Robin Auld
Zen Surfing In The 3rd World

Zen Surfing


  1. Zen surfing in the third world
  2. All messed up
  3. Are you the one
  4. Hole in the wall
  5. Babylon calling
  6. Esmeralda
  7. Charlene
  8. Shot me out of the sky
  9. Heart and soul
  10. Orbit oblivion
  11. You said no
  12. Spiderville
All songs composed by Robin Auld

Produced by Lloyd Ross
Recorded at Milestone Studios, Cape Town


  • Robin Auld: Vocals, guitars, harmonica
  • Kevin Gibson: Drums
  • Robert Hack: Bass

  • Jo Rowlands: Backing vocals, handclaps
  • Lloyd Ross: Backing vocals, tambourine

Release information:

1993, Shifty, CDSHIFT (WL) 53


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