Ashton Nyte - The Slender Nudes

Ashton Nyte - The Slender Nudes

May 2000, Intervention Arts, INT007

Ashton Nyte


  1. Glam Vamp Baby
  2. Selling Skin
  3. Obscene
  4. Need For Air
  5. Too Young
  6. Hunting
  7. Fashion Forgot
  8. Noisecolour
  9. Electric Man
  10. Lilly's World
  11. Girlie

    CD-Rom video:
    Glam Vamp Baby


  • Ashton Nyte: vocals, all instruments

Press release:

After years of great success and popularity both in the media and with the public, Ashton Nyte, the man behind The Awakening's three albums and two EPs to date, is going solo. Since Ashton Nyte is the sum total of The Awakening's studio existence, one might see this as redundant, but Ashton himself does not. In order to create a clear distinction between his past work in the Gothic genre and his current work that is very much Pop. Treading the glitter-paved line between 70s Glam Rock and 80s Synth Pop, the first solo album by Ashton Nyte, 'The Slender Nudes' will be released on 22 May, with an exclusive launch party on 25 May. The first single, 'Glam Vamp Baby' is already doing the rounds on national and Campus radio.

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