SA's first female rock vocalist

Passed away 14 January 2011

June Dyer



  • June Dyer, Renown, NLP 197, 1961


    Tracks: Sea of love/ The Hucklebuck/ My heart and I/ Blueberry hill/ Hound dog/ Let's have a party/ Oobie doobie/ Rebel/ Loch Lomond rock/ Lawdie miss Claudie/ Whirlpool of love/ Short fat fanny

    Comments: Instrumental backing on nine of the tracks were provided by the Rousers - whose line up included Jose Summares [lead guitar]/ Tony Spectre [rhythm guitar]/ Leon Booysen [bass guitar]/ Johnny Kruger [drums]. They enlisted the services of saxophonist, George Hayden who will also be remembered for his successful "MacMillan Plays" series on the Rave label.

    "Al Bently went very sour when we went to Boksburg to interview a semi deaf girl that had a very good voice. After the first practise session with June Dyer, we knew we had a hit! Recording with June proved it and we went to the top of the then hit parade with Whirlpool of love and Rebel". (Leon Booysen, October 2000) Duncan Hammond

    Her renditions of the songs "Oobie Doobie" and "Whirlpool Of Love" inspired Duncan Hammond almost 40 years later to compose and record the songs "Boobie Boobies " and "Quicksand" for his album "The Blue Moon Hotel". Melbourne based DJ, David Arys, included June's version of "Oobie Doobie" in the playlist for his regular Sunday morning programme "Rockabilly Hop".

  • Cookie Look Time At Claridges, Harold Roy and his Rascals featuring June Dyer, Renown, NLP 209, 1961


    Tracks: Pepito[June Dyer]/ Happy Jose/ Like I do[June Dyer]/ Multiplication/ One night of sin[June Dyer]/ With all my heart[June Dyer]/ Buono Sierra/ You need love[June Dyer]/ Let's twist again[June Dyer]/ Tu vuo-fa l'americano/ I want you with me[June Dyer]/ Allright, ok you win

  • Tell It to The Birds, Renown, NLP 223, 1962


    Tracks: Tell it to the birds/ Mr Twister/ Teach me how to twist/ Telephone lover/ Fire/ Lovers lane/ There it goes/ Moon river/ Only you/ Devil woman/ Fools rush in/ Tammy cha cha

  • June Dyer Sings Again, SABC Transcription Recording, LT 12, 254, No Date [With the Eldon Hawkes Trio]


    Tracks: Happy heart/ The french song/ Retreat song/ Summertime/ What now my love/ Till/ This girl's in love with you/ Climb every mountain/ Georgia on my mind/ Don't sleep in the subway/ The impossible dream

    Compilation Albums

  • The Big Five, Renown, NLP 222, 1962


    Tracks: Teach me how to twist/ There it goes

  • The Best Of SA Pop, 1960 - 1990, 2 CD Set, Gallo, CDREDD 610, 1997


    Tracks: Whirlpool Of Love/ Rebel

    Seven Singles

  • Whirlpool Of Love/ Comanche, Renown, N 1191, [78rpm], 1961

    Note: Whirlpool Of Love was a SA #1 hit in 1961


  • Rebel/ xxx, Renown, N 1215, [78rpm], 1961

    sheet music

  • Al-Di-La/ My Heart And I, Renown, N 1234, [78rpm], 1961

    sheet music image

  • Oobie Doobie/ Blue Berry Hill, Renown, 45-N 1264, 1962

  • Party/ Loch Lomond Rock, Renown, 45-N 1266, 1962

  • Let's Twist Again [with Harold Roy and his Rascals]/ Cave Man Twist [Pelvis Press-ups and the "can you take it" shudders], Renown, 45-N 1296, 1962

  • Let's Twist Again [with Harold Roy and his Rascals/ Cave Man Twist [Pelvis Press-ups and the "can you take it" shudders], Renown, 45-N 1296, no date [red label re-issue]


