Lager Mentality


    Interview with vocalist Pieter Bezuidenhout By Stephen 'Sugar' Segerman

    Sugar: A brief history of the band, please.

    Pieter: We recorded, released and distributed our first album ('Indigenous Jewellery') independently. Since then we've changed a member, we have a new guitarist on the new CD and we've approached a lot of record companies, both big and small. We chose to sign with Wildebeest as they gave us a lot of freedom with the artwork, the CD cover and the image we wished to portray, as well as a good deal. Another reason was that they signed Wonderboom who, in our opinion, are the best local band, besides us of course. So we can work together and tour together.

    Sugar: How long have Dorp been going?

    Pieter: Our drummer, bassist and saxophonist played together at school about five years ago and they started the whole concept of Dorp. Since then the membership has changed. The original guitarist was Albert Frost from the Blues Broers. The vocalist then was Myburgh Grobelaar -- he and Albert left the band when a new guitarist joined. Then I joined and the guitarist changed again. The current line-up is the one that plays on our new CD ('Five Steps Off The Pacemaker').

    Sugar: So you were the vocalist on both albums. Who writes your material?

    Pieter: Myburgh wrote some of the songs on the first album, though most of those songs were written by the whole band. On the new album the songs were written by various members and then fleshed out by the band. The song 'Softshoescinemahelicopter' is credited to all the original contributors although it has changed quite a bit from its original form.

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