The Helicopters
In the Flesh

In the Flesh


  1. Television (6:14)
  2. Western Skies (4:46)
  3. In the Flesh (4:43)
  4. Hi-Tech Man (3:42)
  5. Whisper Your Secret (4:34)
  6. Terror in the Attic (5:27)
  7. Yesterday Was Never (4:16)
  8. Television Part II (1:04)
All songs composed by B.D.A. Binns

Produced by Paul Hughes
Engineer - Paul Hughes
Final Mixes - Adrian Strydom
Recorded in Johannesburg in 1987 at Syntrax Studios


  • B.D.A. Binns: Lead Vocals & Guitars
  • John Mason: Keyboards and synths
  • Nick Matzukis: Drums, percussion and drum programms
  • Paul Hughes: Guitars and sequencers
  • Alistair Broadhead: Bass and pyrotechnics

Release information:

1987, Gallo Records (SLMS709)


All info supplied by John Samson, April 2001.

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