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The online South African Rock Encyclopedia covers the history of South African rock music from the 1950s up to the early 2000s. All this information is made freely available to the public.



The people listed below have all contributed in some way to the information archived on these webpages. A very big "thank you" to all of them.

Alan Hilton, Albert du Plessis, Allan Faull, André Fourie, André Wilms, André Wolfaardt, Andrew King, Andrew Rees, Barney Simon, Bas Möllenkramer, Benjy Mudie, Bernard Binns, Bill Flynn, Billy Forrest, Bobby Louw, Brian Davidson, Chris Kimberley, Chris McLaren, Chris Venter, Christopher Bush, Craig Ballen, Craig Else, Daniel Neville, Dave Chislett, Dave Malherbe, David Marks, Debbi Lonmon, Derek Smith, Don Bryce, Duncan MacKay, Eva Rodriguez, Garth Chilvers, Gordon MacKay, Jannie "Hannepoot" van Tonder, Jo Day, John Mair, John Samson, Jonathan Handley, Jonathan Langley, Johnathan Martin, Jonathan Selby, Julian Laxton, Karen Laxton, Karen Zoid, Ken E Henson, Kevin Kruger, Kevin Shirley, Kirster Nyeland, Konny Rodriguez, Koos Kombuis, Kurt Shoemaker, Leon Economides, Malcolm Lombard, Martin Myers, Martin Probert, Mick Jade, Mike Greeff, Moonshine Lee, Neil Daya, Nic Martens, Nick Beck, Nick Warburton, Nielen Mirror, Nigel Berry, Nigel Walsh, Owen Coetzer, Patric van Blerk, Peter Alston, Peter Hanmer, Peter Measroch, Phil Wright, Piet Botha, Piet Obermeyer, PJ Powers, Ramsay MacKay, Regan Rodriguez, René Mullenders, Richard Bruyns, Richard Laws, Robbie Pavid, Robbie Woodward, Robin Auld, Rogan Coles, Roger Browning, Roger Lucey, Rui de Sousa, Sixto Rodriguez, Stephan Forster, Stephen "Sugar" Segerman, Sue Charlton, Tertius Louw, Theunis Engelbrecht, Tim Faull, Tom Jasiukowicz, Tony de Buys, Tony Groenewald, Tully McCully, Valiant Swart, Werner Regenthal.

All the quotes from the book The History Of Contemporary Music Of South Africa by Garth Chilvers and Tom Jasiukowicz (1994, TOGA Publishing) that appear on this website are reprinted here with the kind permission of the authors.