Robin Auld
Love Kills

Love Kills


  1. Love Kills
  2. Perfect Day
  3. Mandy
  4. Waiting for You*
  5. Dirty Mind*
  6. Lucy
  7. Charlie Go Crazy
  8. The Promise*
  9. Tiny's Resistance*
  10. Sasolburg*
All songs composed by Robin Auld

Produced by George Vardas, Robin Auld, Chris Ghelakis and Murray Anderson.
Engineed and Programmed by George Vordas
Recorded at TRS Studios, Johannesburg except * recorded at Milestone Studios


  • Robin Auld: Guitars, Harmonica
  • Dan Heymann: Keyboards
  • Murray Anderson: Keyboards
  • Judy Joubert: Backing Vocals
  • Barbara Tellinger: Backing Vocals
  • Tina Schouw: Backing Vocals
  • Veronica Makhalamele: Backing Vocals
  • Lloyd Martin: Drums
  • Gregg Higgins: Bass
  • Johnny Clegg: Guitars on 'Charlie Go Crazy'

Release information:

1991, Energy Records ENL16 (cassette ENC 16)


After living in London for a bit Robin Auld returned to S.A. and made the album 'Love Kills'. The album went on to win the OKTV Award for best rock album and it's not hard to see why. Auld is able to write quality AOR songs and delivers them with gusto, but is able to retain a laid back feel throughout.

The first half of the album is pure rock, while in the second half he starts introducing an African township element, particularly on 'Lucy' which has all the feel of a Bright Blue song. The guitar contribution by Johnny Clegg on 'Charlie Go Crazy' adds to this feel. On top of this, there are some brilliant rock guitar riffs to keep the pure rock contingent happy (Check out the intro to 'Perfect Day').

Robin's rough edged vocals are taken from the Bryan Adams school of voice (with Joe Cocker as headmaster), although they are thankfully never given the full groin straining, face distoring treatment. This control compliments the relaxed nature of the songs.

The track listing could probably win the award for the most number of non-cover versions on a rock album, there's 'Love Kills' (not the Freddie Mercury song), 'Perfect Day' (not the Lou Reed song), 'Mandy' (thankfully not the Barry Manilow song), not Prince's 'Dirty Mind' and neither is it Nick Cave's 'Lucy'. It is also the only album I know of that contains a song about Sasolburg.

This is an album full of feel good, laid back but still rock, township tinged songs that are pleasant on the ear. Carefully crafted and perfectly executed, it's another quality offering from one of South Africa's premier songwriters.
John Samson, SA Rockdigest #146, March 2002


All info supplied by John Samson, February 2001.

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