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This week's contents:

Editorial: The week in brief
News: Jo Day, Rudimentals and Hog Hoggidy Hog, Band O' Gypsys, 2004 OppiKoppi Easter Festival, Splashy Fen, Mitsoo, The Indian Ocean Festival Association.
Charts: SA Rock Digest MP3 and Album Charts
New Releases: New SA MP3's and CD's, Afrimusiek, Jo Day, Just Jinger, African Cream, Breakfast Included, Belboks Vol 1, One World February Releases.
Classic SA Rock: USA For Africa; A Naartjie In The UK; Vinyl Junkies; South African Rock Lists
Sound Solutions: A reader's forum - letters, info, questions and answers
Live Music: Events round-up, Steve Newman, Tempo's 'Way Out There' Festival, Grunge Tribute, RP Emerging Sounds Competition, Soulja, Cape Town Festival, SA Punk: Gandalf's, 'Realisation Of Purpose' Tour, gigs.
SA Music Links And Resources: Contact Details



It's been coming for some time, but now there's no keeping it secret, The Digest is no longer purely focused on old SA rock music. Yip, it's true, and our apologies to our early purist subscribers who were initially led to believe that it would always stay that way. And welcome to our new subscribers who may have missed a few early copies due to our misleading name.

It has been a slow change over the past years, but The Digest now covers as broad a spectrum of SA music news, artists and events as we can manage in a week. But we have no plans to change our name from the SA Rock Digest to something like the SA Music Digest (as has been suggested). We are and always will be a predominantly SA Rock-focused publication.

But we do try to also cover anything else happening in SA music, so there's always plenty of other jazz, hip hop, dub, electronica, dance, kwaito, and house news, in between the rock stuff, to keep you mostly up to date with musical events in South Africa. Hope that explains that! On we go...

Jo Day is recovering from injuries sustained in an onstage fall, has sorted out her recent guitarist hassles, and she and her B.A.N.D are currently writing material for their next album ... The Rudimentals and Hog Hoggidy Hog are going to be joining forces for an upcoming Nationwide tour to spread their ska-punk sounds ... Band O' Gypsys were the family band that ruled the SA heavy metal scene in years gone by and who have suddenly re-appeared with a new album called 'I Want You To Know'.

The 2004 OppiKoppi Easter festival, a slightly more intimate variation on the Bush, Braai's and Tunes-theme, will be held from the 9th to the 11th of April, on the Koppie ... One of Splashy Fen's most increasingly popular draw-cards - The Drum Cafe - is set to quadruple its 'tribal revelry' quota at the 2004 festival in April ... Cape Town all girl punk band, Mitsoo, will be launching their new three-track EP on 26 March at Evol in Gardens ... and an historic meeting of The Indian Ocean Festival Association took place in Reunion in early March.

We take a look at the fact that while major labels have suffered a sales slump that they attribute to file sharing, independent labels are profiting from the impact of such technology ... There's a whole bunch of songs on mp3 from the Afrimusiek label ... Jo Day is in this week's 'Celeb:Select' guest seat ... Just Jinger were back home last week to support Counting Crows on their SA Tour with a new release called 'Bootleg' ... Read all about African Cream's tasty range of titles ... Sheer Music has just released a new Afrikaans compilation called "Belboks", which is from one of the biggest Afrikaans music shows on SABC2.

Jason Glover, of the Jason Glover Band, takes up this month's Thursday residency at The Independent Armchair Theatre in Obs, Cape Town. Glover has just completed the recording of his debut album, 'Sky Tonight', which is due for release in March 2004 ... There's been a lot of interest in the Cape Town jazz band, Breakfast Included, since their recent inclusion on the bill for the upcoming North Sea Jazz Festival ... Kurt Shoemaker discovers a rare and wonderful album called 'The Flame' by SA band, The Flames ... John Samson compares the two Johnny Clegg live albums.

Acoustic guitar maestro Steve Newman will be playing one show only in Johannesburg: at Ruby Grapefruit Restaurant in Parkhurst on Wednesday 24 March 2004 ... On Saturday 27 March Tempo's will be staging the 'Way Out There' Festival ... On April 4th it will be ten years since Kurt Cobain committed suicide, so four bands will come together at the Nile Crocodile in Pretoria on the 2nd April, to pay tribute to the grunge era ... There's the RP Emerging Sounds Competition news ... Erik Windrich of éVoid will be playing a solo gig at the Troubadour in Earl's Court on 24 March.

SA Punk editor, Daniel Neville, loves hanging out at Gandalf's in Obs, Cape Town ... There's news of the 'Realisation Of Purpose' Tour taking place on 27 March at the Purple Turtle in Cape Town .... We have another report from the Cape rock frontlines, where Soulja's major offensive continues ... Sunday 14 March saw the launch of this year's Cape Town Festival at the Company's Garden, where thousands of people gathered to enjoy the best in music and dance that the city has to offer.

There's also the usual weekly mp3 and album charts, recommended SA gigs, letters to Sound Solutions, Digest Classifieds, old SA charts, and what's new on the shelves at Mabu Vinyl and CD and Vibes Vinyl.

And that is some of SA music, this week ...

If you would like to contact us, please send an email to



Supplied by

1. Ipi Tombi - Original Cast Recording
2. Saron Gas - - Fragile
3. Freshlyground - Jika Jika
4. The Thula Project - SA Lullabies
5. Chris de Burgh - Live In SA
6. Rodriguez - After The Fact
7. Rodriguez - Cold Fact
8. Moses Molelekwa - Finding One's Self
9. Blomkrag - Boerecountry
10. Cashless Society - African Raw Material Vol 1

Springbok Top 10 songs
15/20/25/30 Years Ago

Supplied by John Samson

35 YEARS AGO (21 March 1969)

1 [1] Crimson And Clover - Tommy Jones & The Shondells
2 [6] Dizzy - Tommy Roe
3 [3] Atlantis - Donovan
4 [2] I Started A Joke - Bee Gees
5 [7] Something's Happening - Herman's Hermits

30 YEARS AGO (22 March 1974)

1 [3] Little Jimmy - Gwynneth Ashly Robin
2 [1] If You Need Me - After All
3 [2] The Peacemaker - Albert Hammond
4 [4] Charly - Sean Rennie
5 [6] Love's Theme - Love Unlimited

25 YEARS AGO (23 March 1979)

1 [2] Le Freak - Chic
2 [1] Too Much Heaven - Bee Gees
3 [4] Hold The Line - Toto
4 [3] My Life - Billy Joel
5 [7] You Never Done It Like That - Captain & Tennile

20 YEARS AGO (23 March 1984)

1 [1] Red Red Wine - Ub40
2 [2] Karma Chameleon - Culture Club
3 [3] Dolce Vita - Ryan Paris
4 [4] Reggae Night - Jimmy Cliff
5 [5] Islands In The Stream - Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton

* See 'Chart Chat' in 'Classic SA Rock' section below.


Top 50 New SA Music Titles

Available at

1. Freshlyground - Jika Jika
2. Danny K - J23
3. Skwatta Kamp - 'Mkhukhu Funkshen'
4. Tait - 'Back Seat Driver'
5. Arno Carstens - Another Universe
6. Benguela - 'SUI'
7. Mzekezeke - 'Storotoro'
8. Strydom, Amanda - 'Verspreide Donderbuie/Scattered Thunder'
9. Oliver Mtukudzi - 'Tsivo'
10. Various Artists - 'Who Left The Boks Out?'
11. Zen Arcade - 'Release'
12. Kekana, Steve - 'Best Of'
13. Various Artists - 'Meloding'
14. Swiegers, Andre - 'Turn On The Light'
15. Lee, Virginia - 'Spanish Nights And You'
16. Jonathan Butler - 'The Ultimate Butler'
17. Eden - 'Point Of No Return'
18. Sliq Angel - 'Sliq Angel'
19. Andries Bezuidenhout - 'Insomniak Se Droomalmanak'
20. Grant Nuss - 'Diversity'
21. Senyaka feat DJ Bakstina - 'Pay Back'
22. Chris Tokalon - 'Soulbird Sound Journeys'
23. Michael Payne - 'DeCOMpress'
24. My Shade - 'Bedtime Musick'
25. Rodriguez - 'Coming From Reality'
26. Watershed - 'Wrapped In Stone'
27. Soil 7t7 - 'Soil 7t7'
28. No Friends Of Harry - 'Best Of'
29. Saron Gas – 'Fragile' (Revised Edition)
30. BOO! - 'TNTLC'
31. Piet Botha - 'Die Mamba'
32. Ghetto Muffin - 'Paralyzer'
33. Various Artists - African Ivories
34. Mike Ratu Makhalamele - The Very Best Of
35. Jabu Khanyile - Wankolota
36. Swazi Tlokwe Sehume - (In Concert) Mmino Wa Thaba - My First Love
37. Jannie Du Toit - ....So Ver
38. Various Artists - Praise & Worship In Africa
39. Radio Rats - 'Into The Night We Slide'
40. Tribe After Tribe - Power
41. Chiskop - Sunday
42. Soweto String Quartet - Our World
43. Don Laka - The Best Of Kwai-Jazz
44. Skwirmish - The EP
45. De-JaVu - Lilly Dance
46. Bushmen Of The Kalahari - !Ngubi Tietie
47. Tumi And The Volume - At The Bassline
48. Old Mol - 'Rock The Bed Springs'
49. Sacha - 'Sacha' ....and many other SA titles all available at



The 5 Sugar currently recommends...

1 The Dollyrockers - 'The Heat'
2004's first big SA rock album, featuring the rock leanings of band leader, guitarist and vocalist, Greg Donnelly. With 'Lovesong', and a sizzling new version of old favourite, 'Silverfish'.

2 Soulja - '21 Gunslut'
Debut album from the Cape Town hard rock band who inpressed all when they supported Sepultura. Tough rock with strong elements of melody on songs like 'Plan My Attack', and a touch of reggae-rock with new single, 'War/No More Trouble'. Soulja are on the March.

3 Various Artists - 'African Dope Sound System'
The third in the series of fantastic compilation albums from the African Dope label to follow 'African Dope Vol 1' and 'Cape Of Good Dope'. A selection of the finest and hippest new SA break beats, electronica, ragga, dub and more.

4 Fokofpolisiekar - 'Another Universe'
Great name for a great new Afrikaans punk band from Belville featuring the lads who were previously New World Inside. Currently building a following nationwide with this fresh blast of take-no-prisoners SA punk.

5 The Rudimentals - 'More Fire'
Dynamic debut album from Cape Town's finest ska-punk outfit. Includes the first single, 'Noh TV' and 'Gangsta'.


