David Kramer
Die Verhaal van Blokkies Joubert

Die Verhaal van Blokkies Joubert


  1. Blokkies Joubert (1:31)
  2. Die Royal Hotel (2:57)
  3. My Hands are Shaking (2:41)
  4. Piet Bedien (2:21)
  5. Montagu (2:36)
  6. Friends of Mine (1:25)
  7. Hak Hom Blokkies (3:44)

All songs written by David Kramer

Produced by Paddy Lee Thorp and David Kramer
Engineered by Jerry Barnard at B&S Studios, Cape Town, except 'Hak Hom Blokkies' engineered by Dave Gordon and Scotty Scott at UCA Studios


  • Eddie Wilkinson: Concertina

No other musicians are credited, presumably Kramer plays all the rest.

Release information:

September 1981, Mountain Records (MOULP (E)11)

Webpage: David Kramer

All info supplied by John Samson, April 2002.

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