Brian Finch - Never Look Back

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April 2003, Janus, BFCD001

Brian Finch


  1. 19th Century Boy
  2. Beautiful Feeling
  3. Fire Light
  4. Long Riders Of Nam
  5. Never Look Back
  6. Everything I Do
  7. Oh Brother
  8. Woman In You
  9. Ghost Riders In The Sky
  10. Thunder


  • Brian Finch: vocals, guitar, harmonica
  • Ken E Henson: guitars
  • Johan "Swartsie" Swart: bass
  • Wouter de Bruyn: guitars
  • Timmy Coetzer
  • Dave Webster
  • Pola Loubnina
  • Peter de Leeuw
  • Beville Brussel


Brian Finch's recorded career began in 1974 when 'Bringing Back The Good Times' hit the shelves. Since then he has worked closely with Ken E. Henson and did not produce another solo album till 2002's 'Hero Of Heroes'. Then a year later, 'Never Look Back' hit the shelves and... oh darn I've just looked back when I was told not to. Sod it, I don't care what Brian says, it's worth looking back when you're looking back at quality.

Finch is probably South Africa's finest purveyor of country-tinged rock. There is a real sense of openness and freedom in his music, giving one a feeling of travelling through wide-open vistas with no cares. But there is also a gritty undercurrent that makes you realise that those 'Ghost Riders In The Sky' that he sings of are Hell's Angels on their Harleys, as leather-clad vocals jostle for space with pounding engine-throb guitars while the drums mark the passing of the road beneath the wheels. More Riders come along in the boogie beat sound of the down 'n dirty 'Long Riders From Nam' which is quite haunting, but at the same time possesses an intriguing allure.

There is though a gentler side to Finch that shows through in the one or two "love songs" dotted around the CD. 'Beautiful Feeling' asks the question 'Are you lonely tonight?' and suggests that you 'sail away with me in a ship across the sea'. 'Woman In You' is more upbeat with a 'Sultans Of Swing'-type guitar and Brian's vocals are gruffer, while 'Fire Light' is a beautiful, mystical tune.

Long-standing fans of Finch will be hoping that this '2 albums in 2 years recording feast' will continue as they have waited long enough for new solo material, but those of you who are only now getting to know his music (which you can do at free of charge) will, I'm sure, be drawn into this laid-back rocker's world.

John Samson, London, January 2004

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All info supplied by Brian Finch, April 2003

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