From Abstract Truth to Karen Zoid, from 'Astra' to 'Zen Boulders', from 'Ag Pleez Deddy' to 'ZX Dan'... visit the online archive for the history (and future) of South African Rock at:

The SA Rock Encyclopedia is an archive of South African pop and rock music - past, present and future - and includes sections on classic albums, rock legends, rock lists, charts, trivia, family trees, a hall of fame, weblinks and more...



The SA Rock Digest list of recommended gigs can now be found at:

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Alle rasionele idees, gedagtes, bydraes, briewe en konsert-/CD-resensies is altyd welkom!



'Cold Fact', the classic album from the 70s, as well as 'After The Fact', the second Rodriguez album, have been re-issued and both are now available at One World.

All Rodriguez Info at:



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The JO DAY B.A.N.D. (as they like to be capitally known) seem to have finally sorted out their recent guitarist hassles. SA's premier female-fronted rock group, are back on track with the recent addition of Charl Broderick (ex - 'Nowhere Near' and 'Concussion Girl'). Broderick passed his "trial by fire" in December - giving stunning performances at both the Rock the Bay festival, and at the Mercury Live in Cape Town, after only two rehearsals with the full band. Broderick takes over the reins from Andre Kriel, who briefly replaced original JO DAY guitarist Darren Drawbridge.

Jo Day also suffered a bad fall in late-February during a live performance in Bloemfontein, breaking a wrist and injuring her coccyx. The "culprit" was a puddle of water that had gathered onstage from a dripping air-conditioner!

Despite Jo's injuries and a hectic touring schedule, the prolific group are currently writing what will be their second independent album to be released since leaving their record label, Legend Music, last year. This new release is expected around August/ September.

See Jo Day's list of her favourite SA songs in our Celeb:Select section below.



The "Kings of Ska" and the "Godfathers of Punk" {that would be applicable only in SA we're assuming - Ed.}, namely The Rudimentals and Hog Hoggidy Hog, are going to be joining forces for an upcoming nationwide tour.

The two Cape Town bands are currently sparking an ever-spreading ska-punk revolution down south and will be taking their wild, exuberant and very danceable sound to audiences in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Plettenberg Bay, Knysna, Worcester and more, before finishing off back home in the Cape.

The Hogs and the Rude Boys told the Digest that they have both been working on new material for their next album, so this is guaranteed to be "a tour 'greener' than any other!"

Tour dates to follow...



Remember Band O' Gypsys? They were the family band that ruled the SA heavy metal scene in years gone by and who have suddenly re-appeared with a new album called 'I Want You To Know'.

The launch of the band's new CD took place on Saturday 6 February at The Horror Cafe in Johannesburg and was attended by various dignitaries, DJ's and family and friends. The DJ's for the launch included Phil Wright, who doubled as MC, and Leon Economides. who has already started playing tracks from the album on the Rafe Levine show (evenings on SAfm).

The band was formed in the early Sixties by Henry de Kock (bass), Tony O'Dwyer (guitar, vocals, keyboards), and the Pulvenis Brothers - Peter (lead guitar and vocals) and Bennie (drums) - who also happened to be Henry's two stepsons. The band's material consisted mainly of Jimi Hendrix covers alongside some of their own compositions like 'In My Room'.

'I Want You To Know' is only their second album to be released. On the album, the band has ventured into new territory by including three acoustic tracks, as well as three collaborations with young up-and-coming guest vocalists. They are Ndox, who contributed vocals and lyrics on 'Purple Haze', Will McCabe from the band Morning Haze who supplied vocals and lyrics for 'In My Back Room', and Amandla Bangeni whose vocals and lyrics appear on both 'Nothing On Me' and 'Sea Horse Remix'. The album was engineered & recorded by Leon Erasmus.

(More on Band O' Gypsys next week)



Easter weekends can be dreary and lots of people actually just do not know what to do with the extra time. The Oppikoppi "You check the level, the level is fine for me" Easter Festival will help you shed your hours and days. A slightly more intimate variation on the Bush, Braai's and Tunes-theme, the 2004 Easter festival will be held from the 9th to the 11th of April. The Easter fest also represents the most reputable way of fully preparing oneself mentally and physically for the onslaught planned around the 10th year celebrations of the OppiKoppi festival in August.

Bands already confirmed include Dan Patlansky and the Mississippi Muthers, Jack Hammer, The Narrow, Valiant Swart, Prime Circle, Akkedis, Ravis Regis and Louis Mhlanga, Not My Dog, The Finkelstiens, Piet Planter, Laurie Lavine, Duck and Cover, Peepshow, Soil 7T7, Auriel's Habit, Stefan Dixon, Anika, Brixton Moord en Roof Orkes, Little Oblivion, Gordon's Suitcase and Loose Cannon. These will be making their way to the world renowned wooden stage on top of the hill.

The Easter festival is planned and executed as a deliberate form of rock 'n roll escapism from city life for people who like tunes and sitting around thinking about things. The tickets are only R160 for the entire long weekend, making this one of the most affordable ways to lounge away the Easter in the company of quality tunes and dubious friends. Tickets will be sold at the gate only.

More artists will be signed shortly and information will be carried on the website: The phone line for more information is 012 460 7431 or 012 346 2011.

Please note: No map is included - put your car in auto cruise mode and it will follow the goedertierendheids-field by itself.

Contact: Annelie Hoffmann


Thursday 8th April to Monday 12th April

One of Splashy Fen's most increasingly popular draw-cards - The Drum Cafe - is set to quadruple its 'tribal revelry' quota. Last year saw the South African chapter of this globally-networked rhythmic collective arrive with 50 drums, which proved not nearly enough once initial crowd shyness was overcome and everyone wanted to have a go.

Splashy 2004 will be a different 'bag-of-beats' altogether, with a dozen or so members of The Drum Cafe bringing 200 percussion pieces - mostly West African djembe drums - to ensure a truly banging time for all. Renowned for its team-building, stress-relieving and entertaining qualities, this all-inclusive Drum Cafe approach is the key - a chance to discover the 'drummer within' while sharing the experience of one-ness with an ever-evolving group of 'new best friends'.

>From politicians to party animals, it's universally agreed that The Drum Cafe experience is "a slice of magic where one doesn't have to be an expert to begin's easy to get the hang of and time seems to just's that much fun and a great vibe!"

Friday and Saturday will each feature three Drum Circles - the first, at midday, for youngsters and adults new to the art of 'bashing the skins', followed by a R20 paying workshop at 5 pm under the tutelage of master drummers Africa and Paul, and then a 'Free Interactive Jam' at 6.30 pm. Festival-goers are heartily urged to bring along their own instruments - percussion, string-driven or otherwise - to both ease demand for The Drum Cafe's collection and add to the overall ambience.

A guaranteed highlight of Sunday's programme will be the 'Drum Celebration' - scheduled to launch the afternoon roster - when everyone is invited to join in a mass 'expression session'. Novices will by this time no doubt be able to 'hold a beat' right up there with the maestro's of poly-rhythm pounding, who plan to unveil their chest-height Zimbabwe drums for the occasion. This will surely prove to be a magnetic centrepiece of significant note.

Legend has it that discovering one's inner nature comes through surrendering to primal rhythms...go find yourself at Splashy Fen 2004!



Cape Town band Mitsoo has announced that they will be releasing a new three-track EP, which will be launched on 26 March at Evol (69 Hope Street, Gardens).

All-girl punk band Mitsoo have been together since October 2002. Their first gig was at an alternative venue in Cape Town called Lestat, with renowned local metal band, Toyland. They have played subsequently at various clubs in and around Cape Town including Purple Turtle, The Whammy Bar, a jam-packed Mercury Lounge gig with Janie Jones, at The Armchair Theatre with the Roswell Kings, and Lanners Landing with Half Price and other drunk punks. Recently the three-piece rocked City Varsity with Neshamah, Skwirmish, and Pilled from 6ft.

Mitsoo's first release was the song 'Hillary' in 2003 which stormed the SAmp3 charts with its zany lyrics and loose punk feel, reminiscent of bands like The Slits and the Raincoats. Mitsoo then recorded two new songs, 'Better Than' and 'Suburbia' in October 2003. They laid down the drum tracks at Paris Studios, and the guitar, bass and vocal tracks with producer, Galen Hossack of Afrocanvas.

On the night of the EP Launch/Rockabilly party you can catch DJ Bingo; classy geezer and vintage vinyl spinner, the Three Bored White Guys; cross-country (and rock) cowboys and DJ Sneek McFreeq; the newest superhero of eternal kitsch. The band ask: "Please dress up in your cheesiest rockabillia! (Free EP to best dressed!)"

"Los Chicas Calliente Mitsoo" (it apparently translates as "the sexy girls from Mitsoo") then plan to hijack South African festivals and radio waves this year with their punk-metal-pop-killing tunes.



This historic meeting of The Indian Ocean Festival Association took place in Reunion from March 4 to 7.

The IOFA is an association of professional music institutions and festivals. Founder members include Hanitra Rasaonaivo - Antshow, Madagascar; Dan Chiorboli - Awesome Africa, South Africa; Alain Courbis - Pole Regional, Reunion; Jerome Galabert - Le Sechoir, Reunion; Yusuf Mahmoud - Busara Productions, Zanzibar & Roland Hohberg - MOYA, Mozambique. Associate member: Christian Mousset - Musique-Metisses, France.

Founder territories include Madagascar, South Africa, Reunion, Zanzibar & Mozambique, and other territories will be invited to join. The criteria is that festivals must be within the greater Indian Ocean area and the SADC diaspora and subscribe to the ethos of the IOFA.

1) To help artists of the Indian Ocean get a larger exposure and a wider recognition.
2) To build a synergy to increase cultural co-operation between countries of the Indian Ocean.
3) To provide musicians & technicians alike with a formal training locally. This can be achieved either by an exchange program or by organising master classes in every location where an event takes place.
4) To develop the practice and the values of each country's traditional music.
5) To increase respect amongst local populations for their own traditional music & instruments.
6) To develop the South-South cultural co-operation.
7) To put forward the fact that the Indian Ocean is the only place that brings together Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia (Oceania) and all major art forms as it has the most vivid traditional art forms in the world.
8) To help preserve the musical tradition of each country by releasing educational DVD's & other products. These tuition tools should be presented in multilingual formats (subtitles) so that the spreading of these cultures is optimised. Today's technologies allow such possibilities by using either subtitles for languages other than the artist's or dubbing with other languages.
9) To aim at hosting an Indian Ocean Music Expo & Trade Fair on a revolving basis, starting in 2005 in Reunion, thereafter Durban, South Africa in 2006 and so on. This expo will aim at incorporating as many music institutions from as broad an area within the Indian Ocean as possible, thus featuring as many artists and music forms as possible. An important element will be music education / training in traditional forms.

