Africa She Too Can Cry

This classic album has now been released 4 times with 3 different track listings. It was first released in 1972 in South Africa by Hawk. It was then released in 1973 in Europe with a slightly different track list and credited to JoBurg Hawk. In 1998 (or thereabouts) an unofficial CD was released by the Never Never Land label in Japan with a different cover and track list. And in January 2004 Retrofresh released a CD of the European version with bonus tracks.

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Unofficial CD

album cover


  1. African Day from African Day
  2. Predictions
  3. Rolling of the bones Listen
  4. This elephant must die
  5. War talk
  6. My Spear
  7. The Return
  8. Jabula aka Uvuyo
  9. In My Youth from Live And Well

Release information:

1998 (?), Never Never Land, 758036 011

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More a compilation than a CD re-issue, this unofficial CD includes tracks from the original album, however it features the original version of the side-long track 'African Day', and also includes one track off Hawk's last album 'Live and Well' (which is not a 'live" album).

Inside Cover

Inside cover of unofficial CD.

CD supplied by Leon Economides.


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