Rabin.

For anyone who was wondering whether Trevor would go on to bigger and better things after quitting Rabbitt and heading overseas the answer has been a resounding Yes, but before that sort of success came, he produced a number of high quality solo albums, with 'Wolf' being one of them.

John Samson, London



John Samson takes a weekly look at the the SA pop charts from 20, 25, 30 and 35 years ago this week.

'Sorry Suzanne' took over the top spot from the 1910 Fruitgum Company in 1969 which was strange, as there was no Suzanne in the Fruitgum Company to apologise to. Peter Sarstedt's 'Where Do You Go To My Lovely?' was riding high on the back of his recent topping of the UK charts. Although Joe South was enjoying a top 5 status with 'Games People Play'. Not bad for someone who once recorded a song called 'The Purple People Eater Meets the Witch Doctor'. South had played with Simon & Garfunkel as well as Dylan. Aside from this he penned Deep Puple's 'Hush' (also covered by Kula Shaker) and Lynn Anderson's 'Rose Garden', the latter of which made number 2 in SA.

In 1974 it was 'Seasons In The Sun' week. The better-known version by Terry Jacks basked in top spot glory while Country singer John Robert Wright Jr (better known as Bobby Wright) slipped in at number 5. Another country singer, Dolly Parton, was edging closer to the top as 'Jolene' jumped 2 places to number 3.

The charts this week in 1979 and 1984 fell on Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you). The 4th was certainly with Abba as 'Chiquitita' became their 7th number 1 hit in SA, more number 1's than any other act in SA chart history. The next highest being 6 by Joe Dolan. Abba would have a total of 8 numbers 1's. Local lad Richard John Smith's 6th hit became his 2nd top 5 hit.

As UB40 enjoyed their 11th week at number 1, chart spotters the country over would have been well aware that they were 1 week off equalling Charisma's 12 week stint with 'Mammy Blue' and 2 weeks off equalling Johnny Nash's 13-week record run with 'I Can See Clearly Now'.

South Africans at number 1 this week:

Put Your Hand In The Hand - Alan Garrity (1971)
I Won't Give Up - Bruce Millar (1976)

South African New Entries this week

02-May-75 Storybook Children - Sammy Brown
02-May-81 Santa Maria - Alan Garrity
03-May-85 Jabulani - Hotline
05-May-72 Pasadena - John Edmond
06-May-83 Save Your Love - Manuel & Dee (Cover of the UK hit by Renee & Renata)
07-May-65 Key To Your Heart - Emil Dean
07-May-71 Happy Birthday Baby - Barbara Ray
08-May-70 She's Gone - Ken J. Larkin

John Samson



8 Gary Glitter (1940)
8 Ricky Nelson (1940, died 31 December 1985)
9 Billy Joel (1947)
10 Donovan (Leitch) (1946)
13 Dale Stephens (1957)
15 Richie Laws (1946, The A-Cads)
18 Amanda Tiffin (1972, solo, Not The Midnight Mass)
31 Tully McCully (born Terence McCullagh, 1953, McCully Workshop, Falling Mirror, BlueScream)

A Reader's Forum: This is a selection of the email requests, questions, searches, and other pieces of random info we receive each week at the Digest. Sometimes we can assist, other times we look to you, our collectively well-informed readers to contact these writers and help out as well. Thanks if you do....!

Send all letters, short contributions, small band-ads, musical questions and other snippets to:




I have being enquiring at the CD shops about the Springbok-hit-parade records being available on CD, but so far have found myself talking to a brick wall.

Do you have any info in this regard?

Thanks for your time !
Best regards!!

Ed. - The Springbok Hit albums have never been released on CD... confusingly there was a series of CDs released by Gallo a while ago called 'Springbok Selection Volumes 1-12' plus a special Christmas edition, which were not re-issues, but newly recorded cover versions of old pop hits by session musicians and featuring the Teazers girls (the new Springbok N*de Girls!) on the covers.

