Two shots of Tequila

The two albums reviewed this week are examples of the dynamic music being produced by Tequila Records, one of the new and exciting independant record companies currently working to bring SA music and artists to the attention of the world's ears. This Jhb-based company aims to achieve this by maintaining a smaller stable of quality artists and focussing on new ways to produce a higher quality of recording, packaging and marketing of these artist's music.

With artists such as Stimela, Magic Cactus, Mike Makhalemele, The Jazz Hounds and Mauritz Lotz having already released albums through the Tequila label, it is obvious that one needs neither a pinch of salt nor a slice of lemon to appreciate and believe that Tequila are sure to be a 'Major' force in the SA music scene in a very short time.

Tequila records offer a full range of hands-on activities, from album production and co-ordination to design, layout and styling as well as music publishing,film and video production and music promos.

A 'Pocket Lips' now on the Street where you live

Tequila also recently linked up with Ian Osrin, one of the hottest engineers in SA and in whose Digital Cupboard studios, most of the Tequila product is created. Osrin first came to the attention of the SA music scene with the group Pocket Lips and their ode to the SA kugel, "Its Amazing" which achieved SA Pop success back in the 80'S. Since then Osrin's name has been linked to a bundle of SA albums many of which were produced under the cordial and cool conditions that always exist in his Digital Cupboard home studio.

Back in the 70's, if you were a music 'junkie', the best record shop in Jhb was Street Records which was situated in Braamfontein opposite Wits University next to Pop's Cafe. Hilbrow Record centre may have had the superior volume of stock but the staff were mostly graduates of the 'Eugene De Kock School of personalised service'. Street Records on the other hand had Jon Ackerman as its proprietor and he consistently served up a continuous flow of imported Rock, Punk and New Wave albums which were also available in the upstairs lending library.

Jon had enjoyed a brief career as a muso with the 60's Jhb band 'The Bassmen'.For many years Ian Osrin worked with Jon to make Street Records the seminal Jhb record store. When Street Records closed Osrin went on to pursue his career as a music engineer and occasional pop star while Jon still sold records in defiance of the new CD craze. Now these two have once again combined under the Tequila banner to produce one of Tequila Record's newest releases, the 'Oom' album "Beats and Peaces"
Stephen Segerman (

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OomOom Beats and Peaces
It is the cover of this album that immediately sets the scene for the musical goodies contained therein. There's this laidback 'ou' with his radio and guitar by his side, lying on his back with his head on his arms blissfully puffing on his pipe, the smoke billowing to form the word 'Oom'.   Click here for full review

StimelaStimela Out of the Ashes
Not exactly a new release this but Stimela's thirteenth album since their formation in 1982 is definitely worth a listen. Seeing as their last twelve albums all achieved Gold or Platinum status, this is clearly one SA band who have battled their way through the dark days to take their rightful place in the forefront of the SA music invasion.   Click here for full review

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