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Celebrating The Artwork of Roger Dean, 1968 to 1977
Celebrating The Artwork of Roger Dean, 1968 to 1977
Created by Brian Currin. All images ©Roger Dean

CLASSIC ROCK feat Osibisa, Ramases, Yes, Uriah Heep, Budgie, Asia, Badger
CLASSIC ROCK feat Osibisa, Ramases, Yes, Uriah Heep, Budgie, Asia, Badger
Created by Brian Currin. All images ©Roger Dean

Evening Dragon
Rare Earth - One World (Inner Gatefold) Evening Dragon ©Roger Dean 1971

This page is dedicated to my favourite artist, Roger Dean. My name is Brian Currin and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I have been a fan of Roger's work since the early 70s. My favourites are his paintings for Yes and Uriah Heep and I bought the "Symphonic Pink Floyd" CD in 1995 mainly for the artwork!

Please visit Roger Dean at

"Dixie" Dean: I was at Canterbury College of Art with Roger in the 1960s. We both came from Dover and commuted on the same train and went to the same rather wild art student parties. We always called him"Dixie" rather than Roger. He was an extremely amiable and pleasant young guy, very popular, with a cheerful disposition. Like you I am very pleased that he has been so successful. I also think your art is very exciting and unique and the idea of a combined Dean and Currin website is a very clever and enjoyable one.

Sylvia Shepherd, August 2000

The Making Of The Magician's Birthday Album Cover

The cover of Uriah Heep's "Magician's Birthday" was assembled from the separate images shown below. Because it had to be completed in a day Dean had to specify the background colour he wanted to the printers over the telephone. Their was no time to check proofs, and he was relieved to see that the different elements had fused more or less as he had hoped they would.

Views, Roger Dean, 1975 (Dragon's Dream)

Uriah Heep - The Magician's Birthday

Magician's Birthday Red

Magician's Birthday Cat and Wizard

Magician's Birthday Background colours

©Roger Dean 1972

Roger's Artwork

Space Hymns
Space Hymns by Ramases ©Roger Dean 1971

Dragon's Garden - Us And Them - Symphonic Pink Floyd
Us And Them - Symphonic Pink Floyd (Dragon's Garden ©Roger Dean 1995)

Roger Dean Stamp
Stamp ©Roger Dean 2016

Supernatural Fairy Tales
Supernatural Fairy Tales, 5CD progressive rock box set ©Roger Dean 1996

Mark Raats Artwork

Mark Raats
A proposed album cover by Mark Raats in a Roger Dean style.
Please see more Mark Raats album covers

Currin Family Artwork

Yes World by Brian Currin, 1978
A drawing I did in the late 70s. Sort of like Doctor Strange meets Roger Dean.

Yessongs by Roger Dean 1973

Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange by Steve Ditko

Yes drawing with colour
My drawing again with some digital colouring (using Paint Shop Pro)
in 1998 by my son, Michael, then aged 9.

Yes drawing with pencil crayon
My drawing once again, this time with pencil crayon colouring
in 1998 by my sons, Michael (9) and Christopher (6) and myself

Sunset Of The City
Sunset Of The City - City In The Water by Michael Currin
(A Roger Dean collage, based on images from Views book)
©Michael Currin 1998

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