Read a review (with a couple of pics!) here:



Hi Guys,

I'm not sure if this is the correct way to reply to subscribers queries but, not knowing better here goes:

In last week's Sounds Solution, 'Shaun' placed the following enquiry - "What happened to Brian Mulder and Redlum?".

Brian worked, inter alia in the Sun International group for some time and has been seen on TV on numerous occasions as both a sports presenter and boxing announcer - he is, and has been for some years the talented front-line vocalist for Vinnie and the Viscounts.

Roy Zab(ldowsky), brilliant guitarist and other half of Redlum sadly passed away from cancer some 18 years (or more) ago. Roy and I became pals in grade 1 (would you believe) and remained pals until he died - a sad loss, not only to the music industry but also to his many friends!

Hope this helps.
Dick Mackridge

Ed. - Thanks to Dick for this response!




Just wondering why there isn't a CD of John E Sharpe & The Squires? Gallotone has the master tapes which would make an interesting release. Maybe somebody like Fresh or whatever they are named could reissue this

Ed Nadorozny




I'm a university student in Austria, and I have to write a report about the use and the market of electric guitars in South Africa.

Because I live so far away it is very difficult to get information, therefore I would kindly ask you if you could help me by telling me where I could find information.

thank you and best wishes




Just wondering if anyone's keen to TRADE (repeat TRADE - not sell) any recorded live shows that they have collected over the years of local South African bands/artists?

I do not want any money for any bootlegs and will work strictly on a trading deal for those interested in some rare SA shows they may have missed out on.

Please send you me your list and we can see if there's anything I may be interested in to TRADE. Even if you have any good quality international boots or artists, I may be keen.

No worries about where you're based, I can post anywhere (much like most people) in the country.

Thanks for your time.

Bootleg Junkie

P.S. I saw John Samson's "A Naartjie In The UK' column in the SA Rock Digest last week about a Just Jinger bootleg and thought I'd pop the question.

Ed - despite it's title the Just Jinger CD is actually an official release.




When there was a public holidays the other day, I thort I'd take my chick to a larny Rest Rand, so we like went to the Spur there in the E-Strand Maul, but when the ou like bought the bill he had charged us bucks for our Dom Ped Rows. I like tried to tell the ou that it was Free Dom day but he wooden lissin. So I just wanted to charf youse how like woes I was on Free Dom day.

Johnny from Boksburg


Please email any musical questions to




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Brenda and the Big Dudes - 'Weekend Special' (LP)
The Usuals* - 'Law of The Jungle' (LP)

* A different group to "The Usual"!

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ISLA - 'Lick The Lion' (Independent)

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Ripchord is offering some special recording deals.
For the month of May only we will be charging only R900.00 per day.

Please phone Aidan on 424 3810 or 083 730 5549 to book recording space in our 16-track digital studio.

The rehearsal rooms are also cooking! - Fully air-conditioned, vocal PA etc Check the website - - from R40.00 per hour.

To book rehearsal rooms - please phone Steve on 424 3810 (o/h) or 072 519 0601

Call for music teachers:

Ripchord Studios have not only a digital 16-track recording studio but also have three air-conditioned PA-equipped practice rooms. These rooms normally operate from 5pm to 11pm, although we do have facilities for bands that wish to rehearse during the day.

We are looking for anyone who wishes to use our rooms for music tuition when bands are not rehearsing. We are situated in the middle of town on the corner of Long and Longmarket Streets (2nd Floor 157 Longmarket Street to be exact!).

Any interested parties can phone Steve or Aidan on 424 3810 o/h.

Call for songwriters:

Ripchord Studios also has a post-production facility for film work... features, commercials, music videos etc. We have two sister companies: Sting Models (who provide models, cast & characters for the film industry) and Crewsaders Film and TV Crewing Agency (who provide crew for the film sets).

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Support the SAMQC, as this SA musicians' initiative, looking to greatly increase the amounts of SA music played on the nation's radio stations.

