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Rodriguez: the man and his music - by Brian Currin, 1998

"It's not a song it's an outburst" - Rodriguez

Rodriguez is a young Detroit native of Mexican background who grew up in theslums of motor city and managed to escape because of his intelligence andsoul. He sees himself as a mouthpiece for the many sided unhappiness of theAmerican system and is tempted by a very live sense of urgency to help thepeople who can't emerge themselves and to fight the system that gives themno chance. He jokes: "You'll see man, I'm gonna get the Grammy Award andI'll stand up there and I'll say 'Thank you very much everybody forliking my songs but I want to tell you, the children of the inner city arestarving!"

Rodriguez first started as a ghetto minstrel, he wrote blues songs about theinner city, wasted lives, junk and hookers. He was born with his talent formelodies and phrasing and became a sponge for all his ideologies and socialconcerns and poignantly portrayed his anger and disillusionment through hissongs.

At this stage he was signed to a small recording company. A couple ofstandard R&B songs were produced but this agreement folded, due to lack ofinterest and Rodriguez's distaste for status and economic success.

Rodriguez is not an idealist, he practically attempts to change the systemwhich he believes is grossly unfair to a large proportion of humanity. Hehas now retired from recording and has graduated as a Social Worker and isworking for the Common Council.

Rodriguez has recorded two albums 'Cold Fact' and 'Coming to Reality'. 'ColdFact' was originally released many years ago and after heavy demand wasfinally re-released. The twelve songs on the album are lyrical portraits ofhuman suffering and problems. Though brutally real, all of Rodriguez'smaterial contains humour and hope, confidence that the revolution is halfway here and like all outbursts it's easier to listen to than live.

Biography from Australian music book for Cold Fact, published in the early 80's. Info supplied by Warren, July 1999.

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