Although IOFA festivals occur throughout the year, traditional and educational themes will permeate throughout. IOFA's official launch which will take place at Strictly Mundial in Istanbul (April 24/27).

Web Site:
An Executive Member of the South African Music Promoters Association (SAMPA)


Here's a story taken from the Macworld Daily News (Monday - March 15, 2004):

By Macworld staff

The impact of digital music distribution continues to be felt, with smaller labels gaining publicity and sales while the majors reel. While major labels have suffered a sales slump that they attribute to file sharing, independent labels are profiting from the impact of such technology.

The independents traditionally exercise a leaner, less top-heavy and corporate business set-up, and are experiencing better sales in the current climate. They are also hiring former big-label executives and taking on former big-label artists as the majors engage in cost-cutting exercises to keep their shareholders happy.

CEO of US indie label TVT Records told Reuters: "Our market share is up dramatically from last year, and we expect to have very robust growth this year. We aren't the only independent that has had a record-breaking 2003."

The little labels say the prevalent profit-focus of the majors has diverted them from delivering cutting-edge talent - so the indies have been able to get their music heard. In a sign of the times, influential UK independent Warp Records this weekend made its entire back catalogue available online through Warp is home to a number of influential artists, including Aphex Twin and Autechre.

Warp Records boss Steve Beckett said: "The MP3 player is the most important thing to happen to music technology since the Walkman, and it seems people really are embracing the digital age. The results have been surprisingly positive."

An article on Motley Fool reflects the growing pains of the music business after digital distribution: "The entire pre-recorded music industry can afford to get leaner because the CD is dead. I mean, beyond it serving as a flawed disposable medium for portable mix tapes, what's the point?", it asks.

Looking forward, this report predicts: "Everything that has happened in the music industry over the past few years points to a fragmented sector that will ultimately reward smaller sums to a greater number of artists. Even a niche will have a niche to serve as the experience is further specialised and personalised."

Article at:




1. [2] (1) Gangsta - The Rudimentals ('More Fire'/Indie)
2. [3] (2) To Confide In - Lazarus ('Parallax View'/Indie)
3. [1] (1) Met My Stukkende Kitaar - Koos Kombuis & Valiant Swart (''n Jaar In Die Son'/Rhythm/Bowline)
4. [6] (4) Close To Me - Six Of Nine (Indie)
5. [4] (1) Lovesong - The Dollyrockers ('The Heat'/Indie)
6. [7] (6) Saad van 'n Psigopaat - Abel Kraamsaal ('Woorde Op 'n Wynboks'/Indie)
7. [5] (2) The Countdown - Bluescream ('Bluescream'/Indie)
8. [10] (8) Gravity - James Stewart (Street Level)
9. [11] (9) Die Ding Ruk Mal - Kallitz (Mothermix)
10. [12] (10) Gimme Da Weed - Chronic Clan ('African Dope Sound System'/African Dope)
11. [14] (11) FCK - Teba ('Silvertab Harambe Dope Sessions'/African Dope)
12. [9] (1) Fokofpolisiekar - Fokofpolisiekar (
13. [16] (13) Parallel - Saturnine ('Silence Is Deafening'/Wicked Rock)
14. [8] (2) Blah Di Blah - Drop Dead Gorgeous ('Melt with Me'/Indie)
15. [18] (15) Living As Numbers - Zero Tolerance ('A Perfect Life?'/Indie)
16. [19] (16) Musical Chairs - Serving Suggestion ('Try Whistling This'/Indie)
17. [23] (17) Diengele - Kalahari Surfers ('Muti Media'/African Dope)
18. [13] (1) Sobriety Friend - Old Mol ('Rock The Bedsprings'/Legend)
19. [17) (3) Let's Get Naked - Evolver ('Evolver' EP/Indie)
20. [22] (20) Gone Away - Sam Paddock (Indie)
21. [-] (21) Vier by Vier en Visvang - Blomkrag ('Boere Country'/Indie)
22. [-] (22) Long Riders Of Nam - Brian Finch ('Never Look Back'/Indie)
23. [24] (23) Something In My Eye (Live) - Boulevard Blues Band ('Tassenberg All*Stars 4'/Trippy Grape)
24. [-] (24) Don't Walk Away - Larry Amos ('Going Up'/Indie)
25. [25] (16) Bliss - Toyland ('With Every Breath'/Witchdoctor Records)
26. [-] (26) Georgia - Sitter (Wicked Rock)
27. [21] (7) Step Outside - Luna ('Luna'/Indie)
28. [-] (28) Snakes And Ladders - Evolver ('Evolver' EP/Indie)
29. 20] (11) Afrikaner Surfer Boy - Vanessa Van ('Leef Die Droom'/Bowline)
30. [15] (9) Take You Down - Glow (Witchdoctor Records)

Download South African MP3s at



This week [last week] (highest position) Title - Artist (Label)

1. [2] (1) As Jy Met Vuur Speel Sal Jy Brand - Fokofpolisiekar (Rhythm/Bowline)
2. [3] (2) Muti Media - Kalahari Surfers (African Dope)
3. [1] (1) Humanarium - Bed On Bricks (Indie)
4. [5] (4) Africa She Too Can Cry - Hawk (Retro Fresh)
5. [4] (1) The Heat - Dollyrockers (Indie)
6. [7] (6) Boerecountry - Blomkrag (Indie)
7. [6] (1) More Fire - The Rudimentals (Indie)
8. [11] (8) I-Ternal Fire - Lions Of Zion (Indie)
9. [8] (3) 21 Gunslut - Soulja (Indie)
10. [12] (10) Never Look Back - Brian Finch (Indie)
11. [10] (1) 'n Jaar In Die Son - Koos Kombuis & Valiant Swart (Rhythm/Bowline)
12. [9] (1) African Dope Sound System - Various (African Dope)
13. [13] (2) Sui - Benguela (Open Record)
14. [20] (14) True North - Spoonfeedas (Sesalos)
15. [21] (15) A Definition - Chiaroscuro (Indie)
16. [19] (16) High Society presents: 14 Steps towards Self Actualisation - Daniel Friedman (Independent)
17. [15] (1) Steady On - Moodphase 5ive (African Dope)
18. [14] (8) With Every Breath - Toyland (Witchdoctor)
19. [16] (8) Naked EP - Hog Hoggidy Hog (3 Chord Records)
20. [17] (4) Luna - Luna (Indie)
21. [18] (1) Rock The Bedsprings - Old Mol (Legend)
22. [29] (22) Dissolve In The Sun - Wendy New (Indie)
23. [23] (3) Power - Tribe After Tribe (RetroFresh)
24. [24] (1) Jika Jika - freshlyground (Freeground)
25. [-] (25) Moving - 340ml (Indie)
26. [25] (2) Perelsvoordieswyne - Best Of - Johannes Kerkorrel (Gallo)
27. [26] (2) Hello Crazy World - Prime Circle (David Gresham Records)
28. [27] (7) Flat To Round - David Foster (Rhythm/Bowline)
29. [28] (1) Die Mamba - Piet Botha (Rhythm)
30. [22] (2) Melt With Me - Drop Dead Gorgeous (Indie/Bowline)

MP3s by all these artists are available to download at


More info on all these artists at:
SA Rock Legends

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Afrimusik is a small independent company, founded in 1999 and based in Stellenbosch, who works in close conjunction with their artists to create special projects rather than to simply manufacture product.

'0-100' - Spinnekop featuring Albert Frost
'Alles Sal OK Wees' - Spinnekop
'Almal Maak Haar Mal' (acoustic) - Valiant Swart
'Diep In Gauteng' - Stefan Lombard
'Drowsy Maggie' - DNA Strings
'Geek' - Jakkie Louw en Daai Band
'Gistraand om Dusketyd' - Laurinda Hofmeyer
'Langs Die N2' - Voël
'Lente in die Boland' (live) - Koos Kombuis & Albert Frost
'Magnetiese Vrou' - Wilde Als
'Permitte Word Gereël' - Skallabrak
'Riverblues' - Delta Blue
'Rock 'n Roll Jannie' - Jakkie Louw
'Saad van 'n Psigopaat' - Abel Kraamsaal
'Sekelmaan' - Nicole Holm
'Spook' - Spinnekop
'Three Words' - Luna
'Unravished Brides' - Lesley Rae Dowling
'Vier Seisoene Kind' - Spinnekop
'Vliegtuig Oor Die See' - Voël
'When I Get The Blues' - Delta Blue

Afrimusik CDs are available online from One World, at Classix On CD in Stellenbosch (021 854 4967) and at Mabu CDs & Records in Cape Town (021-4237635).


All the mp3s listed above are available to download at - the biggest South African mp3 website in the world.


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All the full-length mp3s are available for free download at by kind permission of the artists and/or their labels.


This is a new series in which we ask some of our SA music luminaries to send us a list of their own, favourite SA songs. This week, it's Jo Day's turn, so over to her:

Hey SA Rock Digest!

Thanx for thinking of us, & for the opportunity to point out what the B.A.N.D. & I consider to be merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SA music!

In no particular order...

Seether (Saron Gas) - 'Gasoline' (Jo's fave)
Wickhead - 'Anthem' (Jo's other fave)
Toxic Shame - 'Silent Movie' (yeah, OK, I wrote it - but TS did a stunning job!)
Orange - 'Crazy'
Cutting Jade - '10 Seconds'
eVoid - 'Taxi Man'
Tree 63 - 'A Million Lights' (Charl's fave)
Wonderboom - 'Jafta Rebel' (Herman's fave)
Kelvin Declined - '42' (Martin's fave)
BOO! - 'OOO AAA' (Martin's other fave)

Some other bands we admire & would like to mention, if we may: The Narrow / RhutZ / Belljar / Springbok Nude Girls / Soil 7t7 / D-Day 4Ever / Mandoza / Tait / Counter Culture / 16 Stitch / Karma / Marlowe / Toyland / Old Mol / Evolver / Blow / N8ive / Soulja / Even Flow / Summersalt / Poser / Fruit Fly Navigators / Fuzigish / Cofield... and there are so many more!

Yet there are still some "big knobs" - too blinkered to see what's on their doorstep, and too pedantic to consider that their formats may not be a true reflection of what's happening musically in our wonderful land - who insist that there is not enough quality SA music to warrant upping the local broadcast quotas! (A case for "Ripley's Believe It Or Not", in my opinion.)

If any SA Rock Digest readers agree, we ask that they take 2 minutes of their time to sign up on

SA music kicks MEGA ass! Soon, the world will know...

Many thanx, and ROCK ON!
Jo & the dudes



[Just Jinger were back home last week to support Counting Crows on their SA Tour. The band has a new CD album release called 'Bootleg' that has just been given an official SA release. Wicked Mike managed to get a copy and tells us about it.)

