Little Archie And The Twisters



  • Twistin' Wild, Gallotone GALP 1238, 1962


    Side One

    1. Blue moon (instrumental)
    2. Oobie doobie (Sharon Tandy)
    3. Send for me (Roger Smith ex-Vikings)
    4. The twist (Carol Silanski)
    5. Peter Gunn twist (instrumental)
    6. Forty days (Billy Forrest)
    7. The wanderer (Bobby Angel)
    8. Rip it up (Roger Smith and Billy Forrest)

    Side Two

    1. Crossfire (instrumental)
    2. Well alright, okay, you win (Bobby Angel)
    3. Let's twist again (Carol Silanski)
    4. Peggy Sue got married (Roger Smith)
    5. Tinterella di luna (Sharon Tandy)
    6. It'll be me (Roger Smith)
    7. Some of these days (Sharon Tandy)
    8. Twist don't rock (instrumental)

    Seven Singles

  • Don't Knock Upon My Door/ Stick Around, Continental PD. 7-8574, 1962
  • Comin' Up In The World/ Tomorrow's Clown, Continental PD. 7-8630, 1963

    Tertius Louw, July 2001

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