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Last ConcertIn Japan

Last Concert In Japan


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  1. Burn(Blackmore/Coverdale/Lord/Paice) 7.05
    from Burn
  2. LoveChild (Bolin/Coverdale) 4.44
    from ComeTaste The Band
  3. YouKeep On Moving (Coverdale/Hughes) 6.14
    from ComeTaste The Band
  4. WildDogs (Tesar/Bolin) 6.04
    from Tommy Bolin's solo album Teaser
  5. LadyLuck (Cook/Coverdale) 3.10
    from ComeTaste The Band
  6. SmokeOn The Water (Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Lord/Paice) 6.25
    from MachineHead
  7. SoldierOf Fortune (Blackmore/Coverdale) 2.21
    from Stormbringer
    snippet lifted from I Need Love and substituted for GeorgiaOn My Mind
  8. Woman From Tokyo instrumental (Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Lord/Paice)4.02
    from WhoDo We Think We Are! actually part of Jon Lord's organ solo
  9. HighwayStar (Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Lord/Paice) 6.51
    from MachineHead

This erratic live album, featuring Tommy Bolin was released in South Africa in 1978 on Purple Records distributed by EMI. Catalogue number was TPSJ (L) 3514 (82C 062 60900 also appears on the cover). This album was also released in Japan, France, Spain and Germany. In 1990 it was released on CD in Japan only but is still unavailable elsewhere.

Recorded on the 15th December 1975 at the Budokan in Tokyo, this album's only redeeming features are the live versions of Wild Dogs and Soldier Of Fortune which are not officially available anywhere else. I wouldn't really recommended this album for the casual fan, rather try On The Wings Of A Russian Foxbat, when Tommy was in much better form. The song order has been moved around for some obscure reason. See the actual set list below for comparison.

In September 2001 This Time Around - Live in Tokyo 1975 was released which featured the complete concert.


  • Japan Sep 1977 Warner Bros P-10370-W [1LP]
  • France Jun 1978 Purple Records C066-60900 [1LP]
  • Germany Jun 1978 Purple Records 1c064-60900 [1LP]
  • Germany Jun 1978 Purple Records 1c264-60900 [1MC]
  • Benelux/France Jun 1978 Purple Records 5c062-60900 [1LP]
  • Spain 1978 Purple Records 066-60900 [1LP]
  • South Africa 1978 EMI Records TPJS(L) 3514 [1LP]
  • Japan 1990 Warner Bros WPCP-4018 [1CD]
  • Japan 1996 Warner Bros WPCR-876 [1CD remastered]
Release info from the Deep Purple: Made In Italy website

Actual set list:

  1. Burn
    from Burn
  2. LadyLuck
    from ComeTaste The Band
  3. LoveChild
    from ComeTaste The Band
  4. Gettin'Tighter
    from ComeTaste The Band
  5. SmokeOn The Water
    from MachineHead
    including snippet from Georgia On My Mind sung by Glenn Hughes
  6. WildDogs
    from Tommy Bolin's solo album Teaser
  7. INeed Love
    from ComeTaste The Band
  8. Soldier Of Fortune
    from Stormbringer
  9. Organ Solo by Jon Lord which included snippets from WomanFrom Tokyo, Bach's Toccata in Dm and Beethoven's FürElise
  10. Lazy
    from MachineHead
    including a Drum Solo from Ian Paice
  11. ThisTime Around / Owed to G
    from ComeTaste The Band
  12. Tommy Bolin Solo
  13. Drifter
    from ComeTaste The Band
  14. YouKeep On Moving
    from ComeTaste The Band
  15. Stormbringer
    from Stormbringer
  16. HighwayStar
    from MachineHead

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