The postal service made this CD look like a bootleg. The cover was cracked in so many places that when I opened it, pieces of plastic fell into my coffee.

Thankfully, the disc was intact and soon professed that it was the best work Just Jinger had produced so far. Yeah, right, you may sarcastically say. How could they match perfect hits that propelled their debut into the hands of 200,000 listeners?

My response is "by growing up". There's a blatant maturity and confidence that combined with good mixing equates to a full-bodied sound that's securing airwaves and undoubtedly adding to their already massive fan base.

The press release professes that "the tracks are spawned from inspiration without paying attention to the mass-produced, bland and repetitive music that seems to pollute". It's a full belly statement supported by musical puddings of proof such as the depthful 'Safer' (my favourite) and the passion-professing 'She Knows'.

This one is for lovers of Dave Matthews, Maroon5 and Train.



Sheer Music has just released a new Afrikaans compilation called "Belboks", which is from one of the biggest Afrikaans music shows on SABC 2. The show allows viewers to vote for their favourite music videos. The tracks on the compilation were voted for by the viewers and put together according to their taste.

Featuring hit songs such as Die Campbells' "Meisie Sonder Sokkies", Dozi's "Bobbejaan Vastrap", Juanita Du Plessis' "Ska-Rumba" and Thys Die Besvoldklong's "In Die Middel", this album is perfect for a Braai with the friends, listening to in the car while driving, playing at a party, background music while you're working in the house... pretty much everywhere!!

Tracklisting: (** indicates hit singles)

1. Die Campbells - Meisie Sonder Sokkies**
2. Dozi - Bobbejaan Vastrap**
3. Steve Hofmeyr - Jolliefontein Toe
4. Juanita Du Plessis - Ska-Rumba**
5. Thys Die Bosveldklong - In die Middel**
6. Jacques De Coning - Trein Na Margate
7. Sunette Bridges - Kan Jy Dans?**
8. Guillaume - Da-IDI**
9. Nadine - Kaapse Draai (Euro Mix)**
10. Jurie Els (Met Robbie Klay) - Naweekliedjie
11. Blackie Swart - Laat Hy Val (Opskop Mix)**
12. Kurt Darren - Ewige Liefde (Hier In My Hart)
13. Boere Boy Band - Die Boeredans
14. Charl Smit - Volkslied Medley (Suikerbos, Ou Kraalliedjie, Ver in die wereld Kittie, Blink Vos Perd, Al Lê Die Berge, Sarie Marais, Die Alibama)



African Cream is a national SA record label, based in Gauteng, which has been releasing a diverse list of CD titles into the market. Some of these titles are compilations featuring the "cream" of SA and African artists. Other titles are full albums by SA groups like Amaryoni, and Khumbula. This week we take a quick look at some of these albums.

See their new website at

'African Earscapes' is a beautifully crafted album filled with evocative original tracks that recreate the sound and atmosphere of the African continent. These songs were written and produced by the renowned South African music and production duo of Neill Solomon and Andre Abrahamse, who wrote and recorded songs like 'African Theme', 'Bushwalk', 'Great Karoo', and 'Rift Valley'. The album moves from stirring sounds to gentle pieces, the perfect soundtrack for an African holiday, or some wonderful memories of your African trip.

These 15 tracks capture the essence of the South African sound experience with a diverse selection of music, opening with Nelson Mandela's historic inauguration speech and followed by Lungiswa's lovely rendition of the national anthem. This compilation deserves the title "Essential" due to it consistently featuring only the best contributions from a broad range of South Africa's finest musical talents, including Brenda Fassie, Hugh Masekela, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Vusi Mahlasela, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Bayete, and Amaryoni. If you are looking to find out more about South African music, start here.

Over the past decade, a host of world class musical talents have emerged from the African continent, spreading their sounds across stages world-wide. This 15-song collection showcases the pick of those African stars and introduces them by way of their most popular tracks, making this a superb introduction to the wondrous sounds, styles and voices of Africa. With songs by Youssou N'Dour (Senegal), Angelique Kidjo (Benin), Oliver Mtukudzi (Zimbabwe), Choppa (Mozambique), Cesaria Evoria (Cape Verde Islands), Khumbula (South Africa) and many others.
A beautiful and very gentle collection of well-known African lullabies arranged and produced by Andre Abrahamse. The album opens with the most famous of all the African bedtime songs, 'Thula Thu Baba', written by the composer of the legendary South African musical, 'Ipi Thombi'. Thereafter follows a selection of soft and calming tracks like 'Mezi (The Water Song)', 'Kghutsa Kghutsa', and 'Owa Mntwana', and closing with the lovely instrumental, 'Malaika'. 'Lullabies From Mother Africa' will soon become a night-time favourite with both children, and after they've fallen asleep, their parents as well!

The title says it all! This is an excellent 2-CD compilation that provides a feast of South African music from across the many prominent musical styles that characterise this wondrous country. Both CD's have 14 tracks and many of South Africa's biggest names get to show off their talents, even Madiba! Nelson Mandela opens and closes proceedings with extracts from his inauguration address and leads off a procession of names that includes Miriam Makeba, Johnny Clegg, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Hugh Masekela, Blk Sonshine, Stimela, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, and too many others to mention here.

A search through the music archives at the SABC by Struan Douglas, the dedicated South African music journalist from Afribeat, unearthed some rare and historic pieces of music. These vibrant and accomplished jazz and jive tracks from South Africa in the '50's and the '60's showcase the music that flourished as a balm against the pain of living under the apartheid system. These 13 dazzling tracks feature some of the legendary artists of those times like Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand), Barney Rachabane, Chris Macgregor, and the Pat Matchikiza Trio.

This eclectic compilation was also selected by the managers of the Afribeat music website, and consists of an impressive list of stunning South African tracks that have been accurately described on the CD's sleeve as "hip, urban, fresh, contemporary and eternal". Opening with the late Moses Molelekwa's 'Down Rocky Street' and closing with Marcus Wyatt's evocative 'Raindance', this classy collection also includes contributions from Carlo Mombelli, Tananas, Winston Mankunku, Pops Mohamed, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, and Deepak Ram. One for the serious music listener.

Having showcased the talents of a broad range of South African and African musical artists on their essential series of compilations, here the African Cream label spotlights the music of some of the acclaimed artists currently affiliated to their label. Volume One in the series features the popular South African vocal groups Khumbula and Amaryoni; Mozambican pop star, Choppa; Southern African reggae sensation, Ras Sheehama; the extraordinary group of guitarists called The Aquarian Quartet; and of course singing star, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, known across the continent as "The Princess Of Africa".

Amaryoni is a Mbube vocal group whose sound is mainly influenced by the 'Is'cathamiya' style, which is the traditional choral a cappella sound. Amaryoni's unique music also draws on other styles, including Township vibes, some "Bandit" music, and the group's strong Gospel influences. 'Aza'pella' is the second album by this very popular group and contains a fresh batch of new songs with highlights like 'Lion Sleeps No More', 'Ma Msomi', 'Woza', and the well-loved classics, 'Meadowlands' and 'Shoshaloza'.

Gauteng group Khumbula broke into the South African music scene with their smash debut album called 'Bayakhuluma' and followed it with their equally successful second album, 'Kheta'. The group is Skipper Shabalala, Andile Nqubezelo, Msizi "Chunky" Mashiyane, and Bheki Masina, and their unique "Afro-beat" musical style melds a North African influence into their dynamic combination of Maskanda and Fusion, to create the songs on 'Khetha'. There is the hit single, 'Ingoma', 'Dankie Mnanami', 'Julia', 'Mama Wami', and a great remix of 'Sibali'.

All these albums are available at CD Wherehouse, Look & Listen, Mabu Vinyl & CD, Musica branches, and online at

Website at



Jason Glover, of the Jason Glover Band, takes up this month's Thursday residency at The Independent Armchair Theatre in Obs, Cape Town. Glover has just completed the recording of his debut album, 'Sky Tonight', which is due for release in March 2004.

Jason Glover returned to South Africa in January 2000, after six years in the U.K. where he established himself as a musician of significant talent. He spent a year at the London school of music graduating in 1997 as one of the stars of the course.

While there, Jason started a band called Aqualung performing and recording Jason's material under the direction of Bernard Purdie (drummer for Stevie Wonder/Steely Dan). Purdie describes him as "an extremely talented songwriter with songs that will awaken every man's soul".

After leaving the London school of music, Glover and his band played the London circuit at popular venues such as the Orange club, Jazz Café, and Subterania, and as a result popularity for him rapidly grew. He enjoyed frequent reviews in the London Time Out magazine. "An exciting act not to be missed: Jason has a powerful, soulful voice".

Glover soon established himself as a songwriter of considerable talent with a following of loyal and discerning music lovers. His continued success culminated in a tour of the U.K. The London SA times wrote frequently about this talented South African keeping a close and proud eye on his career.

After extensive touring in the U.K. Glover returned to South Africa for a short break, and after spending some time in S.A. decided this was where he wanted to record his debut album.

He spent the next few years fine tuning his songs, performing them to various audiences, rehearsing and finding the right musicians with whom to record the album. He now has his feet firmly back on South African soil and is fast become a driving force in the local market.



There has been a lot of recent interest in the Cape Town jazz band, Breakfast Included, since their inclusion on the bill for the upcoming North Sea Jazz Festival. This caps another bumper year for Cape Town's busiest jazz band as these four young musicians (all have either UCT Bachelors or Masters degrees in Jazz) have performed over 500 live performances and counting since their debut at the '99 UCT Jazz Festival.

Their success and popularity lies in their unique approach. Breakfast Included are young, good-looking, and an exciting ensemble to watch, bucking the trend of the Jazz world with their energetic and inspiring live performances, and captivating a whole new audience of new, younger Jazz listeners. Couple all these traits with excellent music and you are on to a winner, proven once again when the judges selected them as Winners of 'Best Jazz Band in the Western Cape' two years running in the Old Mutual Jazz Encounters Competition.

Their debut CD has been highly successful, now been released throughout South Africa, UK, Ireland and included on two international compilations by Passion Jazz and Universal alongside artists such as George Benson and Dianna Kraal.

Breakfast Included are working on their second album, which is due for release in May 2004. The new album is entirely original, with a distinctive African and Jazz/Funk flavour, featuring a number of special guests, and once again employing the internationally renowned skills of engineer, Richard Mitchell. They will be looking to build on the success of the 1st album, giving established listeners something new, as well as broadening their appeal to a larger audience.

Breakfast Included will be performing at the Dorpstreet Theatre Café in Stellenbosch on Wednesday 24 March 2004. 8:30 - 11pm Cover R20, bookings: 021 8866107

They will be performing their new material seen at the Kirstenbosch sunset concert recently and testing out even newer material destined for their first ever performance on the North Sea Jazz Festival this year!

