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The major talking point this week has been the suicide of INXS's flamboyant frontman Michael Hutchence. For those who are constantly mesmerised by rock's rich tapestry it was a shocking and unexpected tragedy.

A few months back, INXS chose to launch their 1997 world tour in Cape Town and for a week the local papers were filled with pictures and stories about the Oz "Stones". While Hutchence seemed to embody the high-flying life of an international star, nothing in his utterings, actions or music gave us any reason to suspect that behind the mask there was a lurking and overwhelming depression. Now, I realise that fans cannot know what really goes on in the recesses of of our idol's minds but then again, using the other famous rock suicides Kurt Cobain and Ian Curtis as examples, the presence of depression comes through quite clearly in those stars' musical and verbal statements. INXS had been ploughing the same musical and popularity groove for years and their current tour and album had received the usual mixed reviews. It is possible that we will never know what drove Michael Hutchence to this most severe form of self-criticism but he will be sorely missed and fondly remembered. I think a moment's silence would be appropriate…( )

Billy Preston, the ebullient keyboardist who toured with the 'Stones and played on the Beatles' 'Let It Be' album has been jailed for three years for possession of cocaine. Meanwhile, Black Grape have released their second album 'Stupid, Stupid, Stupid'. And just out in time for Xmas is the new compilation 'The Best of Stink and the Police' (wot spelling mistake??) which includes some Puff Daddy reworkings.

Back home we have a clutch of aspiring rockers jostling for a position in the SA market. The Springbok Nude Girls are back from a short trip to London where they played a few low-key gigs and gave ex-pats a taste of what they are missing. Their "Somerbosch-West" associates Dorp's new five-track EP, 'Five Steps Off The Pacemaker' is in the stores and flying off the shelves. Elephant Sun's debut CD, 'Perceptions', is ready and will be launched on Sunday, 30 November, at The House of Sports in Belville at 19h30. Consider this an official invitation and feel free to pull in.

Always wanted to be part of a live album? Here's your chance. The Blues Broers will be recording their upcoming live album, 'Cellar Tapes', at the Hidden Cellar in Dorp Street, Stellenbosch, on Wednesday 3, Thursday 4 and Friday 5 December. The band plan to turn the venue into a studio for the week and are bringing Willem Moller down from Gauteng as engineer and producer. The three nights will be treated as normal live gigs and a buzzy audience is essential for the recordings, so be there.

The new Magic Cactus album, 'Things', is featured in our Reviews section as are GTFO's current 'Funk 5' and the new Fetish album. Space Station Discs features some celebrities' favourite five CDs -- add your own selection. The Great Rodriguez Hunt has now become The Great Rodriguez Website. See photos of "Rod" as he is now, read all about him or post a message on the web-board. One World, our online CD store, offers you the largest selection of SA music on CD, with new releases updated weekly and secure online ordering and distribution to all corners of the global market. If you have any SA music news, contrary views, new releases, gig reviews or dates or just want to say "Hai", email me at 1) Sugardrive - 'Sand Man Sky'. Impressive, mature and highly listenable album. So it wasn't all hype…
2) Dorp - 'Five Steps Off The Pacemaker' and 'Indigenous Jewellery'. They call it Madness, I call it goodness!
3) Material - 'Seven Souls'. Re-mixed and re-released classic with more William Burroughs verbals than the original.
4) Magic Cactus - 'Things'. Sparkly, sunny, funny and funky and just a little prickly.
5) Fetish - I still get aroused everytime I put this CD into the player. Mmmmm!
Stephen 'Sugar' Segerman

by stephen 'Sugar' Segerman

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