John E Sharpe And The Squires

 John Sharpe



  • Maybelline (1966) CBS, ALD 6962


    Tracks: Monkey Shine/ What's Your Name/ Maybelline/ LSD/ I'm A Man/ I Am A Rock/Walking The Dog/ She's Fine, She's Mine/ Bo-Diddley/ I Gave My Wife A Diamond/ Back Door Man/ Folsom Prison Blues

    Seven Singles

    Original Company Sleeve

  • Stop Your Sobbing/ High Heel Sneakers, CBS SSC 545
  • I'll Explain/ Yours For The Picking, CBS SSC 587
  • I Am A Rock/ Like A Rolling Stone, CBS SSC 650, 1966
  • Monkey Shine/ Take It Easy, CBS SSC 698, 1966

    Compilation Album

  • Spectacular Star Sensations, CBS KLD 4509

    Star Sensations

    Track: I Am A Rock

    Compact Disc

  • The Best Of South African Pop Volume 2,
    CDGMPD 40486, 1994

    Best Of SA Pop Volume 2

    Track: I Am A Rock


  • John E Sharpe: lead guitar, vocals
  • Chris Demetriou: vocals, keyboards
  • Les Goode: bass guitar left in 1965
  • Alan Shane: vocals, bass guitar joined in 1965
  • Robbie Heaney: drums
  • Various Other Musicians

    Session Work

  • Gene Rockwell, Heart And Soul, Gallotone GALP 1404

    Backing Vocals: Sylvia Faktor/ Iginia Slabaina/ Maria Dolores Paravane/ John E Sharpe/ Mel Miller

    Gene Rockwell

  • Mel And Mel, 500 Miles/ Sorrow And Pain, CBS SSC 352, March 1965

    Instrumental backing provided by John E Sharpe And The Squires

  • Quentin E Klopjaeger With The Gonks, Lazy Life/ The Long Way Home, TRS-E-9093, 1968

    The Gonks: John E Sharpe/ John Elliot (sax)/ Albert Rossi (drums)/ Other

    Lazy Life

  • Quentin E Klopjaeger, Sad Simon Lives Again, Troubadour TRL-E1319, 1968

    The Gonks provided instrumental backing on various tracks

    Sad Simon Lives Again


Thanks to Rupert Mellor for black and white photograph of John E Sharpe.

Tertius Louw, June 2001.

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