To become part of The Breakfast Included mailing list, "The Breakfast Bulletin", where you will receive information about the bands' future performances, visit their Website:

Breakfast Included's self-titled album is available at all good music stores.



Here are some of the February New Releases - now available from

Also, check out our special offer on the 'Urban' book series, and consider the new range of EMI Box Sets, offering 3 CD's at a reduced price.




'URBAN' '01, '02 and '03 - Various New SA Writers

One World, in association with New Africa Books, is currently offering a limited special on all three in the 'Urban' books series. The 'Urban' anthology of new writing was initially conceived and edited by Dave Chislett as new short story collections for new writers, and was later embraced by New Africa Books who began publishing an annual collection under its Spearhead imprint in 2001.

You can now buy copies of 'Urban '01', 'Urban '02', and 'Urban '03' at a special price of R249.99, a saving of R25. Purchasers will only pay one shipping charge for all three books if you choose the special offer.


Rebecca - 3 In 1
SA's top Gospel artist - Includes the albums: 'Umoya Wam' and 'Ngiyekeleni'

Amadodana Ase Wesile - 3 In 1
Includes the albums: 'Thixo Ulilanga Lethu', 'Ngeloxa Lokushiywa', and 'Jesu O Tsohile'

Pure Magic - 3 In 1
Includes the albums: 'Thul' Ulalele', 'We Bathandwa', and 'Njalo'

Lord Comforters - 3 In 1
Includes the albums: 'Konke - feat Njengoko Ndinjalo', 'Ubukhulu Bakho', and 'Hallelujah'

Alexandra Brass Band - 3 In 1
Includes the albums: 'Gumba 1', 'Diphala Vol 1', and 'Diphala Vol 2'

Solly Moholo - 3 In 1
Includes the albums: 'Motlhang Ke Kolobetswang "Die Poppe Sal Dans"', 'Ba Mmitsa Tsotsi feat Charles Damsey Wa Lengagele', and 'Ranta E Wele'



Van Zyl, Van Der Spuy & Vennote - 'Hadeda'
A flight of musical fantasy from Barry van Zyl and Nibs van der Spuy - also featuring the likes of Shawn Phillips, Neo Muyanga, Laurinda Hofmeyer, Concord Nkabinde, and Jana Cilliers

Victor Ntoni - 'Heritage'
He is a Berkeley College of Music student, a music teacher, a music conductor, an upright bass maestro, and here Victor Ntoni shows off his musical skills backed by the Heritage band with Pat Matshikiza, Linda Kekana, and Lucas Senyatso.

Pop & Rock:

Just Jinger - 'Bootleg Album'
Something very different from SA's best-selling pop-rock group.

The Parlotones - 'Episoda'
One of the most anticipated SA debut albums of 2004

Soulja - '21Gunslut'
Tough but tuneful debut from Cape Town rockers, includes 'Plan My Attack' and 'War/No More Trouble'.

Dawnay - '2nd Coming'
New selection of soul-based pop to follow up on his successful debut.

Township Pop:

Miriam Makeba - 'Reflections'
A powerful parade of the many hits that reflect Mama Africa's musical journey, with 'Pata-Pata', 'The Click Song', 'Iyaguduza', 'I Shall Sing' and plenty more.

Tsepo Tshola & Sankomota - 'Best Of'
A wonderful mixed bag from these Lesotho music legends.

Mzwakhe Mbuli - 'All The Hits'
The "Peoples Poet's" controversial imprisonment is now over and here's a selection of the songs that made him famous, with four new tracks.

Stimela - 'Trouble In The Land Of Plenty'
A sure-fire hit album and the only title that has been missing from our catalogue. Includes the hit 'What's Going On (Trouble In The Land Of Plenty)'

Malaika - 'Malaika'
An Afro-fusion band with a mixture of all traditional African Sounds, an all-round great album.

Paul Ndlovu - 'Greatest Hits'
The late Paul Ndlovu with his most unforgettable moments including 'Game No 1' and 'Tsakane'


Various Artists - 'Gospel Grooves Volume 3'
The next in the very successful compilation series, featuring artists like Brenda, Chiskop, Spokes H, and Rebecca.

Sipho Makhabane - 'Nkosi Ngibheke'
With a steady and growing following, Sipho now releases his 4th album.

Winnie Mashabe - 'Bonang Lerato'
The follow-up to the 'Motswale' album, contains 12 tracks and some sure-fire hits.

Vuma Mazibuko - 'Ngena Kimi Moya'
The debut album from this very promising gospel artist.


24-7 - 'Phushang Phushang'
A SoulCandi and Sheer production featuring a duo who have it all to make it big including some seriously catchy tunes.


Brotherman & Groove Assassins - 'The Universal Energy That Is Groove'
Plenty of funky beats and breaks for chilling or for dancing


Mahotella Queens - 'Bazobuya'
Mahlathini may have passed on, but these three famous ladies are proudly continuing their musical tradition.

Various Artists - 'We Are Growing'
A melting pot of SA music, from some better-known hits to more traditional music.

Izingane Zoma - 'Itshe Lentaba'
A group with a tradition of fine albums and well-earned success.

Izingane Amakhosi - 'Umkhuba Ulay'khaya'
A newish maskandi group from KZN who had their album produced by Khuzwayo, who has also produced Amatshitshi Amhlope.

Amatshitshi Amhlope - 'Ufile Umuntu'
Following their hit album, 'Isisho Sabadala', it has been one hit album after another for this excellent traditional outfit.

King Star Brothers - 'Babili Bathathu'
An a Capella group that can be compared to the Kings Messengers Quartet from the '60's.


The Rudimentals - 'More Fire'
Debut album from the very popular Cape Town Ska-punk group, includes 'Gangsta' and 'Noh TV'.


DNA Strings - 'El Nino'

New 11-track album from the popular instrumental group from Stellenbosch.


Jan Blohm - 'Melkstraat Confessions'
A lovely album filled with strong songs and emotional lyrics


Stef Bos - 'Donker En Licht' (2CD)
New album from the Belgian singer-songwriter, who has a long-standing South African following.


Selling South African Music To The World



More reviews can be found at:
Open Record



Kurt Shoemaker (Texas), John Samson (London), Tertius Louw, and Brian Currin browse through the best of SA rock - its history, its people, and its music, past, and present.

USA FOR AFRICA - Texas-based Kurt Shoemaker gives his unique views on SA music.


A gem from the Sixties (well, 1971), and, like other gems of precious rocks, this one is difficult to find--I found my copy by one of my more reliable techniques--dumb luck.

'The Flame' is an American release by South Africa's The Flames working in the Beatles sound, but 'The Flame' is not a lacklustre attempt at copying (what is often called an "homage" to dignify lack of creativity). 'The Flame' sparkles, it's loaded with talent and skill--that just happens to sound uncannily like The Beatles.

The first chord struck me as Beatle-esque, and every subsequent song reinforced the notion as The Flame(s) work the Beatles distinctive sound in eleven eminently listenable tunes--with some riffs and progressions and vocals swiped directly from Beatles songs and used with pleasing effect.

This album has a whole lot of -esques going on: Lennon-esque and McCartney-esque singing, a McCartney-esque bass, Beatles-esque harmonies. Even the lyrics are Beatles-esque. But Beatles-eque is not the same as Beatles covers. This album does not pretend to be other than what it is: the Beatles sound from 'The Beatles' ('The White Album'), 'Sergeant Pepper', 'Magical Mystery Tour' and 'Abbey Road'. Which sound I happen to enjoy when done well.

'The Flame' is not Fataar's 101 Strings performing the Beatles Songbook--no covers in sight here. We do hear some patented Beatles riffs used perfectly in this bright, fresh, sweet, lovely Beatles-esque music by the not-Beatles, The Flames performing original songs.

Lyrically, 'The Flame' is not as memorable as many Beatles songs, but then, after I listen to this album 500 times I might think differently.

'The Flame' is the Beatles album The Beatles didn't make, but one they should have made instead of breaking up. I'm keeping a copy of this filed with my Beatles collection as Beatles Apocrypha.

A Sixties blast of rocking Beatles kicks. Woza Woza! Woza Beatles and Flames, Yebo!

South African Rock Encyclopedia:

Bas Möllenkramer's The Flames website:

'The Best of The Flames', without songs from 'The Flame' is available at:

Kurt Shoemaker, Blanco, Texas


A NAARTJIE IN THE UK - London-based John Samson gives his own twist on SA music:


Johnny Clegg has released 2 live albums. The first, called 'The Good Hope Concerts' (TGHC), was released in 1986, the second in 2003, and was entitled 'A South African Story - Live At The Nelson Mandela Theatre' (ASAS). This first and obvious difference between the 2 is that TGHC is only available on vinyl {it was actually also released as a limited edition CD - ed.} and has become a collector's item while ASAS is freely available on CD. The second obvious difference is that TGHC is actually a Juluka album while ASAS is attributed to Johnny Clegg.

Half of the tracks on TGHC (which has 10 tracks) appear on ASAS (which has 16 tracks), this includes the biggies (Teacher: don't use colloquialisms) 'Impi', 'Scatterlings Of Africa' and 'December African Rain'. Interestingly, TGHC ends with 'Gijimbeke' and ASAS starts with it, giving a sense of continuity to the 2 records (Teacher: A good point), although on TGHC's the song title is written with an apostrophe between the m and b while it is written as one word on ASAS. (Teacher: this is rather pedantic and not really necessary to note).

Neither album gives a list of the musicians involved, but it does seem that there was a bigger band on stage at the Nelson Mandela Theatre as the sound is fuller and seems to feature more backing vocalists. However, the audience sounds are more prominent with TGHC where they can be heard clapping along to songs. Other than the occasional whistle, the audience noise is limited to applause between songs on ASAS. This gives ASAS less of a live feel but the fuller sound makes it a more polished album. (Teacher: this is better, this is what we are looking for).

As ASAS features some of Johnny's later material, one is able to enjoy the greater western influence these seem to have here, but TGHC is much better for those who like the more raw ethnic sounds found there on tracks like the simple beauty of 'African Sky Blue'. ASAS also seems to have more jazz influences especially on 'Dela'. This can perhaps be attributed to the mellowing with age that artists like Sting also showed. (Teacher: Good use of analogy).

However when faced with a choice between listening to a live album and being at a live show, it's a no-brainer (Teacher: Colloquialisms again) as no matter how good a live recording is, it can never perfectly capture the raw energy and excitement of actually being at a Johnny Clegg show, so despite his London show being on a school night (Monday 7 June) I will be there doing my high-kicking Zulu dance.

