Boo! - Shooting Star

Shooting Star

February 2002,

SA Rock Digest charts:
highest position: 1
weeks on Top 20: 6



  1. Boo!ble
  2. Daydream (Wannabe re-mix)
  3. Rested Defence
  4. Avrocado Pair
  5. Uno
  6. Ben Hur
  7. Houvas
  8. I Yin I Yang
  9. Wannabe
  10. Chatty Boo!
  11. Simunye
  12. Lucki
  13. Diamond Mining (Champion re-mix)
  14. I'll Take Anything (#1 Re-mix)


  • Miss Chris Chameleon: vocals, bass
  • Princess Leonie: drums
  • Ampie Omo: trumpet, trombone, keyboards, percussion


I would not call 'Shooting Star' "quirky pop" as a seller on eBay recently described their 'Pineapple Flava' album. After easing into the album with a couple of gentle songs, Boo! rocks pretty consistently from track to track.

If this represents their live show well, I vow (yes, vow) to see Boo's live show if they come to Texas, even if I have to drive to Dallas and stay overnight. (Maybe I can catch two shows that way?)

Most of the songs on 'Shooting Star' are live, though some enhancements were added to a few studio tracks. As befitting a traveling band, they recorded these songs on three continents: in South Africa, Belgium, The Netherlands, Holland, and, in the US, North Carolina and Georgia.

Audience participation is minimal (about the same as on The Who's wild 'Live At Leeds', if you're familiar with it), which is fine. I don't want some yahoo in the crowd giving a piercing whistle in the middle of a sensitive vocal or guitar solo. But Boo's audiences are enthusiastic though limited to some applause and Boooo! cheers.

Boo! upbeat music is guaranteed to leave the crowd pumped and energetic. These three guys put out a nice, satisfyingly complicated, rock sound. This is mostly new material, but Boo! fans will be familiar with songs such as 'Avrocado Pair', 'Wannabe', and 'Lucki'.

The band rocks consistently on 'Shooting Star'. Great actors are those I don't catch acting, and Boos is talented musicians I don't catch showing off -- Chris, Leon, and Ampie are skilled entertainers and that's what they do -- they entertain with talent and intelligence.

For those who haven't tried Boo! yet, this mostly up-tempo, always engaging, CD might well be their work to begin with. Rock as it should be (check out the jam on 'Ben Hur'), and I love the line "I love you 'cause you're beautiful" from 'Wannabe'.

Not so much quirky pop, but a rocking trio of professionals. But what high praise do I give 'Shooting Star' after listening to it bunches of times? BOOOO!

Kurt Shoemaker, Blanco, Texas, SA Rock Digest, April 2002

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