The Wall

Isn't this where we came in?:
Astute listeners will notice that the words "...we came in?", accompanied by some plaintive Yiddish violin playing (sounds like an accordian to me - BC), are the first thing heard on the album. This makes no sense until you hear the last words on the album, "Isn't this where...", implying that the whole thing is a cycle, and that once the wall is broken down, you start building a new one.
-- Cliff Jones, Echoes - the stories behind every Pink Floyd song (Omnibus, 1996)


This magnificent album was released by Pink Floyd on 30th November 1979. It went to number 1 on the US charts and number 3 in the UK. The movie was released on 14th July 1982, and Roger Waters' 'The Wall Live In Berlin' was recorded on 21st June 1990 and released in September 1990. 'Is There Anybody Out There? - The Wall Live 1980/81' was recorded live between 2nd July 1980 and 17th June 1981 and released by Pink Floyd on 18th April 2000.

The Movie:

The film soundtrack features tracks not on the original album, as well as remixed and even completely re-recorded versions of tracks from 'The Wall' album.

The music first heard in the beginning of the film is an old recording of 'The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot' sung by Vera Lynn. (The song, 'Vera', refers to this World War II "Forces' Sweetheart"). This track is sometimes listed as 'Christmas Comes But Once A Year'.

In The Flesh?/ In The Flesh

Vocals have been re-recorded by Bob Geldof (then from the Boomtown Rats, now Sir Bob), who played the character "Pink" in the film.

When The Tigers Broke Free

New track recorded in 1982, split into two parts for the film, released as a single in August 1982. Went to number 39 on the UK charts. The Laser Disc release lists part 1 as 'The Enemy Bridge Was Held' and part 2 as 'The High Command'. This song was eventually officially released on CD on Echoes - The Best Of Pink Floyd in November 2001.


Completely re-recorded with different instrumentation and slight lyrics changes.

What Shall We Do Now?

Originally recorded for 'The Wall' album, but not released, even though the lyrics appeared on the album and on the CD re-issue! 'Empty Spaces' is actually a reprise of 'What Shall We Do Now', but does not appear in the film. In 1990, Roger Waters (with Bryan Adams) performed 'What Shall We Do Now' at the Berlin Wall concert, but it is listed on the CD cover as 'Empty Spaces'.

Bring The Boys Back Home

Re-recorded with the Pontardulais Male Voice Choir as well as additional brass and orchestral instrumentation. Released as the b-side of 'When The Tigers Broke Free' single in 1982.


Re-recorded by Bob Geldof only, no Pink Floyd contribution.

Outside The Wall

Completely re-recorded with choir and brass section.

All the other tracks used in the film were remixed in some way, most of the changes being in the sound effects and voices in the background.

The helicopter sound before 'Another Brick...' is a train in the film.

Whenever Pink watches TV during the film, the movie showing is "The Dambusters".

The songs 'Empty Spaces', 'Hey You' and 'The Show Must Go On' were not used at all in the film.

The Wall Live 1980/81:

'The Wall Live' draws performances from the seven Wall concerts that were recorded live at Earl's Court, London between 2nd July 1980 and 17th June 1981. Along with live versions of all the songs on the studio album, the set also brings to light some tracks never before released on audio disc. These include two tracks titled 'MC/ Atmos' (short for 'Master of Ceremonies/ Atmosphere'), which consist of spoken-word segments and other extra-musical elements from the elaborate stage production, and a performance of 'What Do We Do Now?' a song that was dropped from the studio album at the last minute but included in the film version of The Wall.

In addition, the album included, for the first time in any recorded format, 'The Last Few Bricks', an instrumental piece that occurs toward the end of the first disc, between 'Another Brick in the Wall, Part 3' and 'Goodbye Cruel World'. The piece is a medley containing elements of songs heard in the first part of the show - including 'Empty Spaces', 'Young Lust' and 'Another Brick in the Wall parts 1 and 2' - and was inserted into the show to allow stage-hands time to complete construction of the massive cardboard brick wall that was a main feature of the performances. The medley never had an official title. It's name was suggested to James Guthrie by Roger Waters, who also listened to Guthrie's mixes and gave his approval.
-- The Great Gig On The Web

Track listing with lyrics:

The Other Side Of The Wall:

Pink Floyd An album titled 'The Other Side Of The Wall' (CBS Records, AGP 79 / 80) was released in South Africa (only?) in 1982. This was a cash-in attempt after the enormous success of 'The Wall' in South Africa. The 'Another Brick' single had gone to the top spot on the charts in February 1980 and then was banned for inciting riots among school children! The 'Other Side...' album was a repackage of 'Wish You Were Here' and 'Animals'.

Musicians (for the album and the film):
Dave Gilmour: Vocals, Guitars
Roger Waters: Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitars
Rick Wright: Keyboards
Nick Mason: Drums, Percussion
Bruce Johnston, Toni Tennille, Joe Chemay, Jon Joyce, Stan Farber, Jim Haas & Pupils from the Fourth Form Music Class, Islington Green School, London: Backing Vocals 
Michael Kamen & Bob Ezrin: Orchestrations

Additional Musicians:
Andy Bown: Drums
Jeff Porcaro: Drums on 'Mother'
Joe Porcaro: Percussion on 'Bring The Boys Back Home'
Freddie Mandell: Keyboards on most tracks, Hammond Organ on 'In The Flesh, parts 1 & 2'
Lee Ritenour: Guitar on 'Comfortably Numb' and
'One Of My Turns'
Willie Wilson: Drums
Bob Ezrin: Keyboards
Bobbye Hall: Percussion>
Peter Wood: Keyboards on 'In The Flesh'
Ron di Blasi (referred to as "a classical guy" by David Gilmour in Record Collector #247, March 2000): classical guitar on 'Is There Anybody Out There'
Trudy Young: spoken monologue on 'One Of My Turns'
Pontardulais Male Voice Choir led by Noel Davis: Vocals

Biography and Discography:

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