Barry Edwin Jarman 1931 - 2001

SA's most versatile and respected musician passed away on 12 June 2001

Barry E Jarman

"Member of The Bats had been there, done that"

"Barry Jarman, a founding member of the comedy pop group The Bats, has died, aged 70.

Although The Bats performed and recorded extensively for the better part of the 1960's and the 1970's,Jarman was generally regarded as one of South Africa's best session musicians.

Among other instruments, he could play trumpet, penny whistle and guitar, but he preferred the concertinaabove all. Boeremusiek was his first love, and he was a regular feature at the Sunday concerts at Bapsfontein,a pleasure resort outside Johannesburg, in the late 1950's and early 1960's.

It was at Bapsfontein, in 1958, that he met drummer and, later, comedian Eddie Eckstein, with whom he formedThe Bats with keyboard player and vocalist Paul Ditchfield and guitarist Jimmy Dunning in 1964......

The Bats broke up in 1980, and Jarman continued to work as a session musician and a part-time illustrator.The group reunited in 2000 for a series of concerts, but Jarman declined to take part ". No thanks! I've been there, done that!

[Source: The Sunday Times, 17 June 2001]


    Solo Albums

  • Wheatstone Cowboy

    Wheatstone one

  • Wheatstone Cowboy II

    Wheatstone two

  • Die Ander Hoed

    Ander hoed

  • Die Ander Ander Hoed

    Ander ander hoed

    Barry The Session Musician

  • Braaivleis Party Tunes

    Party tunes

    Barry The Concertina Player

  • The Bats


    Barry The Guitarist

  • Barry Playing His Fender Jazzmaster


    Barry The Artist

  • Art Heatlie As Seen By Barry


  • The Bats As Seen By Barry


    Barry The Pop Star

  • As Seen By Paul Ditchfield



Barry Jarman was born on 3 May 1931 in Pietermaritzburg. Barry qualified as a commercial artist before pursuing a full time career in music. He declined an invitation to rejoin the Bats for a series of concertsduring 2000 - 2001. " I've had my time as a rich and famous sex symbol. I'm enjoying a quiet life, being independent to come and go as I please."
-- Tertius Louw, June 2001

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