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Here come the hee-bee Bee Gees

Thirty years ago, big Maurice Gibb and his naughty little twin brothers, Robin and Barry, decided to extend their vocal talents from the local church choir to something more lucrative. The Brothers Gibb became the Bee Gees and one of rock's first love-hate relationships was born.

For the next three decades, the Gibbs stayed the distance, moving from their early pop hits to their rebirth as disco icons with their contribution to the epochal 'Saturday Night Fever' soundtrack. They later blew all that success and good press on the bloody awful 'Sgt Pepper' project.

Last year, the Bee Gees saw some major '90's success with their 'Still Waters' album and the surprisingly nice single, 'Alone'. To celebrate their 30th anniversary, the boeties are to play a series of one-off stadium-sized concerts during the latter part of 1998. These will include their first UK concert in more than a decade, shows in Buenos Aires, Sydney (where they hope to be the first artists to play the new Olympic2000 stadium) and Pretoria in December…(Pretoria??).

Last bow from a circus legend

There's the old story of the man who goes to see his psychiatrist complaining that he's very depressed. The shrink suggest he goes to see the circus across the road as there is a great clown there who will definitely cheer him up. The man replies that he is that clown.

As kids, we loved to go and see the Boswell-Wilkie circus every time it appeared on the piece of ground at the top of the showgrounds opposite Wits University. The memories of the circus from that age stay in one's minds along with the many multi-sensual stimuli that one never forgets. The smell of the sawdust, the pong of the animals, the hilarity of the clowns, the heart-stopping tension of the trapeze artists.

On Sunday June 14th, the inspiration behind the Boswell-Wilkie circus took his final bow. Mr. W.H. Wilkie, the founder, patron and owner of this well-known circus was 91 years old when he took his final curtain call. In an email from his daughter Karen Wilkie, she tells how her father kept his circus dream alive for over 45 years. She says: "He lived and breathed entertainment and that is just what he created, a circus for children of all ages". As one of those children, I hereby add my tribute and thanks to the late Mr. Wilkie.

Rodriguez in Sweden - the very cold facts

The promoters who brought Rodriguez to South Africa in March are Swedish so last week Rodriguez flew to Sweden to perform at a variety of live concerts. He was backed by a Swedish band as his South African band couldn't get to Sweden in time. However Rodriguez then flew back to Johannesburg where he linked up with his musos and performed two special concerts at the Blues Room in Sandton as part of the official launch of his new 'Live Fact' CD.

'Live Fact' is the live recording of the second concert Rodriguez played at the Standard Bank Arena in Johannesburg. The CD has 17 tracks and although it has been remixed and fiddled with, it is still a wonderful record of a great live concert where a sold-out crowd shrieked throughout the show and sang along to every lyric, to Rodriguez's eternal and undisguised astonishment.

On Tuesday June 16, the thousands of fans at the "State Of The Nation" concert in Johannesburg were thrilled when Rodriguez appeared on stage with Just Jinger. Rodriguez, however, did not join the band in their rendition of his classic 'Sugar Man' which appeared on the recent Just Jinger EP.

We received an email from Chad, an ex-South African in Sweden, who was amazed to hear that Rodriguez was to be appearing in Sweden. His description of the events that followed is reproduced here verbatim and illustrates the incredible humility of this folk legend……….

"I wrote to you last week asking for some info on the Rodriguez Swedish performances...well, let me start to tell you about one of the best nights of my life with the man himself. After finding out where he was to perform in Gothenburg, he was to perform at a free concert in central Gothenburg along with Paul Young and another top Swedish artist (Jakob Hillman) for the benefit of saving the Baltic Sea from pollution. So my girlfriend and I headed off to Gothenburg on Friday to spend the night and see the concert on Saturday night.

Not having been released in Scandinavia, not many people knew who Rodriguez was, and most of the crowd had come to see Paul Young I suspect. Anyway after he had performed eight superb songs including two new tunes, 'Can't Get Away' and 'Street Boy', Camilla and I decided to sneak into the VIP enclosure which, with the help of some passed-down tricks, we succeeded in doing. Using my SA accent in a sea of Swedes we eventually persuaded his promoter Steffan to see if we could get a photo with Sugarman. Well, to my complete excitement, Steffan returns 15min later with all access passes to go in, including access food and drinks at the after VIP party at "Park Lane" the top celeb hangout in Gothenburg.


