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Rodriguez and Brian
Rodriguez and Brian, 2 March 1998
Photo by Konny Rodriguez


October 1997
Looking For Rodriguez

in Directions magazine
by Craig Bartholomew

26th October 1997
Fan traces "lost" singer Rodriguez

in Sunday Times Cape Metro
by Bobby Jordan

16th February 1998
Rodriguez? He's playing here in fact...

inCape Times
by Karen Rutter

17th February 1998
Sugar Man Returns

inThe Star
by Peter Feldman

26th February 1998
And I wonder...

in Southern SuburbsTatler

March 1998
Just who exactly is Rodriguez?

in Music Africa
by Andrew Bond

1st March1998
The cold facts about a man of mystery

in Sunday Times Cape Metro
by Graham Howe

4th March 1998
Rodriguez flies in from seventies

in Cape Times
by Karen Rutter

8th March 1998
In Search Of Rodriguez...

in Sunday Independent
by Craig Bartholomew

8th March 1998
Rodriguez and communism...

in SundayIndependent
by Darryl Accone

8th March 1998
The Return Of The Sugarman

in Sunday Life magazine

12th March 1998
Ageless Appeal of Veteran Singer

in Southern Suburbs Tatler

26th March 1998
Singer embodies South Africa's hopes

in USA Today
by Ellis Cose

April 1998
On the trail of a living legend

inThe Big Issue
by Sugar

April 1998
From the magazine that brought you Jesus...
in Directions
By Martin Beck

January 2001
Cold Fact - Sixto Rodriguez

from Fuzz, Acid and Flowers
By Tim Forster


7th March 1998
From Sweet Songs To Street Songs

by Brian Currin

7th March 1998
Hi Wonder


9th March 1998
Rodriguez and Big Sky

in Business Day on-line
by Guy Willoughby

25th June 1998
The Blues Room concert
in The Citizen
by Tracy Croucamp


26th March 1979
A new look, new sound Rodriguez

in the Sydney Telegraph
by Roger Crosthwaite

April 1998
Cold Fact - A Retrospective

byAndrew Bond


20th February 1998
Fact: Rodriguez lives

in the Mail & Guardian
by Craig Bartholomew

9th March 1998
Wondering Again

in The Star Tonight
by Sally Scott


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