(Teacher: Well Done John, you have done a good job in answering the question. Watch out for things like colloquialisms and looking too closely at details when the question is really looking at the bigger picture. I do agree with your closing sentiment, and will be there too, don't worry I won't set homework for that night 8/10).

John Samson, London



John Samson takes a weekly look at the the SA pop charts from 20, 25, 30 and 35 years ago this week.

1969 saw the battle of the Tommy's as Tommy Roe's 'Dizzy' jumped from 6 to 2 threatening to end Tommy James' run at the top which now stood at 3 weeks. When Vic Reeves accompanied by the Wonderstuff took their cover of 'Dizzy' to the top of the UK charts in 1991, it become the first song to top the charts twice but by different artists. Not only that but both entries for this song in the book of British Hit Singles fall under R in the list of artists.

Local about International was lekker in 1974 as Gwynneth Ashley Robin's tribute to 'Little Jimmy' Osmond moved into pole position, ending After All's 2 week run there. Love Unlimited was a female trio who worked as backing vocalist for Barry White. One of the trio - Glodean James - was to marry White.

Chic grabbed the top spot in 1979 with their massive dancefloor filler 'Le Freak'. Meanwhile Captain & Tennile moved into the top 5. "Captain" Daryl Dragon had worked with the Beach Boys on their 'Sunflower' and 'Holland' albums, the latter also featuring members of the Flames.

1984 saw no change in the top 5. However, lurking just outside at number 6 was éVoid's 'Taximan' which would unfortunately also be where it peaked. 'Red Red Wine' was enjoying a 5th week at the top. The song also topped the UK and the Zimbabwe charts.

South Africans at number 1 this week:

I Don't Wanna Play House - Barbara Ray (1973)
Little Jimmy - Gwynneth Ashley Robin (1974)
Let Me Into Your Life - Flood (1976)

South African New Entries this week

24-Mar-67 Die Ou Kraalliedjie - Groep Twee
24-Mar-78 Chinese Junkman - McCully Workshop
26-Mar-71 Carnival Candyman - Beat Unit
26-Mar-76 Sometimes - Tommy Dell & Caroline Du Preez
28-Mar-69 Chapel Of Dreams - Invaders

John Samson



22 Robin Auld (1959)
24 Cornelia (Moller) (1950)
25 Elton John (1947)
26 Diana Ross (1944)
27 Johannes Kerkorrel (born Ralph Rabie, 1960, died 12 November 2002)
30 Eric Clapton (1945)

If you info on any South African artists dates of birth, please send them to

A Reader's Forum: This is a selection of the email requests, questions, searches, and other pieces of random info we receive each week at the Digest. Sometimes we can assist, other times we look to you, our collectively well-informed readers to contact these writers and help out as well. Thanks if you do....!

Send all letters, short contributions, small band-ads, musical questions and other snippets to:



In a previous Digest article on Spike Milligan, Dave Marks of 3rd Ear said: "... Spike came anyway and had Des Lindberg and Lionel Pillay (Lionel Martin in another life and Miriam Makeba's ex from King Kong) open for him... despite the illegality of it all".

Rob Allingham asked us to correct a small error in that piece, he told us:

"Miriam Makeba's first husband, vocalist Sonny Pillay (still alive and living in London), is a very different person from pianist Lionel Pillay (who died last year after living many years in a mental asylum)."

Rob Allingham




I've opened the web page "" but I don't know how to DOWNLOAD a song. Where do I go and what do I click on?


Ed. - The info below is all for a PC, not sure how it works on a Mac, but I guess it should be pretty similar:

How To Download an MP3:

A computer with a soundcard and speakers (or headphones).
An internet connection.
A software programme like Windows Media Player (comes as part of Windows), Winamp or numerous others which can be found for free on the Net magazine cover discs or at

Then, visit

To LISTEN, click on a song title.
Your player will open and after a short "buffering" period the song will
start playing. This is called "streaming".
If you've heard enough, you can stop at any time.

To DOWNLOAD, right-click on the song title, then select "save target as".
This will open a dialogue box on your screen asking you where you want to save it.
Click "save" and the song will start downloading to your harddrive. When it's finished downloading you can listen to it at any time or even burn it onto a CDR to play in the car.

Depending on the size of the mp3 file, the time of day, the speed of your connection, congestion on the server, and various other anomalies (mp3 downloading is not an exact science, as we know) the downloading could take up to about 20 minutes or so.

Sometimes your computer might even time-out (i.e. cancel downloading) because of too much traffic. You can always try again later and often your computer will start downloading where you left off (or sometimes not!).

Hope this helps!




I'm looking for the members of THC - the band from Durban. Apparently they dismantled last year. I plan to shoot a feature film where there is an opportunity for them to appear in one scene. If anyone knows where Lappies, Snakes or any of the others are please let me know.

Corlius Jooste


[In last week's Digest, Wayne asked us: "What has become of Steve Kekana? Is it possible to still get 'The Bushman' on CD? This week we received this email from Eric]


I have also been searching - unsuccessfully - for the song "The Bushman" for some time now, but could not remember who sang it. However, thanks to Wayne's request in last week's Digest, I now know the artist is Steve Kekana. Now if only I could find a copy of this great tune...

That Guy In Africa...
My Treetop:

Ed. - The classic afropop song 'The Bushman' can be found on 'The English Album' by Steve Kekana, however this version has been edited from the original album version - it is shorter and omits all the bushman talking, which I believe is by the guy who appeared in 'The Gods Must Crazy' movie.

The full-length version [5.49] of this track is on the 'No Going Back' album released in 1982 which has not yet been released on CD. The edited version [4.49] is available on CD on 'The English Album' released by Gallo in 1999. Available at One World

Some more info and the lyrics are here...



Hi there,

Is there a possibility that one can buy the contents of a CD and download it instead of having the CD shipped to one?

Shipping takes very long and is excessively costly. I have no problem paying for the songs since I do believe the artists deserves their money. It's the technicality of getting the CD. I would be very happy to pay the full price for the CD and then just burn the songs on a CD.

Thank you for letting me voice my opinion and hopefully you have a favorable answer.





Anyone know of a contact e-mail address for Neill Solomon?





I was reading on the web about the Gumboots performance of South Africa when I came upon your site.
v There seems to be no website about this show and I was wondering if you knew anything about them that could be of assistance in locating them?

Thanks in advance for your time.
Best regards,
Christine Mourelatou




I play in a Metal band (80's power metal style) and we are desperately looking for new places to play. Are you able to supply a list of venues (with contact details) that would host us, or direct me to a website that would have this information?

We have previously played at such places as Roxy's, 6Pack Bar in Edenvale, Tempos and Horror Cafe.





I'm looking for the full and correct lyrics for the song 'Jakob Klipkop' by Piet Botha off 'Die Mamba' CD. Here's what I've worked out myself...

Dylan C.

Ed. - sure, Dylan... we've taken your efforts and corrected where necessary and filled in the gaps...

Jacob Klipkop
By Piet Botha

My naam is Jacob Klipkop
En ek het in die oorlog baklei
Maar dis nou alles in die verlede
So se hulle vir my

Maar dis nie altyd so maklik
Veral hier by nuwejaar
As die crackers so skiet
Dan vang ek net spoke
Dis reguit terug na die bar

Want ek weet ek sal vir Blikkies daar kry
Daar, in die verste hoek
Ou Blikman het net een arm
Die ander een is nog soek
Iewers noord van Ondangwa in die dongas en die gras

Nou praat my ou maat maar min hierdie dae
Hy staar net so in sy glas

En Willem, die boerseun van Rietfontein
Ons hoor hy't dit kwaai verloor
Met dynamiet gaan speel op die plaas
En die kardinaal die gaan saam
Hy't die ou opstal die lug in gebalaas
Met al die ou familie fotos en al
v Nou Whitey, dit was nou anders
Want dit was daar bo in die bos
Maar die Engelse luitenant, sy verhaal maak my baie bang
Hy't dit alles gehad, ook die breins en die hart
Maar toe die oorlog verby is, het hy homself aan 'n boom opgehang

My naam is Jacob Klipkop, maar die naam is vir my gegee
Op die infanterieskool in Potchefstroom
Baie winters gelede
Nou Blikkies en ek, ons vra nie veel
Maar net dat die mense vir ons sal uitlos

Daar sit ons so vir ure
Sonder om iets te se
Ons dink hard en ons dink ver
Tot daar, anderkant die aand se ster
In Owamboland se bos
Ja, daar in Owamboland se bos

Ja, ons dink hard en ons dink ver
Tot daar, anderkant die aand se stert
In Owamboland se bos
Ja, daar in Owamboland se bos

Off the SA Rock Digest Album of the Year 2003 - 'Die Mamba'.

Download an mp3 of this song at

Piet Botha




Finally I also got a copy of the 'Africa She Too Can Cry' CD!

I'm very happy to at last relive all these nice songs, and the extra tracks. A very nicely produced and packaged CD. I will write a review later on. I really hope the CD sells well and that the magic of Hawk's music again will be recognized.

It was depressing to read the booklet to the CD and to find out how Hawk disintegrated as a band. I truly hope that all of the band members know how greatly appreciated and loved their music was, and still is.

A timeless classic, right?

Krister Nyeland




Is that song 'The Birdie Song' by the Coo Clucks Clan?

Johnny from Boksburg

Ed. Um, probably, reminds me of a joke... Why do people work at Koo?...
Because they can!


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éVoid - 'éVoid' (LP)
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Latest independent SA CD additions:

340ml - 'Moving'
Bed On Bricks - 'Humanarium' (Bowline)
Bluescream - 'Bluescream' (Independent)
Daniel Friedman - 'High Society presents: 14 Steps towards Self Actualisation' (Independent)
Chiaroscuro - 'A Definition'
Brian Finch - 'Never Look Back' (Independent)
Fokofpolisiekar - 'As Jy Met Vuur Speel Sal Jy Brand' (EP) (Rhythm)
freshlyground - 'Jika Jika' (Independent)
Forest Moon - 'Forest Moon' (Independent)
Goema Captains Of Cape Town - 'Healing Destination' (Mountain)
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Soulja - '21 Gunslut' (Independent)
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Watch out for:

HUMAN RIGHTS DAY CONCERT - Mon 22 March at Pirates Park, Greenside, JHB - With: Jo Day, Wickhead, Wonderboom, Tweak, Cutting Jade & others. Tickets: R65 at the gate.

6 FEET UNDER 2004 - ROCK FEST - It's that time of the year again when the East Rand explodes with the sights and sounds of the '6 Feet Under' music fest, held from 26 - 28 March 2004 at an abandoned old mine shaft just outside Springs called "the Grutte" (German for "Caves") which are 105 km's from Pretoria, 40 Km's from Jozi.

