Freedoms Children
A New Day

New Day


  1. New Day
  2. Worthy is the lamb
  3. The gradual
  4. As in Adam (all die)
  5. Reflections
  6. Change of heart
  7. Jerusalem
  8. Hidden no more
  9. Sky marshall
  10. Peacemaker

Recorded at C&G Studios in 1989/90


  • Colin Pratley: vocals and drums
  • Ken E Henson: guitars, synthesisers, vocals and musical arrangements

Release information:

1990, Victory Records, CRS (3002) on spine, ERS (3002) on inside cover


I've just obtained a gospel tape by Freedoms Children called 'A New Day'! The musicians on thetape were Colin Pratley on vocals and drums, and Ken E Henson on guitars,synthesisers, vocals and musical arrangements. Although it does not comprise thefull FC membership, the tape was put out under the FC name.
-- Andrew King, October 2000

New Day Inside Tape Cover


Info supplied by Andrew King, October 2000. Cover scans from Tertius Louw, November 2000.

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