Sugar: What are the singles on the album?
Band: The first single is 'Hanging Out With Dave', but we're hoping to get 'Miss Appleby', 'Schizophrenic Love Trip' and 'Plastercaster' playlisted too. There is also a hidden track on the album that's a tribute to a fellow South African band.

Sugar: So now you're doing the Jose Cuervo Pumpkin Roadkill Tour to promote 'Petroleum'. How's it been?
Band: Well, it's our first nationwide tour. We kicked off at the Roxy Rhythm Bar in Melville with the official debauched launch party. Our support was a new, up-and-coming geek-rock band called Ethel My Love. We got a great reception. Then the next weekend we went to the Oppikoppi Festival where we played on the Western Front stage -- and that was a great gig, even though we played at the same time as Lithium. Then we went to Vanderbijlpark, which wasn't so great -- but that's Vanderbijlpark! We've been in Cape Town recently playing an assortment of venues. The crowds were a little laid-back but mostly good. Jose Cuervo have got behind us and there's been a lot of radio coverage as well as plenty of good tequila, so we've had a great time.

Sugar: How have you shaped on Barney Simon's Modern Rock Chart, which must be the top alternative rock programme on the air?
Band: We've had two number ones, 'Potato Head' and 'Bring It Down'. We've also had a number of our other songs going top 10. The show is not an accurate reflection of listener taste, more a reflection of Barney's taste. But Barney has done big things to promote SA music and he gets a wonderful response, so it's a good start to do well on his show.

Sugar: The other day I saw Arno from the Springbok Nude Girls sticking up his own posters in Long street. You must be aware of the challenges facing you as an emerging rock band in this country, not so?
Band: The Nude Girls had a plan right from the beginning, whereas we only met Dave after a while. But we've been working hard and planning carefully since then. We already have another six-track EP planned with songs and track listings all worked out. The established company thinking is that singles and EPs don't work but we feel differently. The record stores are getting behind SA product and not bumping the prices up to full price, which helps a lot in terms of sales.

Sugar: Ever had any problems with the band's name?
Band: Yeah, 5FM took exception to our name when 'Potato Head' was playlisted -- but they were playing the Butthole Surfers' single at the time!