Join the movement, sign up, or



One of the most frequently Asked Questions on the Forum is where to buy Rodriguez CDs. Well, you can buy Rodriguez CDs online at One World



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TUMI & THE VOLUME - Ready Rolled Party - Celebrating three SAMA nominations for Tumi and the Volume's debut album, 'Live At The Bassline' with Tumi and the Volume, 340ml, and Fortune (featuring guests By Example, Ramesh, Spex, Shero, Selwyn, Clint, Kabomo, Hilton, Zebza and Amu) - 7th May 2004 - Newtown Music Hall

ARNO CARSTENS AND NEW P*RN - Arno Cartsens is taking some time out from his burgeoning career in TV commercials to perform at a series of concerts around South Africa during May.

TAIT TOUR - Cape Town band Tait are heading north on a tour that will see them playing in Johannesburg, Vereeniging, Pretoria and Bloemfontein.

THE FINKLELSTIENS - The 100 gigs in 80 days enters its second phase with almost 20 shows down.

DELTA BLUE - The Stellenbosch Blues-boys have left the Cape (temporarily) for another visit to Gauteng and will be appearing at various venues around JHB and PTA from April 26 - May 8.

CHIAROSCURO - Live at Bishops Theatre in Campground Rd, Rondebosch on the 14th May.

THE 'VAN HELSING' TOUR - Marlowe, Stick up Kid and Nemesis will be touring around the country to celebrate the release of the movie in true rock n roll style.

THE INDEPENDENT ARMCHAIR THEATRE - This week's line-up includes Linda Koffman, The Wayne Joshua Band, The A Bomb, and Comedy All Stars - In Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town.

THE RUDIMENTALS - Cape Town's ska-punk sensations have lined up a string of gigs over the next few weeks.



BJORN AGAIN - The most successful ABBA tribute band in the world will be returning to SA in June following their successful 2002 tour

WITCHDOCTOR RECORDS ANNOUNCES SA TOUR BY KATAKLYSM - Kataklysm, the Swedish masters of metal return to our shores for two exclusive shows in May

LORD OF THE DANCE - The Irish dance spectacular, 'Lord of the Dance', has achieved record-breaking sales for its current South African run, so additional dates have been added to the Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town legs of the SA Tour



Surprisingly... none this week!



Arno Cartsens is taking some time out from his burgeoning career in TV commercials to perform at a series of concerts around South Africa during May. Carstens will be appearing in a variety of combos, either with his band, New P*rn (The * is for email filters and does not reflect a new Digest morality! - Ed.), or with guitarist, Albert Frost (introduced as "Arthur" Frost following his performance at the Inauguration concert at the Union Buildings in Pretoria), or with Albert Frost and Brendan Jury (the viola player from New P*rn).

These are those upcoming gigs with contact details for each gig alongside:

07 May - New P*rn - Mercury Live & Lounge - Cape Town (Sean 021 4652106)
08 May - New P*rn - Mosselfees - Langebaan (Rene 022 7143431)
11 May - Arno & Albert "Acoustic" - Dorpstraat Theatre - Stellenbosch (Hettie 021 8866107)
15 May - New P*rn - Mall Rats - Menlyn Park Shopping Centre (Annelie 012 3462011)
16 May - Arno & Albert "Acoustic" - Back 2 Basix - Johannesburg (Mariska 011 7266857)
18 May - New P*rn - Oppikoppi - Transkei Levis Original Blues - JHB (Annelie 012 3462011)
26 May - Arno, Albert & Brendon - Boston Tea Party - Pretoria (Misha 012 3462011)
27 May - New P*rn - Barcelona - Pretoria (Chrisna 012 3453602)
28 May - Arno, Albert & Brendon - Pine Junction - Newcastle (Charity event in aid of Hospice) (Heila 034 3181010)
29 May - New P*rn - Royal Show - Pietermaritzburg Showgrounds (Trevor 013 5709495)



Wow, Saturday was a day many will remember - it is amazing how much fun one can have watching air guitarists compete for a Gibson Epiphone guitar.

