Heads Or Tails


  1. Money
  2. With Plenty Of Money And You
  3. Doublecross
  4. Money Runner
  5. Money Baby
  6. Heads Or Tails

Produced by Dan Hill and Kevin Kruger

Release information:

1980, RPM


This whole album was released as bonus tracks on the Forbidden Fruit CD re-issue in 1997.

The song 'Doublecross' has an interesting tale to it. I was on the last two days of a holiday in SA in 80, I was punting around some stuff that I had recorded when I was signed to EMI (UK). I wanderd into RPM, Dan Hill liked the songs but I was living in the UK then so there was nothing he could do with them, but he liked my voice and asked me if I had a couple of hours to spare, which I did. I sang that song 'Doublecross' and one other song on that album. Kevin Kruger produced it and Cindy Alter (from Clout) was one of the backing singers on it. I was paid R78 for it. When I eventually moved to SA to join Ballyhoo, I met up with Kevin (again) and we worked together on many other things and became mates, always up for some nonsense!
-- Stewart Irving, London, August 2002


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