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Funk 5
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funk 5 After a few previous incarnations as a full size glossy magazine, Get The Funk Out has finally hit on a winning formula. Their mag has shrunk down to the size of a compact disc and now, besides the quality, cross-cultural content that jam-packs its 140-odd pages, it also contains a 15-track CD in each issue that serves to showcase the hottest music and artists battling for national attention in the current South African music scene.

Each edition sells for R25.00 which is excellent value even if it was just for the CD. The fact that the magazine section is packed with book, music and movie reviews, a wide-range of cool articles on topical and irreverent subjects, interviews and strangely shot fashion pictorials makes this an essential purchase for anyone who wants to keep their finger on the pulse of the South African pop-cultural scene.

'Funk 5', the 52 minute compilation CD in this the 15th edition of GTFO and the 5th in the series of this type of attached CDs, contains the usual varied assortment of both 'local' and international talent. The first track is the debut single from the Honeymoon Suites 'Luminous Anonymity' which does not seem to have yet been released to the music stores but which was featured as a real audio track to accompany our 'Lager Mentality' online interview with this band. Scabby Annie, the punky mob also features in a similar interview, are represented by 'Uptown On The Underground' one of the many strong tracks on their 'Petroleum' CD. Noise-lovers will enjoy the contributions from Deviate, Groinchurn and Metalmorphasis. Some Australasian record companies see SA as a market for their local pop/rock product so Australia is represented by Ccada Luge and Pollyanna and New Zealand by Garageland's 'Fingerpops' single. Dorp contribute the ska-ish 'Jeff' off their last album 'Indigenous Jewellery'.

I cannot emphasise enough how valuable and essential these GTFO CDs are and will prove to be. One gets too used to overseas music publications dishing out similar compilation CDs and cassettes as inducements to buy their mags only to find them containing throwaway tracks and weak singles. GTFO are obviously keen to avoid this valueless type of marketing. By ensuring that the music on these CDs are of a uniform quality and topicality, they are creating an avenue for South African bands to display their wares to their potential markets and fans by sidestepping the obstacle blocks of trying to get one of the many monolithic record companies to take a chance and invest in the some of the wonderful music pouring out of the smaller clubs and recording studios in South Africa. One day when a group like the Honeymoon Suites are big, popular and highly collectable, your R25.00 copy of 'Funk 5' will repay your and GTFO's commitment to SA music. They also stack so conveniently into your CD racks!
Stephen Segerman (sugar@cd.co.za)

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Allison Simkiss / Fetish management fetish@iafrica.com Or phone Allison at 021-618 120 The CD costs R79.99 plus R12.00 postage.

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Lots of SA CDs to buy online at One World.

There's also the Two Oceans Trading online shopping mall where you can purchase Springbok rugby merchandising, SA books, jewellery and CD-ROMs, amongst many other items.

Any thoughts, requests, problems, complaints, praise or interesting and relevant SA music news, please email it immediately to: sugar@cd.co.za

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