Jimi Hendrix

Red House

Red house is a classic blues song with a varied recording history, this page only refers to the studio versions at present.

RED HOUSE version 1:
recorded 13th December 1966,
includes studio chat by Chas Chandler and Jimi,
released on original UK version of ARE YOU EXPERIENCED
RED HOUSE version 2:
same basic recording as version 1 but with a different vocal take by Jimi recorded 29th March 1967 and
a different mix with more guitar echo,
studio chat introduction mixed out,
released on the US version of SMASH HITS in 1969, the 1993 & 1997 CD re-issues of ARE YOU EXPERIENCED, THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE CD in 1993 and the BLUES CD in 1994.
RED HOUSE version 3:
recorded 29th October 1968 and introduced by Jimi as played by the Electric Church,
released on VARIATIONS ON A THEME: RED HOUSE CD in US only in 1989,
released on BLUES CD in 1994 and retitled ELECTRIC CHURCH RED HOUSE.


Jimi Hendrix

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