Egyptian Nursery
God's Window (German Release)

God's Window

2000, Blue Flame Records,
398 50382


  1. God's Window
  2. Desert Stream
  3. Still (Radio Edit)
  4. Search
  5. One Fine Day
  6. Distant
  7. Learning To Be Healed
  8. Rain On The World
  9. New Anthem
  10. The Places I Have Been
  11. Oyebisi (Fat Mix)
  12. Still (Submersible Mix)
  13. God's Window (Easy Mix)


  • Arlene Bechard: Vocals
  • Mojama Kalume: Rap & vocals
  • Craigie Dodds: Keyboards, guitar, samplers, percussion and vocals
  • Jenny Delenta: Backing vocals
  • Denni Lalouette: Bass


This German release has almost the same track listing as the South African release 'New Anthem'. 'New Anthem' has 2 versions of 'Oyebisi Nga' and an additional version of 'God's Window' while the German release has an additional version of 'Still' and the track 'Search' does not appear on 'New Anthem'


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All info supplied by John Samson, July 2002

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