Flash Fearless versus The Zorg Women Parts 5 & 6

A nostalgic musical of the 24th century

Flash Fearless...


  1. Trapped - Elkie Brooks [4.18]
  2. I'm Flash - Alice Cooper [3.11]
  3. Country Cooking - Jim Dandy [5.05]
  4. What's Happening - James Dewar [6.37]
  5. Space Pirates - Alice Cooper [3.13]
  6. Sacrifice - Elkie Brooks [3.55]
  7. To The Chop - John Entwistle [2.40]
  8. Supersnatch - Frankie Miller [3.24] not on UK album
  9. Georgia Syncopator - Maddy Prior [2.54] not on US album
  10. Blast Off - Jim Dandy [4.34]
  11. Trapped (reprise) - Eddie Jobson [1.22]

Release information:

USA: Chrysalis CHR 1072, February 1975
UK: Chrysalis CHR 1081, May 1975
CD RPM, RPM 147, January 1995.


Album recorded at the Chrysalis Studio, London between 1st October and 31st December 1974.

I bought this album in December 1975 on a sale and immediately fell in love with its tongue-in-cheek humour and superstar line-up. I have a 12-page comic that I remember receiving with an issue of NME and not with the album itself. It has a full comic-strip of the story of Flash Fearless and also contains almost all the lyrics.

"To The Chop" is my favourite track. Its based on the old Danny And The Juniors track "At The Hop", and manages to fit a piano solo, a guitar solo, a couple of sax breaks and a bass solo into 2 minutes and 40 seconds!

I eventually bought the CD re-issue in February 2002.



All brass parts arranged by Howie Casey and played by the Boss Brass.

All tracks arranged and produced by John Allcock.

Not sure which musicians played on 'Supersnatch', but possibly the same as track 9.

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