Jedi Rollers

Hip Hop Rock band from Port Elizabeth


  • Hi Rollin' EP (2000)
  • Serious Peaceful Crime Unit EP (2001)
  • Cloud Control EP (March 2002)


  • Master J: drums, samples, programming
  • MacDaz: bass, keyboards
  • K-Zol: guitar, keyboards
  • Doc Van T: guitar
  • Inspector Ras aka Hagen Engler: voice
  • Buli G: voice
  • Thingimajigi aka Mao: scratching, samples, rap


The group came together following a free jam evening at the Speakeasy bar in Central (Port Elizabeth, late 2000). Those who showed up for the jam included members of the bands Strange Little Man and Natural Born Swingers as well as various poets, voice artists and other sympathisers.

The loose arrangement crystallized into a musical collective which today comprises six official members. But gigs are characterised by numerous guest appearances and collaborations with visual and sonic artists, rappers and DJs on a joint pluck to further the fusion of creative urges and to boost the PE art and music scene.

Bands and collectives who have rolled with the Jedis include hip-hop crew 6-Man, MC Zakatak of Kombat Fudge, folk rocker Marisa Mayhem, trance programmer Mad Tone and VJ crew Maiden Taiwan. Besides formal members, Jedi Rollers have several country members who show up from time to time to drop a vocal, bang a bongo or mix in a few melodies.

The current line-up is:
Hagen Engler aka Inspector Ras - voice
Kendal Beadon aka the rhythm detective - guitar, voice
Nelis van Tonder aka Mellow C the Muffdriver - guitar
Darren Udemans aka Daz - bass
Jason King - drums, programming

extract from a review by BARRY AVERY 2001, from the Hagens House website

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