Steve Linnegar's Snakeshed
The Art of Mist

Art Of Mist


  1. Monkeys [5.28] (Linnegar)
  2. There is no place [3.56] (Linnegar)
  3. So empty here [3.28] (Linnegar)
  4. In the class [7.10] (Linnegar)
  5. Egyptian Siesta [14.26] (Linnegar)
  6. Wahida* [3.54] (Linnegar/Kopelowitz)

Produced by Steve Linnegar, Martin Kopelowitz & Peter Hubner except 'Wahida' produced by Steve Linnegar
Recorded at Emcee Studios except "Wahida", recorded at Alvic Studios, London.

* "Wahida" was also included on the 1984 single Samurai Sunset.


  • Martin Kopelowitz (guitars and vocals)
  • Steve Linnegar (guitars and vocals)
  • Colleen Breel (keyboards) from The Insisters
  • Trevor Muller (bass)
  • Nico van der Reet (drums)

Release information:
1984, Snake Records, Cat. Number LK 7000


All info supplied by Stephan Forster, July 2001.

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