Dog Detachment
The Last Laugh

The Last Laugh


  1. The Last Laugh
  2. Envoy from Planet III
  3. Moonrocker
  4. Memories from The Future
  5. Black Hole
  6. Straitjacket
  7. A Drowning Man
  8. A Trace
  9. Civilized Zombie
  10. War March Of The Priests

Recorded at Universal Studios October 82 to March 83


  • Terry Tornado (Terry Armstrong): Bass, vocals
  • Brian Armstrong: Guitar, synthesisers, vocals)
  • Alan Armstrong: Drums and Percussions
  • Animal (Mike Adams): Guitar, synthesisers, 2nd Bass, Back-up vocals

Release information:

1983, David Gresham Productions, NGC 1052 (Cassette ZNGC 1052)

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Cover scan from Andrew King. Additional info from Martin Probert, May 2000.

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