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Bringing Back The Good Times - click for bigger picture Bringing Back The Good Times
LP: 1974
AUC 4504
CD: April 2003
3rd Ear Music
AUC 4504
  1. Farmer's Son (2:36)
  2. Long Time Song (3:21)
  3. Helping Hand (3:26)
  4. Lady Mac-Ann (2:28)
  5. Song to Jeffreys (3:04)
  6. You Made Me Cry (3:08)
  7. Positively You (6:00)
  8. Love Is Hard To Find (3:29)
  9. Good Times (3:02)
  10. North Coast (3:07)
  11. Nothing to Hide (3:26)

    Bonus tracks on CD re-issue:
  12. Hero of Heroes (2002)
  13. Bringing Back The Good Times (live 1972) with Mike Dickman
  14. Love You A Little More (1975)
  15. Orang Otang (2002)

Produced by David Marks & Don Williamson
Recorded at Manley Van Niekerk Studios, Johannesburg, March - May 1974
Engineer: Nino Rivera
Remixed by: Robert John "Mutt" Lange, David Marks, Nino Rivera, Brian Finch

  • Brian Finch: Vocals, guitar
  • Robert John "Mutt" Lange: Bass, fuzz bass
  • Kevin Kruger: Drums
  • Mike Dickman: Harmony & electric guitar, mouth harp, backing vocals
  • Kenny Henson: Incidental bottleneck guitar, electric guitar, vocals
  • Bob Denton: Mandolin, banjo
  • Paul Slatter: Violin, fiddle
  • Lofty Schultz: Sax
  • Arthur Stead: Organ, piano
  • Barry Irwin: Incidental vocals, applause
'Bringing Back The Good Times' (live 1972) on SAmp3.com
Brian Finch's first album 'Bringing Back The Good Times' was released in 1974 and has recently been remastered and released by 3rd Ear Music (thank you Dave Marks) with bonus tracks. This mp3 is a previously unreleased live version of the title track featuring the talents of Mike Dickman, recorded at Hillbrow's NiteBeat club sometime in 1972. (Brian Currin, SA Rock Digest, 21st April 2003)

Download 'Bringing Back The Good Times' from SAmp3.com



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