So in my slops, shorts and Springbok rugger jersey we enter his tent. The most generous, gentle down-to-earth man walks up, shows us to seats next to his and gets us drinks HIMSELF! To cut a wonderful story short Camilla and I spent the next six hours in the man's company having a complete rave...with other top Swedish celebrities as well as Paul Young at the after party with as much as you could drink all night for zilch kroner!

After his brief appearance at Park Lane, Rodriguez returned to our VIP table with autographed copies of Live Fact, the live recording from the Ellis Park tennis ground concert. We left at five in the morning with the memories of an amazing human...a great autographed CD...his pen...his glass....and a big smile! We have photos from the whole evening. I thought you might want to hear about his Swedish tour, it was amazing for all!!"

The new Rodriguez CD, 'Live Fact', is available for online purchasing at:

Visit the awesome Rodriguez website 'Climb Up On My Music' at:

Sheer Sound's exciting new releases

As we move towards the middle of '98, Sheer Sound has announced their interesting list of upcoming mid-year releases. Bearing in mind that the SS selection panel has always displayed unerring good judgement when choosing new albums to be released on their label.

Paul Hanmer is finishing off his follow-up to the brilliant 'Trains To Taung' album. His new album has been simply described as 'neo-classical'. Guitar wizard Tony Cox will be releasing his second album and Alan Kwela, the legendary guitarist who has been a permanent fixture and ligger at the coolest jazz clubs in Jo'Burg for over 40 years now, will be releasing his first album on the Sheer Sound label.

The debut album by the popular jazz conglomerate, Virtual Jazz Reality, has been adjusted a little for its re-release on the SS label. The cover has been redesigned, the track listing has been adjusted and the price has been reduced!

Benguela's on CD

The first offering from these Cape Town rhythm-rebels, 'Sputnik' was until recently only available on cassette. Due to the demand for copies of this album featuring Benguela live in concert, the album has now been released on CD at the price of R70.00. To guarantee yourself a copy of this CD, please go to Benguela's website at

Do you find this Amuzine?

You should you know! We have the Bioscope page, The Show Must Go Online, where you can post your reviews on any show that moved you. Send a message to Rodriguez and all his fans at The Great Rodriguez Website or go to One World CDs, the biggest and best online SA CD store on the pla-Net. Follow the travels and adventures of, our on the spot correspondent on the road with Bafana Bafana in BaFrance-a.

May I suggest you try these five new CDs?

Boomshaka - Words Of Wisdom

It's finally on the shelves, the much-anticipated full album by these three girls and a guy. Their controversial version of 'Nkosi Sikelel iAfrica' kicks off this state of the kwaito-nation CD.

Natalie Merchant - Ophelia

Her first since the still-enjoyed 'Tiger Lily' album. This ex-10,0000 Maniacs vocalist just keeps getting better as is obvious from this strong and sweet collection.

Rodriguez - Live Fact

If you were there, then you have to have this. If you missed this because some schmuck told you it was a con, then definitely get it and repent at leisure.

Damn The Icebergs - Dances With Snakes

This Gauteng four-piece's second album is creating a lot of interest in hot-ear circles. Independently recorded, produced and distributed, 'Dances With Snakes' throws more ideas into these songs than most bands do in a lifetime. Watch this one!

Nick Cave - The Boatman's Call

El Weirdo's greatest hits collection with the Bad Seeds is now out. But I still can't get enough of this 1997 album. Leonard Cohen sings 'Blood On The Tracks'. Fantastic!

Any thoughts, requests, problems, complaints, praise or interesting and relevant SA music news, please email it immediately to:

Ciao for niao and keep listening carefully! Stephen "Sugar" Segerman

The SA CD Charts The One World Top Ten (based on sales at Seedy's and One World in Pretoria and One World on the Net)

1. Various Artists - Kwaito Hits
2. Boomshaka: 'Words Of Wisdom'
3. Sibongile Khumalo: 'Live At The Market Theatre'
4. Just Jinger: 'Something For Now'
5. Awakening: 'Request'
6. Rebecca: 'Somlandela'
7. Springbok Nude Girls: 'Omnisofa'
8. Makhendlas: 'Jammer'
9. Simply Red: 'Blue'
10. Rodriguez - 'Live Fact'

(CDs available at One World online CD store at: )

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