David's Confession
About Time

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  1. Alpha I (Introduction)
  2. Alpha II (Silencing)
  3. Change (Intro)
  4. Change
  5. The Horseman
  6. Confessions
  7. Praying Hands
  8. The Tavern
  9. If
  10. Sometimes
  11. Time
  12. Eye
  13. The Machine
  14. Make Believe including excerpts from Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata'
  15. Judas (Intro)
  16. Judas
  17. Home St. Pierre
  18. Alpha III (The Awakening)
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  • Mel Botes: vocals, guitars, harmonica
  • Conrad Botha: bass
  • Andries Botha: guitars, mandolin
  • Philip Botha: vocals, drums, percussion

  • Andrian Hamilton: piano, keyboards
  • Linette Stulting: additional piano on the Sonata
  • Melissa Wiggens: violin solos
  • Julian Wiggens: Celtic pipes, string arrangements
  • SABC choir led by Simon Lomberg

Release information:

July 1999, Primedia


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Neil Daya, SA Rock Digest Issue #30 [1999]

I notice that up to now there has been no mention on the Rock Digest of the CD by David's Confession, called 'About Time'. This CD is one of the few truly progressive rock CDs to come out of South Africa in the 90's. I haven't heard of the band before this CD, so I don't have any info to pass on. The CD, however, is a pleasure. I would reckon the band's influences as early Genesis, Marillion, and maybe a little bit of Yes and Pink Floyd. The production is truly professional, and the music is tight, without being so technical that listening to it is a strain. Just from reading the booklet, it appears that three of the band's members are brothers (Conrad, Andries and Philip Botha). The fourth member (Mel Botes), on vocals and guitar, is responsible for most of the song-writing. I would hate to see this CD vanish into obscurity. It would be great if it could get some airplay, and I encourage all rock music fans to pop into a music store (preferably Vibes N1 City, of course) and take a listen to the disc.


Info supplied by André Wolfaardt, June 2001.

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