And especially one Pieter van der Biezen who had the crowd cheering at the top of their lungs after his performance. Pieter went home rather ecstatic because he was carrying a brand new guitar - it was all part of the School of Rock promotion with UIP and Ster Kinekor.

The April regional finals of the RP Studios Emerging Sounds competition took place Sunday, May 2 at the Coliseum Show Bar, Caesars Gauteng. In action were two bands from Nelspruit, one from Pretoria and two from Johannesburg.

The May leg of the RP Studios Emerging Sounds began on Saturday, May 1. If you would like to enter your group in the Johannesburg, Pretoria, the Vaal, Bloemfontein or Durban legs then please contact Simon "Squire" Foulds on 082 770 7524.

April Regional Finals:


Saturday, May 8
Tempos - 191 Hans Strydom, Kyasands, Randburg
Event starts at 15:00 and there is a R20 cover charge
· Pink Noise
· SixtyNine
· Merchandize ·

Saturday, May 15
Tempos - 191 Hans Strydom, Kyasands, Randburg
Event starts at 15:00 and there is a R20 cover charge

Saturday, May 22
Tempos - 191 Hans Strydom, Kyasands, Randburg
Event starts at 15:00 and there is a R20 cover charge

Saturday, May 29 - JHB monthly finals
Tempos - 191 Hans Strydom, Kyasands, Randburg
Event starts at 15:00 and there is a R30 cover charge


Thursday, May 27 - Nile Crocodile - R10 cover charge
· Anti Cemetary
· Nothing alike


Friday, May 28 - Perfect Manhattan - R10 cover charge

Bookings now open for May for bands from Jhb, Pta, the Vaal and Bloemfontein - so contact Simon "Squire" Foulds for further information on 082 770 7524.


By Daniel Neville

A "vent" by Ilmemory

Why, lately, is everyone questioning whether punk is dead or whether the scene is still alive here in South Africa? I hear somebody get it right by saying that too many people are confusing skate shoes, baggy pants and chains with punk. Hell, bands like Korn and Linkin Park are considered to have the punk look by many.

When I see kids that look like Avril Lavigne, the last thing I think is that they are try-hard punks. She dresses like any kid who listens to ANY alternative music would. So I don't see why any sane person who calls themselves punk would hold anything against her. I hate it when punk kids call the shots on people they have never even met.

Look at a Brody Armstrong from the Distillers - she looks punk, and hell, on 'Sing Sing Death House' she belted out some of the best female vocalist punk rock ever. When pop/mainstream kids start getting tattoos all over their bodies and when they start shaving huge Mohawks (the Mohawk fashion wasn't that big) and when they start wearing torn up leather, then I will admit that the punk 'look' has been hijacked by outsiders.

But punk really does not depend on the fashion that comes with it in any case. Last night I saw an interview with Fokofpolisiekar, and they looked like normal kids, judging by the way they looked, they might as well have been a new boy band. But the difference between them and a boy band is that they have got the recognition they have on their own, and making it on your own, my friends, is what punk rock is really about, and that will never die.

As a young white man in the new South Africa, I think punk is possibly the best philosophy one can have, as even though I have strong confidence in this country's future, I think young white men are gonna have to make it on their own.

Look at yourself on all levels, then look at the world around you. If what you see in yourself is nothing but a mirror image of the world (and I don't mean how you dress), then change. Make a difference, don't let the world dictate to you how to live, and don't accept to die a sad death out of the same life you were born into.

Death or glory.

Punk rock is alive, topic closed.

Words by ilmemory


'UNDER THE INFLUENCE' (of punk rock that is...)

Half Price and the Stevie Wonderfuls recently completed their joint national tour, dubbed the "Under the Influence" tour (punk rock that is...). This is what the Stevie Wonderfuls had to say about it...