"MUSO COLLECTIVE" - 'Muso Collective' (an OVERTONE Production) is a new initiative aimed at the promotion of Cape Town's Singers, Songwriters and Musicians in the hope of cultivating fan-bases. At PJ's , Oude Molen, Valkenberg, Cape Town on Saturday 27th March 2004

'DEATH OF GRUNGE' REUNION - On April 4th it will be ten years since Kurt Cobain committed suicide, so four bands will come together at the Nile Crocodile in Pretoria on the 2nd April, to pay tribute to the grunge era

MITSOO - Cape Town band Mitsoo have announce that they will be releasing a new three-track EP which will be launched on 26 March 2004 at Evol (69 Hope Street, Gardens) with DJ Bingo, DJ Sneek McFreeq and 3 Bored White Guys.

KAKTUS OP DIE VLAKTES - The 2004 Kaktus Oppi Vlaktes line-up is filled with some of the best and biggest artists in South Africa. In order to accommodate more of them it was also decided to add a second stage to the festivities. The show will consist of a nice mix between some of the Afrikaans stalwarts, some exciting new artists and a handful of the best in South African hip-hop and rock and punk bands. The show takes place on 10 April at the traditional Kaktus venue; the Oudtshoorn sport grounds

CARLO MOMBELLI AND THE PRISONERS OF STRANGE - The Groot Marico - inextricably suffused with the poetic genius of Herman Charles Bosman - once again invites you to share in a line-up of top South African musicians on the weekend of 26-28 March 2004.To enable you to participate in this creative moment, a package deal is offered, combining traditional local cuisine, and the proficiency of exceptional musical ability with world-renowned bassist Carlo Mombelli and his band The Prisoners of Strange in concert

FREESPIRIT - With multi-instrumentalist Dave Ledbetter on guitars and keyboard, Ronan Skillen and James Kaye from Starkravingsane on didgeridoo, tablas and miscellaneous percussion, Dave Ridgeway on fretless bass and percussion and Buddy Wells from Tribe on saxophones - at The Acoustic Cafe, Main Road, Muizenberg on Wednesday 24 March and at the Barleycorn Music Festival at Maynardville on Saturday 27 March.

BED ON BRICKS - The Cape Town group's programme for March 2004 is jam-packed with a variety of venues, both indoor and outdoor.

THE 'SCHOOL OF ROCK' TOUR - A nationwide SA tour in March, to coincide with the movie's release in South Africa, will take place with the likes of The Finks, Prime Circle, Marlowe, The Parlotones, Nemesis and Waverley

THE KLIPPIES AND COLA STUDENT SESSIONS - These sessions are aimed at establishing a campus centred live music circuit, primarily at UCT and Stellenbosch University and their surrounding areas. Regional bands, including Afrotone, Andy & Stef, Arbor, Fly Paper Jet, Nick Turner & Dave vd Linden, Fokofpolisiekar, Superfine, and the The Buckfever Underground are paired and perform together on consecutive Tuesdays at Die Mystic Boer and The Independent Armchair Theatre.

THE RUDIMENTALS - Cape Town's ska-punk sensations have lined up a string of gigs over the next few weeks.



ERIK WINDRICH - Erik Windrich of éVoid will be playing a solo gig at the Troubadour in Earl's Court on 24 March. See for further details.

SUNWAYS - The band's first London date is on Friday 30 April at the Halfmoon Putney



LIMP BIZKIT - The Limp Bizkit "Back 2 Basics" SA Tour is back on track and will now be kicking off in Cape Town on the 4th, before heading to Johannesburg on the 6th of April.

ENRIQUE IGLESIAS - Vodacom, 5fm Music and Big Concerts have announced the forthcoming tour of music sensation Enrique Iglesias to South Africa. Kicking off on the 27th of April in Cape Town, he will then be heading to Durban on the 29th, Sun City on the 1st, and finally Johannesburg on the 2nd of May.

WITCHDOCTOR RECORDS ANNOUNCES SA TOURS BY ENTOMBED, AND KATAKLYSM - Entombed, those Swedish masters of metal return to our shores for two exclusive shows in April, and Kataklysm, the Swedish masters of metal return, to our shores for two exclusive shows in May

LORD OF THE DANCE - The dance spectacular, which has played to over 50 million people in 36 different countries, returns to South Africa by this March, for a whopping two-month tour.

RAGA ON 24 STRINGS - This is a concert of North Indian Classical music, featuring three of the brightest stars in the firmament of Indian Classical Music today, and takes place at the Baxter Concert Hall on Wednesday 7 April 2004 at 8.15pm.



THE OPPIKOPPI EASTER FESTIVAL - The Oppikoppi "You check the level, the level is fine for me" Easter Festival is a slightly more intimate variation on the Bush, Braai's and Tunes-theme, and will be held from the 9th to the 11th of April at the "world renowned wooden stage on top of the hill".

NORTH SEA JAZZ FESTIVAL - CAPE TOWN 2004 - "Africa's Grandest Gathering" is about to celebrate its 5th anniversary in April 2004, and it will be doing so in style in its new home at the Cape Town International Convention Centre on the Mother City's Foreshore. With Angie Stone, Femi Kuti, Stanley Clarke, freshlyground, Abdullah Ibrahim, Cassandra Wilson and Miriam Makeba.

SPLASHY FEN 2004 - One of our country's best loved open-air lifestyle celebration promises the freshest ever delights for body and mind on the Easter weekend, April 8 - 12



On Saturday 27 March Tempo's will be staging the 'Way Out There' Festival. Apart from the RP Studios Emerging Sounds competition which will featuring Swallow, Blueprint, Icarus, Fall & Fix-8 competing, on the main stage, they have a performance from Pyramid Tongue, 5 Star Channel and High Society.

Tempo's are also offering a foam and beach party with huge slide.

Entry is R30 per person and gates open 11am.
Tempo's Entertainment Park & Sunset Beach,
191 Hans Strijdom Drive, 083 721-2536



Acoustic guitar maestro Steve Newman will be playing one show only in Johannesburg: at Ruby Grapefruit restaurant in Parkhurst on Wednesday 24 March 2004.

As a solo artist, musical collaborator and member of three brilliant bands (Tananas, The Aquarian Quartet and Mondetta), Steve is responsible for some of the best acoustic music to come out of South Africa over the last three decades, and is widely regarded as one of the world's great nylon-string guitarists.

With an inherent understanding of his instrument matched by few others, Steve is a musical pioneer and explorer par excellence. Inspired by musical styles and cultures from around the world, his music - whether it be the jazz-inflected world beat tunes of Tananas, the more commercial world pop of Mondetta, the folksy finger-picking of The Aquarian Quartet or the eclectic sounds he and fellow guitarist Tony Cox explore together on a regular basis - always thrills the listener.

Steve's intricate mixture of Eastern, Western and African styles combines in a unique musical texture and sound. His amazing dexterity, warm presence, subtle sense of humour and innate sense of rhythm make for a passionate, mesmerising and simply breathtaking performance.

Ruby Grapefruit sushi bar and Asian groove has an eclectic Oriental-style fusion menu, with a reputation as a funky food and music venue. Please note that the ticket price for Steve Newman's show excludes dinner and drinks.

DATE: Wednesday 24 March 2004
TIME: 20:00 onwards
VENUE: Ruby Grapefruit, 4th Avenue, Parkhurst
TICKETS: R50 excluding dinner and drinks
BOOKING: Ruby Grapefruit 011 880 3673 - advance booking essential - Limited seating
MORE INFORMATION: Haley 083 325 6583



On the 4th April 2004 it will sadly be ten years since Kurt Cobain committed suicide and pre-empted the death of grunge. It's time to pay tribute those bands who, along with Nirvana, made the grunge era possible.

On the 2nd April 2004 at Nile Crocodile in Pretoria, four bands will come together and pay tribute to the grunge era with songs from Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Silverchair, Bush and many many more. The stage will be set with candles, lilyies and acoustic instruments. The walls will be plastered with reviews, interviews, posters, photographs and anything which was part of the grunge era.

With give-aways from Universal Music, Lucky Strike, Jagermeister and Look and Listen, it will be hard not pitch up in your favorite grunge attire and have a great evening. Being that the grunge era was part rock and part classic, patrons of grunge knew their wines, poetry and Art. Tassenberg wine will be flowing at extremely cheap prices and Masters of Ceremony will recite lyrics and expressions from well known grunge artists.

Join every grunge fan at Nile Crocodile on the 2nd April 2004. It will be a night to reminisce and remember forever. Band line-ups, set lists and a lot more on what will be happening at the Death of Grunge Reunion will be released soon.

Tickets will only cost you a mere R30-00 but if you're dressed in anything remotely grunge-like, you will pay R20-00.

Contact: Genevieve Watkins - Bookings and Promotion - 082 351 1870



On Saturday not even a little bit of rain could dampen the enthusiasm of the four groups in action. Congratulations to Icarus Fall and Fix-8 proceeding through to the next Johannesburg monthly finals taking place at Tempos on Saturday, March 27.

It was also great to see how Fix-8 won the crowd over through their performance - the band held the crowd's attention from start to finish and it was not surprising half the crowd stood up and applauded the band after their performance (and most of these people were friends with the other bands).

Also congratulations to Habit To who won last Friday's monthly Durban leg of the RP Studios Emerging Sounds competition at the Winston Hotel. To find out more about the first Durban Quarterly final see listings below.

For all the action in March see listings below.

The Tempos Band Slam is a new venture taking place every week on the main stage after the RP Studios Emerging Sounds competition. The Tempos Band Slam is organised by the venue's owners and groups wishing to be part of this new event should contact Tempo's management directly.

Tempos - 191 Hans Strydom, Kyasands, Randburg
Event starts at 15:00 and there is a R20 cover charge

Saturday, March 27 - Johannesburg Finals - R30 cover charge
· Swallow 15
· Blueprint
· Icarus Fall
· Fix-8
· Plus two other groups from the March 20 round
· Pyramid Tongue, Skin Deep and 5 Star Channel - main stage (see below)

Also taking place is the 'Way Out There - Festival' contact Laurence on 084 582 8486 for more information. The beach is open from 10:00 and between 11:00 and 14:00 a VolleyBall competition takes place, there will be a water slide for revellers, and in the thatch a foam party will also be held.

Then after the Johannesburg finals of the RP Studios Emerging Sounds competition the following groups will be in action on the main stage - Pyramid Tongue, Skin Deep and 5 Star Channel. So for the princely sum of R30 revellers get nine bands and nine deejays plus foam and beach party and gates open at 10:00.

Thursday, March 25
Nile Crocodile - R10 cover charge and action starts at 21:00
· Malice in Wonderland
· Failsafe

Perfect Manhatten - Three Rivers - R10 cover charge starting at 21:00
· Running high
· Aphonic Behaviour

Congratulations to the following bands from Durban already through to the first KZN quarterly finals being held at the Winston on Friday, March 26 - Habit To, Detach, Sitter and Mr Smug.

