Seether - Disclaimer


August 2002, Musketeer,
CDMUS (CF) 303

Saron Gas/ Seether


  1. Gasoline
  2. 69 Tea
  3. Fine Again
  4. Needles
  5. Driven Under
  6. Pride
  7. Sympathetic
  8. Your Bore
  9. Fade Away
  10. Pig
  11. Fuck It
  12. Broken



  • Shaun Morgan (ne Welgemoed): vocals, guitar
  • Dale Stewart: bass, vocals
  • Nick Oshiro: drums


I did a free demographic study for Windup, Seether's US label. I played 'Gasoline' for some fifteen-year-old males, from the SA CD 'Fragile', Seether ne Saron Gas. All I told the guys was, "This is a new band, do you think they have a chance to make it in America?"

The guys responded enthusiastically as the song seized their attention quickly and positively. 'Gasoline', certainly storms in demanding to be heard. Then I told them the band's name, Seether. Some knew 'Fine Again', the radio release, and one recalled seeing them on MTV.

'Disclaimer' is getting the big push here. Wal-Mart, the nation's largest discount department store, stocks the edited version, Seether is touring with OzzFest (which cachet gives them instant credibility to an American teenaged male), and 'Rolling Stone' reviewed 'Disclaimer'.

Both CDs are rock of the PLAY LOUD variety (like I need to be told to play it loud?). But how does the CD 'Disclaimer' by Seether compare to 'Fragile' (a Digest #2 in December 2000) by Saron Gas?' First of all, eight songs made it from 'Fragile' to 'Disclaimer': 'Gasoline', '69 Tea', 'Fine Again', 'Driven Under', 'Pride', 'Your Bore', 'Fade Away', and 'Pig'.

Second, with a minute diminution of rawness, 'Disclaimer' shows the gleam of additional polish in extra flair and flourishes of drums and guitars. The original SA recording moves a bit more urgently, or hungrily. Windup probably thinks it improved the trio, but I suspect any changes between the two albums only show a natural growth and improvement in the trio.

Aimed at a younger audience, Seether's music has a fair amount of angry teen screaming (as on 'Your Bore'). But the hard rock moments of fierce fuzz guitar, deep bass, pounding drums, and Shaun's strong, yet melodic singing keep me coming back. Though this CD has an explicit language sticker, there are really only a few naughty words. They fit the mood of the songs, and are, if you will, artistically justified.

'Disclaimer' and 'Fragile' are both aggressive rock, and I enjoy them though having more years enjoying rock than the typical Seether fan. I may be a high mileage model, but I still run good and recognize plenty of modern rock power. While slamming through 'Pride', I felt a bit of the old-time sense of rock wonder at the powerful music of my people.

Kurt Shoemaker, Blanco, Texas, August 2002

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