Dorp - Tap Into The System

Tap Into The System

2002, Contains Nuts Records



  1. The System
  2. Razor Back
  3. Hands Up
  4. My Ride
  5. Lady Bug
  6. Badoumbadoum
  7. I Like
  8. Labido
  9. Kitchen
  10. I'm your Hucklebery
  11. System (Namash Remix)


  • Pieter Bezuidenhout: Vocals
  • Kevin Kieswetter: Guitar, vocals
  • DJ Fred Caļou: Decks and Samples
  • Rob Driver: Drums


Last weekend, Dorp launched their new CD 'Tap Into The System' at a slick gig at the Halfmoon in Putney. We were treated to the usual zany antics of Pieter Bezuidenhout as he bounced manically around the small stage. This was accompanied by some wicked and at times really funky guitar work from Kevin Kieswetter, some fine dj-ing from Fred and a solid bashing of the drums from Rob Driver. Computer images projected onto the wall behind the band gave the gig a professional touch.

So on to the CD. The first thing I noticed is that it has been released on Contains Nuts Records which is quite apt as the band's lyrics and sounds are somewhat off the wall, but in an intriguing mixed bag (and slightly salted) kind of way.

It's mostly macadamia and cashews here, with the occasional peanut, and not an almond in sight. Now that will only make sense if you know my taste in nuts, so suffice is to say I find macadamia's and cashew's addictive, peanuts somewhat more-ish and don't like almonds.

Some of the cashews are 'The System' with it's 'They say it's perfect, cause it is' chorus, 'Razor Back' with it's weird lyrics like 'My Last Girlfriend She Had a Willy, there's something very wrong here' and the wonderful sampling of the French connection DJ Fred ("Felix Le Band") Caļou in Badoumbadoum. These tracks are all feisty, edgy and razor sharp.

The peanuts are 'My Ride' which meanders a little, and 'Kitchen' which is some more studio noodling from DJ Fred. They take a little while to get into, but once tasted, you keep nibbling at them.

Some of the samples are familiar with a snippet from Monty Python's 'The Meaning Of Life' where the doctor arrive at the operating theatre and comments 'Ah I see you have the machine that goes ping". An apt comment for an album full of high quality pings. But it's the sample of the southern accented dude saying 'I'm your Huckleberry' that leaves me completely frustrated as it's so familiar, but I can't remember which movie it's from. (Anyone out there that can help me?)

The album doesn't have the frenetic madness of a Dorp gig, but it does have studio polish and smoothness to it. It's a wonderful album of drum 'n bass 'n funk 'n garage 'n dance. Not only does it contains nuts, the CD is shaped somewhat like a doughnut.

John Samson, 3rd June 2002

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All info supplied by John Samson, May 2002

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