3 Speed - Of Engines and Earthworms

3 Speed - Of Engines and Earthworms

May 2002, Independent


  1. Waiting For Morning mp3
  2. Talk To The Trees
  3. Murphy The Lemon Dealer
  4. Little
  5. Midnight Moonlight
  6. Fear of Gravity


  • Joshua Ackerman
  • Barry Sherman
  • Gad "Gizmo" de Combes


This Johannesburg teenage trio's debut 6-song EP draws a sweet line between The Waterboys, The Chills, and Prince Harry Potter. Opening track 'Waiting For The Morning' is a bouncy pop-rock ballad with rough guitars, fey vocals, and harmonicas spread all over the choruses. And then things get nicely weird with the fantasy-prog of songs like 'Talk To The Trees', 'Murphy The Lemon Dealer' and 'Little'.

Joshua Ackerman, Barry Sherman, and Gad 'Gizmo' de Coombes self-produced 'Of Engines And Earthworms' under the watchful eye of Ian Osrin in the Digital Cupboard Studios. The diverse spread of styles and influences is obvious and explainable. Joshua Ackerman is the son of Jon, for many years the dedicated owner of Street Records in Braamfontein. Imagine growing up in that house with all that music around - it shows. 3 Speed have a fresh and confident sound and plenty of skill, and they know and show their roots, which is always a good combination when a young band is starting out. A very promising start, wait till they get to 5 Speed!

-- Stephen Segerman, May 2002

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