  • Tell It To The Birds/ Telephone Lover, Renown,
    45-N 1318, 1963

    June Dyer News

  • The Silhouettes, Filmworlds, Page 26, January 1961

    scanOne of the most popular groups in South Africa today - The Silhouettes - were introduced to the South African public through the Radio Record Club. Their long playing record "The Silhouettes at the Bop Inn" has met with more success than any other locally produced teen appeal recording produced in this country. They follow their success on this lp with a single (78 speed recording). Their instrumental side is Comanche and on the flip side....June Dyer, talented and good looking Johannesburg Teenager sings WHIRLPOOL OF LOVE. Another outstanding recording by THE SILHOUETTES - COMANCHE/WHIRLPOOL OF LOVE - RAVE R151

  • "Johannesburg's Own Singing Sensasion", Filmworlds, Page 25, 1961

    scan Tall, slim and very attractive June Dyer has been singing at sessions in and around Johannesburg for two years. She came to the notice of a Trutone Record Company talent scout whilst she was playing piano and singing "Tallahassie Lassie". Her natural musicianship and "feel" for the song made an immediate impression. Soon after June was signed to a recording contract - became an established singer with the "Silhouettes" and cut her first recording "Whirlpool". (To be released shortly on the Rave label.)
    That's the story of June Dyer in brief. If you like to hear June on record - Listen to the Radio Record Club. If you would like to listen to her superb recording of "WHIRLPOOL OF LOVE" - again and again....as you will certainly want to once you have heard it - then go down to your local disc den and get a copy of your very own. Man - you'll never regret owing this truly fab recording. WHIRLPOOL OF LOVE - that's the title - but, you will be hearing it everywhere this month - from Juke Boxes - from the RRC - from LM Radio - and at private parties. We're proud of June at RRC and we're certain you'll be too!

  • Advertising June Dyer Show


  • "Now June's A Hit Singing Star", Sunday Times, 1961

    scan Six months ago 18-year-old June Dyer, who works in a Johannesburg bank, was deaf. Now she has a rock 'n roll record "whirlpool of love" soaring on the South African charts in competition with top-selling artists like Cliff Richard, Elvis Presley and Jo Jones. Dark haired June was shy and bewildered by her success when she told me this week that she had been singing and playing the piano to herself for years. She said: "I could feel vibrations but I had no idea of the tone or sound of my voice". Between August and September last year, she had three operations. "While I was recovering I sat and played the piano and sang to myself. All of a sudden I could hear". For the next six months, overcoming by the novelty of hearing her own voice - June practiced daily. Then she sang with a young rock-'n-roll group called the Silhouettes at a house party. "They liked my voice so much that they invited me to sing at 'gigs' with them". ... An executive offered her a a contract and within a week she had cut her first disc - "Whirlpool of love". June's record has risen rapidly into the top twenty. It is rated both on the Lorenco Marques and the South African hit parades. And it is still climbing. Alan Marshall publicity manager at Trutone Records, says June has that "vitality that which somehow only teenagers manage to put into their singing. She enjoys her singing so much that she radiates an enthusiam which is passed on to her audience". He predict a great future for her. Several more records have been lined up for release.

  • June Dyer Biography

    June Dyer was born in Durban on 19 June 1942. She was not deterred by the fact that she was almost totally deaf from the age of 10, and mastered lip reading and getting the music beat by holding the piano or bass. June won several talent competitons and eventually caught the eye of talent scout, Alan Marshall.

    scan June sang at the Club Pepsi in Rissik street with bands such as the Vikings. She joined the Silhouettes and toured the Republic with them. June and ex Silhouettes member, Leon Booysen, formed the Rousers and undertook a tour to Rhodesia. Later she joined Harold Roy's band at the Claridges Hotel in Durban. June's early recordings did exeptionally well on the charts. Whirlpool of love reached #3 on LM's top twenty hit parade in March 1961. Rebel also peaked at #3 on the same charts.
    [Malcolm Lombard]

    ....Melbourne based DJ, David Arys, included June's version of 'Oobie Doobie' in the playlist for his regular Sunday morning programme 'Rockabilly Hop'.
    -- Tertius Louw, June 2004
Tertius Louw

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