Music for Africa

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  1. Dance Mama (P J Powers) (3:58)
  2. Music for Africa (featuring Margaret Singana) (P J Powers) (4:27)
  3. Got You Where She Wants You (P J Powers) (3:57)
  4. Hold on to Your Love (G L van Dyk) (3:45)
  5. Rhythm Africa (J Barron) (3:40)
  6. Ways of Africa (G L van Dyk) (4:49)
  7. We've Got Love (featuring Steve Kekana) (P J Powers) (3:59)
  8. Put a Little Love (P J Powers) (3:36)
  9. Gotta Get Up (P J Powers/G L van Dyk) (3:50)
  10. Music for Africa (Reprise) (P J Powers) (2:07)

Produced by Bones Brettell, Greg Cutler and Alistair Coakley
Executive Producer: Mike Fuller
Arranged by HotlineEngineer: Greg Cutler


  • P J Powers: Lead Vocals
  • Alistair Coakley: Lead Guitar
  • George van Dyk: Bass Guitar
  • Bones Brettell: Keyboards
  • Larry Rose: Drums

Release information:

1983, Mike Fuller Music (Records) Pty Ltd, FML (B) 1001 (Cassette FMC (B) 1001)


All info supplied by John Samson, February 2001.

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