This website is just a time capsule now and it is unlikely to ever be updated again.


This website originally started life in early 1998 as the links section of my South African Deep Purple Fansite. It soon grew into this Web Index which seems to be very popular among Deep Purple fans world-wide, despite it's lack of graphics or flashy animations!

This Deep Purple Web Index is pretty comprehensive, but not nearly as exhaustive as it probably could be.

Recommendations are purely subjective, based on my experiences of these sites. NEW means new on this Web Index, not necessarily new on the Net. A good Deep Purple site for me is unique, accurate, regularly updated and hopefully back-linked to here!

I haven't left off the link to your site (or any of your favourite sites) to personally offend you, so please just let me know if you think yours (or any other) link should be here or if you discover a dead link (pages seem to appear and disappear all the time!).
"The best place to start looking for all things Purple on the WWW is probably Brian Currin's The South African Deep Purple Page which contains the Deep Purple Web Index, an excellent compendium of thematically-organised links."
Record Collector Magazine, March 2000 (Issue #247)
"For an exhaustive list of DP links, visit Brian Currin's behemoth Deep Purple Web Index."
The Highway Star - The Original Deep Purple Webpages
"Heroically compiled by Brian Currin, in the face of heavy casualty rates among sites. A breathtaking A-Z of Purple family pages."


Deep Purple - for inspiring such devotion in their fans, and especially me, that this web index became essential.
The Highway Star - The Original Deep Purple Webpages.
The Italian Deep Purple Website - for sparking off the idea of a one-stop link resource for Deep Purple.
The Pink Floyd Web Index - for inspiring this website.
The David Bowie Illustrated Discography - for the layout idea.

Please visit my general rock music trivia site at Vagabond's World. Artists featured include: Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Ramases, Sweet Smoke, Rodriguez, David Bowie, Meat Loaf, Jimi Hendrix, Golden Earring... and it is also the home of the South African Rock Encyclopedia.

Brian Currin, Cape Town, South Africa
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