Yo everyone, this is Derek, the bongo player from the Stevie Wonderfuls. We just got back from our national tour so I thought it would be nice to tell everyone about it. It was fun. We played some shows with some bands. We had a couple of double gins and I fell in love with this chicken. Read more about it if you want to because there are some noteworthy facts to joke with your family about.

The tour started off in Durban and we arrived there a couple of days early to party. We met up with the guys from Sibling Rivalry on the beach, by complete fluke, and Steve offered to let us stay at his place. We rocked it hard that night at Burn, with double gins flowing as eagerly as they come.

The next night was the show and it rocked. All the bands that played were really impressive, Filthy Friend, Sibling Rivalry and Half Price all rocked the night away.

After the weekend we hopped on a train back to JHB to prepare to rock the PTA and JHB shows. And boy, did we! All the Gauteng shows were really amazing, and we had a few more double gins.

Cape Town was next on our cards because the Bloemfontein show got cancelled, so it was back to the trains for us. We arrived in Cape Town on Thursday to be greeted by a tall German with this huge Afro. Thanks go out to Markus for fetching all our sh1t and putting us up (and putting up with us) for the weekend.

We were supposed to play at Lanners Landing on Friday night, but when it was time for us to play there were no amps left so we couldn't. I was bummed as hell. Anyway the dudes from Neshamah said we could play with them the next night at an all ages show at Boogaloos, and gosh were we grateful. We played a brief set which was a lot of fun and I'd like to dedicate it to my chicken (I love you).

We had to rush off after our set to the Purple Turtle, where we were playing with Mental Junto (who we missed but I heard that they were really good), Half Price, War on Salt and The Rudimentals. This show was easily the best one of the tour, all the bands played really well and the crowd was alive.

So all in all the tour was a damn load of fun. It wouldn't have been half as rad if it wasn't for some people that helped us out immensely.

We would like to thank the following people and bands that really and truly deserve it, thanks: Roy and Patrick from Wrench productions, Steve and Matt from Sibling Rivalry (tell Mishi we hope he found his sloobee), Markus, Heterosexual Pete, Rene and Kyle from Half Price (Rockers in the truest sense of the word), the dudes from Neshamah, Pete's mom, Mel and blunt magazine, double gins, my chicken, Robyn from CT, Chuck Theron for the chickens, and all the bands we played with.

We love you guys.!


Upcoming SA Punk gigs:

8 May - Dockside Superclub - Cape Town - 4pm, R35
Hog Hoggidy Hog
The Rudimentals
Six of Nine
One More Riot
+ special reunion band

8 May - Wynberg Sports Club - Cape Town -
Two shows, from 2-7 for u18's, re-opens @ 9 for 18+ no alcohol before 9. R20
Three Chord Theory
Zero tolerance
+ surprise guest band

Daniel Neville


Dorp @ The Foundry, 28 April 2004
By John Samson

Although they have been active I haven't made it to a Dorp gig in recent times. However, when I received an email that talked about an "unplugged" Dorp gig I had to see this as I was intrigued to see how DJ Fred would fit into this unplugged scenario. I was disappointed to see that he was on the usual decks and not an old wind up gramophone. Also Kevin was on electric guitar, so it was not entirely an unplugged gig, and to be fair to Dorp they did actually say it was an unplugged/electronica gig thus essentially saying that they would be mixing the medium of acoustic guitar with their usual electronic sounds.

The Foundry is an unusual venue for live music as there is not really a stage, so the band were somewhat hidden in an unlit enclave, but this seemed to fit in well the low key music that they were making. The mix of acoustic and electronic meant a chilled dub-like sound, and with Pieter Bezuidenhout actually seated and playing guitar (as opposed to his normal manic dancing) this was not a hectic gig, but did introduce us to an interesting side of Dorp. Pieter told me that this method of playing was pretty much how Dorp songs were born.

