Sugar: The name Dorp creates an impression of an Afrikaans smalltown mentality which, of course, isn't what the band's about.

    Pieter: Yes, Dorp is really such a kak name. I mean, who would call their band Dorp? There's this poem we have:

      "Twee koeksusters sit oopmond en staar
                     En vra mekaar,
                     Hoekom Dorp, dis so 'n kak naam.
                     En 'n huur later kon hul steeds
                     Nie verstaan,
                     Dat 'n woord hoef nie by sy betekenis
                     Te blystaan."
    We are trying to create a negative image with the name because people don't want to be involved with the implications of the name, but the joke is on them because it represents us all and reflects on us all.

    Sugar: The name hasn't turned people off at all so presumably it's had the desired effect.

    Pieter: Exactly. It creates a negative interest and that creates a curiosity. People think this band can't be that dumb to call their band that!

    Sugar: Koos Kombuis was one of the first artists to alter people's perceptions of Afrikaans being the language of the oppressor.

    Pieter: Well, we don't have any Afrikaans songs but (that trend) has allowed bands like Valiant Swart and Wonderboom to use Afrikaans names. You also don't have to play the Johnny Clegg type of music that people expect to come out of South Africa either. It just has to have a South African identity. We do listen to overseas stuff but we don't have to copy it.

    Sugar: As a band what do you listen to?

    Pieter: We're all into ska, funk and punk but we have our own favourites and from this we have managed to find our own style. We do keep an ear on what's happening out there, so there has been a change from our first album to our second. You don't have to copy but you must keep up. There is a big movement towards dance music these days with the raves, so we don't go for too many ballads. Our music is mostly up-tempo. Our lyrics still have something to say without being too profound. People can catch on to lyrics even while they're dancing. When people dance to our music it creates an energy that feeds back into the band.

    Dorp are:
    Kevin Kieswetter - Guitar
    Pieter Bezuidenhout - Vocals
    David Poole - Saxophone
    Timothy Rankin - Drums
    Dylan Kelmo - Bass

    Dorp albums are:
    'Indigenous Jewellery'
    'Five Steps Off The Pacemaker'

    Dorp website at:

    Dorp email to:

    Pieter Bezuidenhout's five Space Station Discs are:

    1) Jamiroquai - Emergency On Planet Earth

  • 2) The Clash - London Calling
  • 3) The Sugarcubes
  • 4) The Best of the Police
  • 5) Koos Kombuis - Niemandsland
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