Tuesday's Child - Following Light

Tuesdays Child

April 2002, Independent , TC002

Tuesday's Child


  1. Long Walk (City Of Gold)
  2. Here We Stand
  3. The Psyche of the Situation mp3
  4. Chin Up! (When I'm With You)
  5. She Steps Through It


  • Lois: vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Craig Strachan: bass
  • Mike Gowen: lead guitar

  • Damien Staz: drums


'Following Light' is a 5 track demo from Cape Town band Tuesday's Child. Vocalist Lois has a wonderfully clear voice and these catchy, acoustic songs are the perfect vehicle for it. This CD, recorded at M.A.R.S. studios in Cape Town, is very professionally done and includes all the lyrics in the booklet. Like Karma, The Corrs and The Cranberries? Then you'll love this.

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