The band are planning to do more gigs of this relaxed type, and these are highly recommended to those who enjoy a night out chilling to great music. Dorp are soon to head into the studio to record the follow-up to 'Tap Into The System' and are hoping to work with Cragie Dodds who was behind Egyptian Nursery and Jenny Delenta's solo album and has more recently been working with the Sugarbabes. Hopefully they see fit to get some of tonight's sound onto the album.




In Gauteng you'll find quite a few venues where you can park your butt to get an earload of your band. In Jozi there's Back 2 Basix just across from the university, Trance Sky (ex Bassline) in Melville, Newtown's still eyed with suspicion (yeah, a bummer indeed), and once in a blue moon, the Bluesroom.

In Pretoria you have Café Barcelona with its kickass roomy stage, there's lethargy personified in Cool Runnings (dat one bein' Centurion), the ancient but manically frequented Steak & Ale, and the raucous Tings an' Times where students and pickled music junkies mix to match.

In most of these places and in April that's just slipped into yesterday, I have seen and heard Jack Hammer. Four men in a restless bond of truth, talent and reality. Devoted to their fans by true grit, the fever that is rock, an unexplicable addiction to rhythm and the lash of the drumstick, and a third eye to see the soul of the guitar.

In the dark. Piet Botha, Tertius du Plessis, Paul van de Waal and Jonathan Martin. Jack Hammer is your mentor. It is electric, it knows about ghosts, it knows the face of restless tunes and hours on the freeway. It is talent in the blood. And it teaches you to surf a thirty-footer mother of a wave without a board.

The new tunes are mean, deep and exquisitely written, meant to kick you in the face and coat your heart in barbed wire. But they are more beautiful than the sun on your face in the bushveld. Without a hangover. 'The Pilgrim' is serene, evil and a bloody masterpiece. It starts heated and mean like a horny old witch, then slips into a deceptive cool breeze in the voice of Piet Botha. He tells you about the deep blue sea. Moonshine Lee - and the long road to Mozambique.

If you can't write songs, if you drool over Mozart's intricately designed 'Rex Tremendae Majestatis' like old Salieri, you will not be pleased by what Jack Hammer is giving you here. Best you down a gallon of scotch. Then weep a bit, wipe your nose, ah heck, even call them names. But keep the music close. 'Lady Amber' - ah yes Lady Amber. She comes with drums and strings and open palms and takes your soul for a walk down that road you thought you'd left behind.

They give you 'Headlines' and death breathes in the back of your neck. They kick you into the trenches with "Goeienag Generaal", an insane space in your head filled with gunsmoke and screams, blood, gore, bullets and mud. Then the quietly unsettling dips and peaks of 'Bury Me'. And yes. There will be the delicious thrumming an' plucking of 'Russian & Chips' on this here 'The Pilgrim'.

But be aware. You think you know them. The way Duke Paul makes them drums sound like trained poltergeists in thick black duhhm-duhhhrrrrrr-duhhhmmmms - without batting an eyelid. Tertius and that big grey shark in his hands, a living thing with strings, the dark dude strolling to the amp, then back to Piet, long hair shaken loose for 'Liberty', evil glint in the eye. Jonathan turning words into breathless notes swirling in the smoke and coloured lights. You hear silver and pain. Passion and peace. The voice in Jonathan Martin as old as time.

But, mostly you'll drool. Check how this dude, in every gig, in every venue, cool as a spinster's cucumber, goes and mutates the climax in "Die Mamba" without surrendering an ounce of its strength.

Yes, still you think you know them.

Then Piet Botha steps in and shows you unity. Brotherhood and the spirit of rock. How the tunes sleep and awake with a Fender and two hands born from this earth. "What did you do for your brother today ..." and there's the sly little smile, shoulders hunched over the song, strings whimpering under his fingers, his eyes closed to our screams.

Jack Hammer walks the dirt road with scuffed boots, new strings and a soul filled with songs. Prepare for 'The Pilgrim'. And maybe, when you have the gigs in your heart and the songs in your speakers, maybe only then will you know Jack Hammer. And in the end - yourself.





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