Sunways - The Moon is a Spoon

The Moon is a Spoon

2002, Fresh Music, FRESHCD122



  1. The Moon Is A Spoon
  2. Style
  3. Hands
  4. The Magic
  5. Burning Blockade
  6. Rocketship
  7. New Animal
  8. Colour Me In
  9. Felt The Same
  10. Daylight

    Enhanced CD:
    Colour Me In (video)


  • Robbie Boake: Guitar, vocals
  • Sarah Hills: Bass
  • Jason Horseman: Drums, backing vocals


Consisting of members Robbie Boake, Sarah Hills and drummer Jason Horseman, Sunways are by no means a brand new band. Formed a couple of years ago by Boake when he left hard rockers Squeal, Sunways released the mildly successful 'Venus in her eyes' song {A live version appeared on the 'The Best Of 5FM TDK Music Explosion Vol.1' CD - ed}. They were then very quiet for a while until the release of their new single 'Style'.

Their debut album 'The Moon is a Spoon' is a well-produced, good looking package which also contains the video to 'Colour Me In' in CD-ROM format. The songs, all penned by Boake or Boake and Hills, are a collection of some of their best material. A very laid back album, 'The Moon is a Spoon' contains the single 'Style', currently doing the rounds on our airways. Boake has a very dreamy sort of voice which reminds me of James Iha (guitarist from the Smashing Pumpkins) on the few occasions that he sang. A bit of the Dave Birch from Squeal bark also seems to have rubbed off on certain songs.

A highlight on the album is definitely the song 'Colour Me In'. A short, powerful, melodic burst of talent that'll be a hit for sure if released as a single. {1 minute 50 seconds of glam smash and trash, Joey Ramone would have been proud - ed}

All-in-all a great, mellow album with some really melodic guitar work. My only real criticism would have to be that the vocals seem a bit transparent or soft in some places. Sunways are good and I would recommend checking them out on their upcoming countrywide tour.

Jason Smith, SA Rockdigest #105, May 2001

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All info supplied by John Samson, September 2002

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