Phringe - Mellow Drama

album cover

May 2003, Universal Sound & Music, CDUSM 1342

Recorded at Barking Dog Studios, Johannesburg.
Produced by Ralph Martin.


  1. Park Bench
  2. Dry
  3. Saved Again
  4. Sundowners
  5. Halo
  6. Come What May
  7. Need
  8. New Heart
  9. Download
  10. Don't Tell Me You Are Not The One Because You Are
  11. Fuel
  12. I'm Not Afraid
  13. Spirit Song

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All songs written by Bruce Dennill & Antony Adelaar


  • Bruce Dennill: vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Antony Adelaar: vocals, guitar
  • Kate Dennill: backing vocals, percussion
  • Cliff Wright: bass
  • Nic Tudor: drums


The first independently produced and released version of 'Mellow Drama' arrived a while ago and immediately caught our attention with its fresh sound, diverse spread of styles, and memorable songs like the power rock anthem, 'New Heart', the soaring, emotional ballad, 'Need', and that addictive guitar riff on 'Dry'.

Phringe - Bruce Dennill (v, g), Antony Adelaar (g) Kate Dennill (bv), Cliff Wright (b), and Nic Tudor (drums) - began in 1998, and recorded and released 'Window Seat', their debut six-track EP, a year later. After some extensive gigging, the group recorded this debut 13-track album during the first six months of 2002. The album was recorded at Barking Dog Studios in Johannesburg and produced, engineered and mastered by Ralph Martin.

Phringe Then in March 2003, Phringe were snapped up by USM Records in Johannesburg and 'Mellow Drama' received a production upgrade, a track re-shuffling, and a general release. And 'Mellow Drama' is now even better. There's not a dud amongst these 13 diverse songs (all written by Bruce Dennill and Antony Adelaar), from new chilled opener, 'Park Bench' ("You've got to settle down, take it easy!"); through "mellow" acoustic ballads like 'Halo', 'Saved Again', 'Need', 'Come What May' and 'I'm Not Afraid'; to the band's harder, hooky guitar sound of 'Download', 'Dry', 'Fuel', 'New Heart', and a great old-style rock 'n roll ramble called 'Don't Tell Me You Are Not The One Because You Are'.

They're not going to be "phringe" for too long! (SS)

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All info supplied by Antony Adelaar, October 2002 & May 2003.

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