The Third Annual FNB South African Music Awards.

The quality, diversity and incredible potential of the SA music scene was recognised at a dazzling awards ceremony at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre on Saturday night April 26th. The musical talent of the wide range of artists, bands and groups, who fill our lives with song and dance, was showcased in a celebration to mark 1996 as a landmark year in the exponential growth of SA music as a performer on the world's stages. Tananas, Sibongile Khumalo, Johannes Kerkorrel, Qkumba Zoo and of course Ladysmith Black Mambazo Nenzalabantu were the some of the big winners on the evening. (For a full list of the awards......)

The 1996 FNB South African Music Awards.

  1. Best Male Vocal Award.
    Johannes Kerkorrel (Ge-trans-for-meer)
  2. Best Female Vocal Award.
    Sibongile Khumalo (Ancient Evenings)
  3. Song of the Year Award.
    Motsumi Makhene ( Untold Story: vocals by Sibongile Khumalo)
  4. Single of the Year Award.
    Mean Mr. Mustard (I Can't Get Enough)
  5. Best Rock Award.
    Springbok Nude Girls (It Became a Weapon)
  6. Best Pop Music Award.
    Qkumba Zoo (Big)
  7. Best Engineer Award.
    Peter Pearlson (Unamunacua -Tananas Wide Ensemble)
  8. Best Producer Award.
    Grahame Beggs (Renaissance -Soweto String Quartet)
  9. Best Adult Contemporary Award-Afrikaans.
    Jonannes Kerkorrel (Ge-trans-for-meer)
  10. Best Adult Contemporary Award-English.
    Coleske (Coleske)
  11. Best Adult Contemporary Award-Language other than English or Afrikaans.
    Sibongile Khumalo (Ancient Evenings)
  12. Best Selling Release of 1996 Award.
    Rebecca (Uzube Nam)
  13. Lifetime Achievement Award.
    Joseph Shabalala (Ladysmith Black Mambazo Nenzalabantu)
  14. Best Rap Award.
    Bob Mabena (Funkier : The Remixes)
  15. Outstanding Contribution Award.
    West Nkosi
  16. Best Music Video Award.
    Ivan Leathers (Cloud Eyes-Qkumba Zoo)
  17. Best Newcomer Award-Artist or Group.
    Family Factory (The Journey)
  18. Best Album Package Award.
    David Selfe Designs (Out of the Ashes-Stimela)
  19. Best Duo or Group Award.
    Ladysmith Black Mambazo Nenzalabantu (Ukuzala-Ukuzelula)
  20. Original Score for a SA-Composed Soundtrack or Musical Award.
    Duma ka Ndlovu (Bergville Stories by the Cast of Bergville Stories.)
  21. Best Boeremusiek Award.
    Ollie Viljoen (Ollie Speel Jim Muller)
  22. Best South Sotho Award.
    Matsie No. 7 (Ho Bohloko)
  23. Best Tsonga Award.
    Sam Sikiza Chauka (Social Worker No. 2)
  24. Best Zulu Award.
    Ladysmith Black Mambazo Nenzalabantu ( Ukuzala-Ukuzelula)
  25. Best Mbaqanga Award
    Soul Brothers (Umshado)
  26. Best Maskandi Award.
    Bhekumuzi Luthuli (Impatha)
  27. Best Choral Award.
    Drakensberg Boys Choir (Amazing Grace)
  28. Best Instrumental Award.
    Soweto String Quartet (Renaissance)
  29. Best Traditional Jazz Award.
    Pops Mahomed (Ancestral Healing)
  30. Best Contemporary Jazz Award.
    Tananas Wide Ensemble (Unamunacua)
  31. Best Contemporary Dance Award.
    Qkumba Zoo (Big)
  32. Best Township / Kwaito Dance Award.
    M'du (Impompe)
  33. Best Township Pop Award.
    Skeem (Waar Was Jy ?)
  34. Best Reggae Award.
    Harley and the Rasta Family (Harley and the Rasta Family)
  35. Best Traditional Gospel Award.
    Amadodana Ase Wesile (Ndikhokhele 'O Jehova)
  36. Best Contemporary Gospel Award.
    Case, Ball and Shears (Turn the Tide)

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