Larry Amos
Going Up

Going Up


  1. Golden Highway (Larry Amos)
  2. Watching You (Larry Amos/Bruce Williams)
  3. It Depends (Larry Amos)
  4. No Cure (Larry Amos/Bruce Williams)
  5. Night Time Train (Larry Amos)
  6. Dance of Love (Larry Amos/Bruce Williams)
  7. Don't Walk Away (Larry Amos)
  8. Eloise (Larry Amos)
  9. Jo Bangles (Larry Amos)
  10. Love Dance (Larry Amos/Bruce Williams)
  11. Me and You (Larry Amos)
  12. Sweet Loving (Larry Amos/Bruce Williams)
  13. Take Me Into Your Heart (Larry Amos)
  14. All My Life (Larry Amos/Gregg Doyle)
  15. Let the Sun (Larry Amos)
  16. Knight (Larry Amos/Gregg Doyle)

Mastered by Mark Cumming at Footprint Productions, Farmall Johannesburg

Release information:

2001, CBDigital


All info supplied by John Samson, February 2002.

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