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Abstract Truth

Abstract Truth

Clockwise from top-left:
Ken E Henson, Sean Bergin, Brian Gibson, Robbie Pavid


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  1. Jersey Thursday [3:47]
  2. Coming Home Babe [6:32]
  3. Oxford Town [4:09]
  4. Fat Angel/ Work Song [10:16]
  5. Summertime [5:40]
  6. Scarborough Fair [3:44]
  7. Parchman Farm/ Moaning [2:57]
  8. Ain't Necessarily So/ Take Five [10:02]
  9. Total Totum (Acid Raga) [5:10]


  • Ken E Henson: guitar, sitar, vocals
  • Robbie Pavid: percussion
  • Brian Gibson: bass, vocals
  • Sean Bergin: sax, flute

Release information:

1970, Uptight, STIC 101
2005, Fresh, freshcd146 (with Silver Trees)

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Sept 1969 - click for bigger picture

Sept 1969: Ken E Henson, Fran Downing (just listening), Sean Bergin, Brian Gibson, Robbie Pavid.

Abstract Truth
Left-to-right: Brian Gibson (came out to S.A. in the sixties with a group called 004 to open the Tiles Club in Durban), (Dr.) Ian Bell (flute) [who stood in for Sean Bergin occasionally], Ken E Henson, (lead guitar, sitar) and myself Robbie Pavid (bongos). I was playing in The Third Eye at the same time as Abstract Truth (who's gig at Totum was a 5 to 7 cocktail hour gig) and then rush of to The Third Eye gig....ahh what you can do when you are young!!!!

The music of Abstract Truth was quite unique at the time as the line up was totally different to what was generally happening. For me it was one of the best and most rewarding times of musical exploration and satisfaction. Playing with Ken especially was rewarding as we seemed to connect and go places musically.
-- Robbie Pavid, June 2005


Cover scan supplied by Dmitry Shumakov from Russia, May 2000.
Track listing supplied by Andrew King, September 2000.
Newspaper cuttings supplied by Robbie Pavid, June 2005.
Additional info from Tertius Louw, Ken E Henson and Robbie Pavid, June 2005.

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