For further information contact Mike at Wicked Rock on 083 742 5145.

Sunday, April 4
Coliseum Show Bar - Caesars Gauteng
The regional finals of the RP Studios Emerging Sounds Competition starts at 15:00, entrance is free but you pay R10 per car as you enter Caesars Gauteng. This is a strictly over-18 venue and seating is limited.

For further information contact Simon "Squire" Foulds on 082 770 7524.



Erik Windrich will be playing a solo gig at the Troubadour in Earl's Court on 24 March. He will be playing two 20-minute sets, the first at 8:30 and the second at 10:45. Windrich along with his brother Lucien was a member of éVoid, one of the biggest SA bands of the `80's, who had massive hits with their songs 'Shadows' and 'Taximan'.

Their eponymously-titled debut became the first by a local artist to top the SA Album charts. Their second album, 'Here Comes The Rot', was recorded in London and although critically acclaimed, did not fare as well as the first. Both have recently been made available on CD by Retro Fresh. The brothers remained in London and continued to perform as éVoid up until a few years back. Now one has a chance to catch up with one half of that great group and to see what they have been up to musically.

24 March at the Troubadour in Earls Court on. See for further details.


By Daniel Neville

A Saturday evening at Gandalf's in Observatory, Cape Town

Gandalf's has long been the home to many a stray punk, it's where we usually end up when we go to Obs.

The friendly atmosphere, despite being a hole in the wall, and most of its 'alternative' crowd make it a much-loved place in Cape Town. The first time I heard bands play at Gandalf's (or the G-Spot as is often affectionately referred to) there were about 350 people crammed into a space that should have only contained half that amount.

Leek And The Bouncing Uptones were playing one of their last shows in Cape Town before they broke up. and as you can imagine it was a night that will go down in the scene's history as one of the most insane shows ever, or it will for those who can remember it. Nostalgia is a sweet thing and it was in this frame of mind that I awaited the 13th of March.

After chilling with the guys from Zero Tolerance and The Doppler Effect at Cool Runnings I took the familiar stroll down lower Obs main road to the G-Spot. It was early and I had got in rather earlier than everyone else, in fact I was so early that I caught Mistress Distress' sound check. Now Mistress Distress are a new band and this was their debut show. What makes them so interesting is that all the members of the band are girls, in other words only the second all-girl punk band to ever exist in the Cape Town scene.

They were up first and they took to the stage with enthusiasm. The pit, and thankfully it was behind me, was very active and contained the most female moshers that I have seen in ages, in fact the pit was made up of chicks. The guys preferred to act like critics and hang on the side just listening to the sounds emitting from the speakers. Well I suppose I should tell you what I thought of them...?

The thing that hit me first were the crazy keyboard riffs that came out from under Lora's lightning fingers, second were the vocals - powerful is the best way to describe them. The rest of the band kept up very well, give them a few more shows and this band is going to produce some very interesting material.

Next up was the almighty Antipathy. This band really pushes the boundaries of musical progression and as usual managed to pump out a very energised set. Their guitarist was ripping his fret board apart and their vocalist has arguably the best stage presence ever, take Johnny Depp and Freddie Mercury mix them together and you have a slight idea of what he is like on stage {Nah, I just can't picture that! - Ed.}. Musically the best way to describe them would be Jazz/Funk/Metal if you can't imagine that (and even if you can) you have to make an effort to go and see them.

The Doppler Effect got off to an unfortunate start when Sean their drummer could not find any cymbal stands. As a result, their set was delayed for 15 minutes while some stands were found. During this time Brett kept the crowd entertained by trying to make them do reggae sing-alongs and when that did not work he just got some arb guys from the crowd to get up on stage and talk about nipples.

When they finally got going they made up for lost time by playing a blistering set. Devon was in his element and was cranking out guitar riffs like it was going out of fashion and Brett seemed much more settled and in the grove of things than the last time I saw them.
v After the last note from Devon's guitar faded away people started to think about how they were going to get home and how rad the night had been. I just sat in the corner absorbing the atmosphere, and seeing Sean from Maiden League standing at the bar I slowly waded my way through the crowd to find out how long I would have to wait in anticipation for the next show. [DN]


[A promo for the 'Realisation Of Purpose Tour' - 27th March 2004 - Purple Turtle - Cape Town]

Around two years ago, there was an outbreak of a new youth punk culture in Cape Town, that in less than a year, made the Purple Turtle its home. This wasn't a rebirth of punk, because punk was always there and being played by a lot of older established bands, but it was more the beginning of a definite phase in a continuous scene. I'm not too sure who started it, or rather who inspired it, but this new crew of people can be best represented by the bands that were playing the Turtle at this time:

They include Threefifty, Sedwick The Salesman, Skanking Nelson, Lazy I, Hoax, War-On-Salt, False Pretence, Siezure, Blank Label, Fail To Lose, Zero Tolerance, and the list continues...

Once again, this was always just a small part of a bigger scene (the MCA for example made up the 'older' section), but it was still a part, and a part that shouldn't be forgotten. The "Poor Neighbor's Productions", the "Stolen Records Shows" and the "Llamanations" all stand out as important events in the scene's progression.

For the last year however, this scene has been rather quiet. These bands haven't been playing the Turtle every month, and very seldom are there shows that unite the bands and draw the 'crew' together. Most recently 'Llamanation 2' and the infamous wipe-out show have been the closest in doing this and sparking a rebirth and renewal of this underground scene.

The scene has not died, it has just changed. Threefifty no longer exists, as with Lazy I, but some of their members do live on in the form of The Doppler Effect. Sedwick the Salesman and Skanking Nelson are no longer playing the same style of music that they used to, and even Zero Tolerance are in-between a shift in music style. The scene is progressing, and as styles in the bigger scene are getting more diverse (Some Kind of Wonderful and Antipathy are good examples), so it is a good time to assemble the old crew, the old bands, and remember the good old days...

So, I am asking you to do two things. I have been writing about a microcosm that I can remember in my experiences. I would like you to reply to this, and do the same. Pay homage to the bands that made your crew, made your scene. Begin by saying, "do you remember..." and share your nostalgia with others.

Secondly, if you are part of the crew I'm writing about, I encourage you to come to a show that I hope will add to the re-birthing and renewal of this recently dormant crew. It won't cause it, but it can definitely follow where 'Llamanation 2' left off.

The show features only a small portion of the bands associated with the old crew, but if you can still remember the names Sedwick, Skanking Nelson and Zero Tolerance, and have not yet experienced the new sound of The Doppler Effect (containing members of the old Threefifty and Lazy I), then this Purple Turtle show should be worth going to.

*See gig guide for more details on this show.*


Upcoming SA Punk Gigs:

Fri 26 March - Johannesburg - Carfax - R40, 8pm
DEATH TO DISCO (A mad circle party)
The Stevie Wonderfuls
Two Strikes Against
Sibling Rivalry
King SkaSA
DJ Itchy

Sat 27 March - Pretoria - Chivas Rock - R20, 8pm
Sibling Rivalry Punch Pretoria
The Stevie Wonderfuls
Mel Gibsons Band
Sibling Rivalry

Sat 27 March, Pretoria - Tharshers Skatepark - R20, 12am
Ramp jam
Dead Girl

Sat 27 March - Cape Town - The Purple Turtle - R20, 8pm
the 'Realisation of Purpose tour' back in the day...
Skanking Nelson
Zero Tolerance
The Doppler Effect

Sat 27 March - Cape Town - Stellenberg NG Chruch - R20 , 7pm
Serving Suggestion
A New Beginning



(Another report from the Cape rock frontlines, where the Soulja's major offensive continues. One of the band's "troopies" reports....)

In one of the most crazy nights in Cape Town music history for the guys, Saturday 6 March saw Soulja speed up the N1 in bi-mobile power, almost slipping through a toll gate unnoticed though unintentional, and slam into the Stargazer Theatre in Worcester, where together with Fokofpolisiekar, Antipathy, and Neshamah, launched a rock attack to a host of screaming young fans waiting in front of a stage under the stars.

Complete with stage dives, screaming girlies, barking bullies and a drunk soundguy (shot hey dude...) it was a recipe for hard pop mayhem jumping up and down and shooting stars and all that the 400-strong crowd could muster. A huge BIG UP (thumbs) to those who were able to check us out. We love you Worcester!! fast forward....

Then it's a race back to Cape Town where Zinzi's bash at the Drum Café saw 7th Son, The Spindle Sect (and we heard they blew the place away), The Rudimentals (providing super skanking tunez for dancing ala sweaty bods) and finally ourselves play to a well supported event. So well supported that booze ran out at 12. Slowly weary beings start to trickle out of the doors just as Soulja finish their set but a little drum solo at the end was well in order for the money's worth.

Soulja's new single, a double Marley cover called 'War/No More Trouble' is currently all over 5FM, and there's a new EP due for release in June to follow theeir debut album, '21 Gunslut'.

Sugardrive will be heading down to Cape Town at the end of March and Soulja will be the support act. And rumours of another Soulja "Uncircled" performance in the unplugged fashion, taking place at Mercury again abound...

Catch Soulja:
Saturday 27 March - Mercury Live! With: Sugardrive 9pm
Friday 9 April - Splashy Fen Festival, Underberg, KZN



Sunday, 14 March saw the launch of this year's Cape Town Festival at the Company's Garden, where thousands of people gathered to enjoy the best in music and dance that the city has to offer. Despite the sweltering heat, Capetonians from all walks of life arrived en-masse to listen attentively to the poignant words of prominent religious leaders during a moving multi-faith ceremony. The celebrations featured Afro-Cuban drumming, interspersed with vibrant Indian dancing by the Vahdini dancers and captivating traditional African dancing by nationally acclaimed all-male dance group, Manyanani.

Bringing vividly to life the theme of this year's festival "Celebrating 10 Years of Democracy", the line-up of top local entertainers, featuring jazz giant, Winston Mankunku, and the internationally-acclaimed 'Breakfast Included' signalled the launch of this 9-day festival, that has become one of the city's foremost creative showcases.

The sounds of Kashieda music, a classical string quartet and vibrant Indian dancing complemented the individual blessings offered by representatives of various major religious groups. The charming ceremony culminated in the releasing of ten caged doves, symbolizing ten years of democracy. An audible gasp of delight emitted from the group of people sitting closest to the stage, as, one by one, the doves took flight and ascended high into the heavens, disappearing over the horizon.

In its fifth year of existence, the Cape Town Festival (14 - 22 March) serves as the Mother City's première arts and cultural showcase, bringing together the best in local and international dance, visual arts, music, film, photography, spoken word, theatre and nightlife.



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