Frosted Orange

Frosted Orange



  • Albert Frost: guitars, vocals
  • Simon "Agent" Orange (neé Dunbar-Whittaker): keyboards, vocals
  • Jacques Schutte: drums


Frosted Orange was formed in 1996 and officially played their first gig at a restaurant called Cranzgotz in Houtbay on the 19th of October of that year. All they remember was that the gig was pretty horrendous, but the pizza was good.

Simon Orange and Albert Frost first met late in 1989 when Albert’s father, Frank D. Frost, sat in as the Blues Broers drummer for their first recording, Shake Like That. Albert was a shy twelve-year old freckle-faced teenager while Simon was a long-haired, introverted and quiet band-member, usually reading a book in the corner of the studio's garden. From there on nothing really happened between the two, except that Albert was seen more frequently playing a couple of songs live with the band.

In 1994 Albert joined the Blues Broers as their lead guitarist. He played his first gig in March at the Crowbar in Cape Town. In that same year the Blues Broers went up to Johannesburg and recorded Damn Fine Mojo with Willem Moller at Sharp Street Studios in Yeoville.

In 1995 the Blues Broers hit the country with their first CD called Sharp Street. It was a big success, and only the beginning for the Broers. The band started touring extensively and it was here that Simon and Albert became close, as musicians and as friends.

With the launch of Been Around, the Broers second album, Albert and Simon realized they had a mutual interest in pushing their boundaries beyond blues so they started working together and, after weeks of preparations and name searching, Frosted Orange came into being.

After the Blues Broers brought out the third CD, Cellar Tapes, things started to change. Drummer Frank was diagnosed with lung cancer and the band played less and less. Sadly, Frank Frost passed away on the evening of the 27th January 1999.

Bulldozer Many things happened in 1999; Albert and Simon started playing with Valiant Swart full-time, as well as doing shows with Koos Kombuis. On the 20th April Frosted Orange recorded their first single as part of ‘South African Music Day’, a project organized by the Midi Trust. Later that year Simon and Albert made a ‘home recording’ on the 25th and 26th August. Bulldozer, as it was entitled, featured eight original tracks, with only guitar and keyboard and was launched at the end of the year.

It was during 2000 that Frosted Orange finally found the right drummer. Jacques Schutte first played with the band at the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees in Oudtshoorn during April. It was from here on the band performed all over the country, doing tours with Valiant Swart, playing the major festivals and venturing to weird and wonderful places.

My Love Is A Leopard With the dawn of 2001 Frosted Orange began planning for their first full-length studio album. This turned out to be harder than expected. They realized that to make a recording they would have to finance it themselves. After months of planning and preparations Frosted Orange went into Sunset Studios in Stellenbosch from the 20th to the 31st August and recorded ‘My Love is a Leopard’, featuring ten tracks.

As for 2002, well, I suppose it’s history in the making! We’ll keep you up-dated…
-- from the Frosted Orange website

Frosted Orange

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