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  1. Suck - War Pigs
  2. Suck - The Whip
  3. Otis Waygood Blues Band - Wee Wee Baby
  4. Freedoms Children - 1999
  5. Otis Waygood Blues Band - You're Late Miss Kate
  6. Otis Waygood Blues Band - Fever
  7. Freedoms Children - About The Dove And His King
  8. Suck - 21st Century Schizoid Man
  9. Freedoms Children - That Did It
  10. Freedoms Children - The Kid He Came From Hazareth
  11. Otis Waygood Blues Band - Watch 'n Chain
  12. Suck - Aimless Lady
  13. Freedoms Children - The Homecoming
  14. Otis Waygood - In The Sun
  15. Otis Waygood - In Alan's Car

Release information:

1972, EMI Starline, SRSJ 7001/2


This is a double album, which contains the best and (cough) worst of some of the late 60's early seventies progressive rock!
-- Garth Chilvers, February 1999

Cover scans supplied by Tertius Louw, a vinyl collector of note.

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